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Capture Attention Faster With Your Video Marketing


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A goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. Your target audience? Just eight! …

A goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. Your target audience? Just eight!
What you do with the first few seconds of your video matters; learn some of our best practices and tips for capturing your target audience's attention faster!

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  • 1. e r u ! t n p o g a i tin C t e nideo Mark eV t tour A Y th Wi BY J IFER ENN PER PEP
  • 2. Yep! NE? ADLI hy HE Catc -YEP! naiL? h u mb is video... ol T Co ch th at k to w u clic Yo
  • 3. THEN... WHAM!! ! HIT WITH AN AD.
  • 4. If a five second ad is driving you berserk...Imagine the effect of a 30-second video intro!
  • 5. With today’s short attention spans, you have to get to the video goods fast!
  • 6. Ditch the “BurgerMethod” High school English may have taught you that the meat of your story is delivered between “intro” and “conclusion” buns ...but this isn’t true for video content.
  • 7. ComScore’s research shows the average video length has shortened from nearly 7 minutes to just under 5 in the last year and a half: MIN MIN
  • 8. FUN FACT: The typical attention span of a web user is a second less than that of a goldfish, clocking in at 8 seconds. Drop Off: The loss of viewers after the first few seconds of watching video QUESTION: What are you gonna do with your 8 seconds?
  • 9. When crafting your messaging, become selective and concise. Reduce the length of your scripts and make sure the first sentence qualifies viewer interest.
  • 10. Reduced a 1:06 minute promo video to 43 seconds Cut the script from 11 points to just 6, and Retained 65% of the audience through to the very end of the video
  • 11. HERE’S WHAT THE DATA LOOKED LIKE: There was an initial drop off where we lost 20% of the audience after the first 7 seconds, but this is actually what you want when narrowcasting your message.
  • 12. ORIGINAL INTRO – SUPER BROAD & NON-DESCRIPTIVE: “We’re proud to present the leader in enterprise cloud computing…”
  • 13. REVISED – SPECIFIC TO QUALIFY LEADS: “Vidyard is introducing native video tools throughout the Salesforce Experience.”
  • 14. By summarizing our main point right away, we qualified leads’ interests immediately. Anyone who wasn’t interested bounced in 7 seconds, but that left us with 65% of leads we could actually focus on converting.
  • 15. THE MARKETING MORAL HERE: Keep the attention of your niche audience with highly targeted video content instead of gaining millions of uninterested viewers who drop off instantly. You have a chance to convert the niche. You’ll never get the drop offs! (so lose ‘em quicker)
  • 16. Targeted, short video scripts help retain your audience:
  • 17. Design them with drop off in mind Qualify your leads immediately based on targeted interests Ensure content is concise and entertaining enough tO get viewers to the end
  • 18. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? CONCERNS? Content Marketing Manager Subscribe to bi-weekly newsletter