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  • 1. 3,50 €5,00 CHF magazine June 2011 Bianca & Mario Felicetti continuing a successFul course NWA GAlA A breathtaking evening for NWA partners vie At home Our most colourful newcomer joining the business group ...ANd the WiNNer is: We present the winners of our “you are the star campaign.”
  • 2. 2 NWA magazine
  • 3. ON AN iNspirAtiON busi-Ness buildiNg COurseWe HAve tHe rigHt busiNess mOdel tO ACHieve mAximum suCCess dear Network World Alliance partners, the common achievements of the past As founder of NWA, i was granted the Award months are: the companies turnover projected for innovation. i would like to pass it on to all for the year is heading towards € 230m. of you, to show you: we have the right busi- meanwhile NWA has about 1,700 permanent ness model to achieve maximum success. employees and 200,000 independent part- ners and consultants. We have five produc- We have got clear strategies for the months tion sites and four logistic centres. person- ahead: each month we would like to present ally, i don’t know any company that has 1 - 2 new campaigns and revolutionary com- made such an accomplished and successful petitions in sponsorships and product sales show within nine months. activities. thereby, we will provide you with the tools to develop and expand your busi- today our group of companies works actively ness. this means, all of you can contribute in 23 countries. Currently the distribution is to take the corporate group to where it being built up in four more. i was delighted to belongs – a true global player. take advantage welcome partners from Austria, switzerland, of these many possibilities and synergies, spain, slovakia, Czech republic, France, which are offered by this business model. luxembourg, belgium, Netherlands, bulgaria, ukraine, Albania, portugal, greece, italy, poland, england, Hungary, serbia, denmark, philippines, taiwan and malaysia at our this is our year - let’s get started and get the annual ‘start of the year gala’, held at Neuss. best of it. i take pride in building up the organisation in corporation with all these international partners and celebrating our success and Yours Helmut spikker achievements.
  • 4. impriNt NWA magazine June 2011 Publisher Network World Alliance gmbH Zweigniederlassung Kantonsstrasse 1 CH-6246 Altishofen Circulation 250.000 Concept, editorial susanne ewaldsen editorial team: Wolfgang balters, Kristin Niesmann, Ali peimann, timo Koch Art direction Jörg Olejnik the BlueBox Business concept - thanks to all senders of picture material. individual For each Business publication cannot be claimed. More on page 30/31 All rights for release are reserved. Website www.my-nwa.com4 NWA magazine
  • 5. CONTENT NWA WORLdWIdE platforms 6-7 vie at home 8-9 Country-openings 10 - 11 NWA MEGA EVENT gala Neuss 12 - 17 NEWS & STORYS pierre lang events 2011 18 - 19 8 executives meeting munich 20 - 21 SUCCESS Jürgen liebig 22 - 23 roswitha & Josef Fuchs 24 - 25 PROjECTS NWA Fundraising Campaign 26 - 27 LIFESTYLE bluebox Fragrance Action 28 - 29 bluebox business Concept 30 - 31 Weightloss system 32 14/15 Yoghurt maker 33 NWA PREVIEW Aloe vera sun Campaign 34Coming in the next NWA magazine... 35 33
  • 6. NWA WORLdWIdE NWA br NWA preseNts A uNique busiNess mOdel. A diversiFied Number OF COrpOr CeNtre. All OF tHem beiNg experts iN tHeir mArKets, tHe COrpOrAte g blue nature in addition to products like aloe vera, nutrition supplements and cosmetics, blue nature includes innovation in the field of perfumes. blue box, is part of the blue nature range. it stands for fully customized and individual creations of fragrances, bottles and packaging. Institute Prof. Wirth represents a sophisticated line of personalized nutritional supplements and a holistic diet and nutritional concept. it is headed by a team of university members and medical experts – board mem- bers are prof. dr. med. Alfred Wirth, prof. dr. michael Hamm and prof. dr. med. Jean Krutmann. DreamScout dreams become reality on the dreamscout internet platform – A voyage into outer space; or a job as a custodian in the Caribbean. Anything is possible. And every week, there‘s a selection of brand-name items at fabulously low prices. Re-Vita Asia is based in taipei, taiwan, and has an outstanding distribution structure in Asia. Nutritional supplements based on algae are the flagship product of re-vita Asia. the company is optimally positioned for a strong future. Apas Vital the experts at Apas vital have access to a wealth of know-how and state-of-the-art technology. A highly complex filtering method (membrane filtration) removes undesirable impurities from water. the system was developed according to strict safety standards for electrical devices. All devices are tÜv, gs and Ce- certified. Pierre Lang Couture, the company with exclusive designer jewellery as well as exclusive accessories. High-quality rhodium-plated and gold-plated jewellery, 100% nickel-free, and 80% hand-crafted along with a selection of designer accessories. VIe at home offers high quality products designed by women for women. england‘s largest party-plan direct sales company for make up, skin Care, bath & body and Aromatherapy. 6 NWA magazine
  • 7. NWA WORLdWIdErANdsrAtiONs OperAtiNg WOrldWide uNder tHe umbrellA OF tHe NWA COrpOrAte grOup OF COmpANies HAs ObtAiNed AN uNrivAlled stAbilitY ANd drive. Pierre Lang stands for costume and fashion jewellery with the same quality as genuine jewellery. With subsi- diaries in 12 countries, an annual production of 5 million pieces of jewellery, and sales of about 125 million euros in 2009, pierre lang is one of the most important jewellery manufacturers in europe today. Coffee Club the Coffee Club motto is: “Our coffee. indulgence of the senses of the highest quality.” in addition to the coffee classics such as espresso, decaffeinated and mild roasts, the Coffee Club also offers specialties such as Açai Coffee, soy Coffee and tunguska Coffee. And Coffee Club customers can buy a designer coffee maker in either black or white. tex4net the world of jeans. A carefully selected range of jeans featuring an outstanding fit, time-tested models and cuts, trendy designs, and tested quality. And all at a fantastically low price. And the tex4net business model is as uncomplicated and successful as the product range. NatuRe-Vita the company specializes in nutritional supplementation in liquid form. their product range extends from spirulina liqua Health and ultimate Açai (based on the berry from the Amazon region) to the beneFitial power drink. Nature-vita also works with uNesCO on an educational project for children in poverty. Animal Deluxe High-quality premium pet food for dogs, cats and horses. Animal deluxe stands for optimal nutrition for your pets. the product range includes both canned and dry pet food. pet food is a multi-billion global industry. Re-Vita USA the re-vita company was founded some 20 years ago, and posted a turnover of 35 million euros in 2009. the re-vita headquarters and production sites are located in Florida. the company is a special- ist in nutritional supplements based on algae. in the last 15 years, re-vita has donated over 40 million dol- lars to combat hunger across the world and to help provide children with a future.
  • 8. NWA WORLdWIdE vie At HOme tHe ‘COlOurFul’ NeWCOmer tO Our grOup OF COmpANies “A reknown quality company has been inte- colour trends the best ingredients are selected from all grated with vie at home, setting another over the world, to ensure our make up per- milestone on the way to the top. the high- “it is about a year ago when i first encoun- forms excellently. quality beauty products and colour cosmetics tered vie at home and i wouldn’t have add on perfectly to NWA’s existing portfolio bought anything better,” says silke baumer, Would you always like to be one step of lifestyle products”, says Network World Al- an enthusiastic customer since then. ”i am ahead of fashion? liance’s founder Helmut spikker. ros able to get beauty products at vie at home, simmons, long-time director, founder and which i couldn’t obtain anywhere else but at season by season we are taking up the latest shareholder, will continue in the business. a beauty parlour. except, the beauty parlour make up trends and looks. We can provide would be at much higher prices. value for make up top tips and show you how to create sophisticated beauty products, designed money is absolutely right at vie at home.” professional make up looks yourself. Our lip- by women for women sticks and lip glosses come in a wide array of our mission: premium products without coloures with a fantastic finish, our blushers vie at home offers high quality products, the price tag highlight your cheeks with a delicate shine. setting the trends instead of following them, designed by women for women. make up, inspired by the up-to-date trends of fashion vie at home – from top to toe skin Care, bath & body and Aromatherapy from around the world, our products are complement NWA’s great range of selected designed to mirror the individuality and top quality products made of sophisticated brands. personality of all women. conditioning ingredients are gently pampering. availaBle For all our nWa partners soon dream it: live it 8 NWA magazine
  • 9. NWA WORLdWIdEOnly the best is good enough. From top totoe - your skin is perfectly revitalized with ourwonderful body care products. enjoy vie athome - the “most colourful” platform withinNWA!
  • 10. NWA WORLdWIdE NWA ON COurse OF expANsiON glObAl plAYer updates and news about nWa the sensational development within eleven months set out in figures eNd OF 2011 iN 40 countries 5 prOduCtiON sites WOrldWide plus 4 lOgisitiCs CeNtres AlreAdY estAblisHed: OpeNiNg sOON: • germany • philippines 2011 • Austria • Albania 2011 • switzerland • romania 2011 • Canada • macedonia 2011 • poland • malaysia 2011 • slovakia • singapore 2011 • Czech republic • italy 2011 • Hungary • Finland 2011 • luxembourg • south Africa 2011 • Netherlands • usA 2011 • belgium • lebanon 2012 • France • denmark • Norway • sweden • bulgaria • greece • Croatia • serbia • portugal • ukraine • taiwan • united Kingdom • spain • russia • Cyprus10 NWA magazine
  • 11. NWA WORLdWIdEnWa portugalNWA is represented on the iberian peninsula –portugal opened on 15 February 2011 in itscapital lisbon. the subsidiary is set up with5 employees and over 100 sqm of office andseminar space. the staff have got many yearsof multi-level marketing experience. deolindaelias, head of the service department, beingjust one example, has been working in Net-work marketing for more than 13 years.nWa czech republic450 enthusiastic partners attended the kickoff meeting, held on the opening of theCzech market. top partners, amongst themNWA - ***stars president mario Felicetti,gave presentations during the sales meeting.many slovakian partners have built up theirfirst structures across national boundariesthus providing synergies in network marketing.nWa ukraineNWA continues the expansion in easterneurope. 13 highly motivated employees ofthe subsidiary and 50 enthusiastic distribu-tors took part in the opening event of theukrainian office in Kiev on 5 march 2011.Frank deyle - NWA international sales directorand Alexander lazuto - president of the NNtgroup Company and official NWA partner forthe ukrainian, russian, belarus and Kazakhmarket, together cut the red ribbon at theopening ceremony. At 2 p.m. the doorsopened for all the curiously waiting guestsand many partners were overwhelmed bytheir first look at the new offices.
  • 12. NWA gAlA 2011MEGA EVENT tHe sAles meetiNg 50 top partners attended the sales meeting held before the gala and got to hear about all the exciting news about current and scheduled activities. managing director, Wolfgang balters, guiding through the seminar Crowded places at Attention: Kristin the registration Niesmann (sales manager) presents new activities the NWA car mario Felicetti, concept - the NWA presenting NWA’s logo dominating guarantee for around the hotel success success is fun... Flying the flag: recognizable from a distance12 NWA magazine
  • 13. MEGA EVENTtHe AtmOspHere A toast to Helmut spikker guests are enjoying the atmosphere at their tables, and later on spirits were running highAn unforgettable A gourmet start to beginevening for the the ultimate partyNWA partnersAttractive next levelgoals for those whowere successful on guests enjoyed a variedstage. efforts and programme in anwork pay off at NWA excellent atmosphere. Photos: Kai Westensee
  • 14. NWA gAlA 2011MEGA EVENT tHe AWArds the honours contributed an important extent to the evening programme. Many partners received their awards by helmut spikker personally. bronze managers managers vice presidents roswitha and Josef Fuchs gold managers ** star presidents bianca & mario Felicetti team managers14 NWA magazine
  • 15. MEGA EVENT***** star presidentsNature revita Asia silver managers team managers pierre lang top-sellers NWA Ambassadors Junior team managers Photos: Kai Westensee
  • 16. NWA gAlA 2011MEGA EVENT tHe pArtY the after dinner entertainment was another highlight of the gala dinner: started by star comedian ingo appelt, continuing with super talent winner Freddy sahin-scholl, and the skydogs – the room got heated up ... dancing and partying until the early hours 700 guests and ingo Appelt, one of partners attended the guest stars, the annual opening certainly entertained gala. the room the audience with was brimming with his jokes people Helmut spikker welcoming foreign guests travelling from all around the world the room got heated up by the skydogs’ greatest songs16 NWA magazine
  • 17. MEGA EVENT Helmut & Agnes spikker: enjoying ingo Appelt’s show Helmut spikker: honoured with the innovation prize of the Year time to dance - Helmut spikker michaela Walter, going on until dedicated the award sales manager the early hours to the partners and at pierre lang, employees, along gives a thumbs with the pledge, up for this incred- that his innovative ible event distribution and business model creates success guests danced the night away A top band raising the spirits to the top Photos: Kai Westenseesuper talent winner Freddy sahin-scholl, giving theaudience goose bumps
  • 18. NEWS & STORYS pierre lANg eveNts 2011 Festive HONOurs, spArKliNg JeWellerY ANd COOl pArtY times WitH exClusive gAlAs ANd eveNts, pierre lANg’s YeAr stArted WitH A CelebrAtOrY bANg pierre lang events spring 2011 gala vienna 15.01.2011 excited anticipation before the gates to the gala opened: glamorously dressed-up gala zurich consultants and their partners 22.01.2011 gala venice 23.01.2011 gala duesseldorF 28./30.01.2011 gala Berlin 04.02.2011 gala hanover 05.02.2011 gala ulM 12.02.2011 gala paris 19.02.2011 gala Brünn 20.02.2011 professional dancers delighted with the thunderous applause18 NWA magazine
  • 19. NEWS & STORYS sales manager, ms michaela Walter (r.), presents the coveted pierre lang Oscar to the top of the bestCongratulations to success bringseveryone on stage happinessdisco getting the everybody was carrieddance floor to away with the thrillingfever pitch song and dance live show
  • 20. NEWS & STORYS mANgemeNt meetiNg muNiCH Helmut spiKKer iNtrOduCiNg A NeW seNsAtiONAl FrAgrANCes busiNess CONCept ANd tHe pierre lANg 1000 CAmpAigN managing director, Wolfgang bianca and mario Felicetti were Kristin Niesmann, sales balters, guiding the seminar surprised by their ***president manager, presenting the award new Acai range20 NWA magazine
  • 21. NEWS & STORYS Cheers to the exclusive NWA car sticker delicious Apas decoration for the partners vital syrups on siteHaving a great time dancing on the hearty buffetthe tables! with traditional bavarian culinary delights traditional bavarian musician greets thebavarian dirndls guests
  • 22. JÜrgeN liebigSUCCESS His COmebACK - At tHe NWA turbO-stArt: iN JANuArY, FOur 21%ers; iN FebruArY; six 21%ers; iN mArCH eigHt 21%ers ANd Over 800,000 pv mONtHlY sAles one of the most successful and extraordinary networkers returns to network Marketing after a two year break. For twenty years he moulded and shaped the industry. hardly anyone has achieved feats comparable to those of his. the dream of the house at the seaside: the lovingly restored cottage in Majorca Mr liebig, we are delighted to welcome work there until around 11 p.m. i was miss- What goals have you set yourself with you as a partner of the nWa. ing all of what Network marketing stands the nWa? What have you done in the past years? for: Contact with people, seminars, success i wish to reach the highest commission level i worked hard for twenty years, in order to stories etc. therefore, i knew right from the in the fastest possible time and have twenty have time to concentrate on and enjoy my start that i would return at some point. i am direct 21% lines. With this qualification, i left private life one day. Although i had not planned simply too young to settle down completely! my last company and this is the minimum this at the beginning of my 40’s, but desperate qualification that i wish to achieve. in the times cause for desperate measures. After For your new venture, you decided to long-term, i aim to build up 100 direct 21% all those years it was nice to take two whole join the nWa. What were your reasons lines. years off and focus only on my private life. i for this? responsible for motivating and strengthening sailed around the world together with my i had sufficient time to observe the market my belief that this is not just a vision, but fiancee, rebecca, restored our cottage and and i have seen companies come and go. i that it is surely possible, was team Felicetti. lived in dubai. was introduced to several companies and i know mario from my past in the mlm times. their marketing plans, but no business At the time he was platinum manager in my Why then would someone start working excited me as much as the NWA. i knew im- structure. After asking him how many 21% again, if like yourself, there is no mediately, that this company with its diversity lines he has, and how much money he is necessity to do so? has extraordinary potential. earning after just 7 months, after some i really did have 2 wonderful years, but none- Needless to say, the decision was also hesitation, he replied: “Our last cheque was theless, i missed my daily office hours and made towards this company, because i have for 46,000 euro and we have 14 direct 21% weekend seminars. this discipline known the founder of the company for over groups!” these numbers speak for them- established itself over twenty years and you twenty years. i am a “child” of Helmut selves: what kind of business you have don’t just simply forget that. every now and spikker, like many others. And like others, available and the sheer potential that is then, i found myself going into the office he contributed towards my success. i was found within the NWA. After just 7 months, around 5 p.m. because it was a habit to always able to rely on Helmut spikker. team Felicetti has as much money as after22 NWA magazine
  • 23. SUCCESS15 years of hard work. to have 14 direct ideas and charged by the new opportunities21% lines after such a short time, others as well as the one-off chance to be a part of March 2011perhaps needed 25 years and they would the NWA from the start. How else would it behelp another business to join the global possible that in the second month, 1251 8x 21%ersplayers. this performance does show however, new NWA partners registered in my struc- over 800,000 pvthat anyone who actively involves himself in ture.the business of Network marketing, will be- i am certain that i will write the second partcome successful. of my Network marketing success story and share that with you soon!Mr liebig, where does it go from now?how do your plans look for the future? thank you very much for the interviewi will hold seminars again and go on a Mr liebig. We wish you lots of success! February 2011european tour. i will encourage developmentof first lines and partners in the depth. i look 6x 21%ersforward to every new partner, who joins andwhose success i can influence.i have a burning desire to allow the legend ofJürgen liebig to live again and that for whichhe has always stood: success, effort,honesty, loyalty, team work, incentives andmuch more. January 2011in the past years i was able to fill up onenergy and i now feel fitter and more moti- 4x 21%ervated than ever before. i am full of
  • 24. rOsWitHA ANd JOseF FuCHsSUCCESS “We Were sure tHAt tHis busiNess WOuld be geNius ANd We simplY HAd tO be A pArt OF it FrOm tHe verY stArt!” our first encounter with Multi-level-Marketing was much like that of count- less others. i got to know the products of a company, became excited and my husband was pleased about it. after a while, i got so excited i had to speak to everyone who i came across, about it.. roswitha and Josef Fuchs have achieved the title of vice president and received the personal recognition from helmut spikker on stage in front of a captivated audience. ... except: my husband was no longer excit- a model like that cannot be found a sec- Freedom will always be a luxury ed about it! He did not want me to sell “such ond time things”. At the time he owned an interna- the fascinating part of the NWA is the passive tional transportation company. this company by coincidence, we had the luck of getting to income and the freedom to choose where, demanded a huge amount of work mondays know Helmut spikker and his big visions. We when and how i actively promote the NWA. You to saturdays, high levels of risk and high simply had to be a part of it - from the very are in control of your own life, and there are costs. in reality, he was not aware of what start. On 1st may 2010, the time had come not too many people who can say that about multi-level-marketing actually is. for the NWA to open and we got going. the themselves. this freedom is always going to NWA is not only a model of freedom, but also be our “luxury”. this, together with other goals We are starting out “MlM career” a business model. With the NWA model of in our life, is always in the back of our minds. together freedom, everybody can choose by himself, that is the motor that excels us. by all means, what he decides to recommend on. if some- doubters can come with a tired looking grin Although i was earning some money with my one does not get passionate about the Aloe and say: “Ah well, i’m not sure, i think that it Network company at the time, i wanted even vera products, he can choose Acai. perhaps isn’t for me....”. We know these doubters have more. it was clear to me that i could have you only use the nutritional supplements for not understood it and we just say: “Next better support from my husband. Out of love personal consumption, then you work with please!” We believe building the NWA should for me, he then came to a seminar where he Apas vital water filters and the exclusive be like a reflex, because a potential leader realized it could also work differently. He re- CoffeeClub coffee machine. everyone can could be hiding behind each contact that you ceived a real insight into the mlm business. freely move around within the alliance. Here do not speak to. that is why a NO only has: From this time on, my husband and i worked you do not have to change the company 10 Necessity for Others. together in this company. He was happy and times. such a model will not be seen again. i was ecstatic because now we are starting out mlm career together.24 NWA magazine
  • 25. SUCCESS Vice President Aufgrund der herausragenden Leistung in den zurückliegenden Monaten verleihen wir Roswitha und Josef Fuchs heute den Titel Vize President. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Datum: Helmut Spikker Wolfgang Balters (Gründer der NWA) (Geschäftsführer Vertrieb)“my nWa” mornings, middays, evenings if someone says “no” don’t be discouraged. evenings having appointments. Apart from satisfied customers and partners are the that, both want to start with NWA as soon asOne of the most important things, is to use source for new contacts. they are like chil- they have finished school. it’s absolutelythe products yourself! early on, i get up and dren - if you do not have any, the racket they nice to envision the whole family can tug onbrush my teeth and clean my face and apply make is irritating. As soon as you have your the same rope. We are in the same boat andmy unique perfume (==> blue Nature), i take own, you learn to ignore the racket. And this are heading towards the same direction. Wemy specific nutritional supplements (==>Na- is the same way you should deal with no- can just highly recommend it. preferably, youture-vita & prof. Wirth), a glass of my pure sayers - simply carry on - next please! want to get yourself a speed boat - it goeswater (==> Apas vital) and enjoy an exclu- And do not waste too much time with “time the fastest...sive cup of coffee (==> CoffeeClub). i go to killers”. these are the kind of people, who by now, several months have passed sincemy wardrobe and pick out my perfectly fitting always make excuses why the business NWA’s and we have achieved the position ofjeans (==> tex4net), and finish it all off with does not work. they attempt to steal your vice presidents. to be presidents on starmy trendy jewellery (==> pierre lang). And in valuable time. ultimately, it becomes appar- level is our next target.that way, my NWA, my business guides me ent that these do not even want to work. At this opportunity, we would like to thankthrough my day. You do need to understand our terrific team and generally all the leaderswhat is meant by bv. With this experience, nWa is our Family Business within the NWA for the tremendous teamsome goal-orientation and a small portion of work and wish you a strongly expanding fu-determination in the bag, you already have a We work with excitement and see NWA as ture with NWA!new partner. He will also use the products our favourite job. Our children are just as ex-himself and take the product into the mar- cited about NWA as we are. We have a We wish you lots of success!ket. All people need to experience, how shared family goal, which is hanging up in the cha, cha, cha foxesgreat our products are and purchase them our kitchen. this helps them to understand roswitha and Josef Fuchsagain and again. when there are times we are not home in the
  • 26. NWA Helps!PROjECTS NWA emplOYees Help lAdY FACiNg liFe lONg disAbilitY as the fate of aneta sekieta became apparent, fast action was needed. Mrs sekieta was very ill and would have remained disabled her whole life without help. about two years ago, the mother of two from poland had an unfortunate fall and broke both of her hips. she was seeking advice from several doctors and even the most reputable polish clin- ics sent her home again with false diagnoses. each and every movement was agonizing young lady from poland was admitted to the Within a short period of time Karin meurer and the situation seemed hopeless. Ahlener st. Franziskus Hospital where she (Head of Administration) led the initiative to Arthur Cibis, a relative living in Ahlen and an received two new hip joints. success and collected 2,000 euro from the employee of our company, informed his in order to cover the costs of 10,400 euro, Ahlen-based NWA employees - generously colleagues about the misfortune and finally collections were called to life by both the supported by mr spikker himself. the re- there seemed to be a glimpse of hope: the Ahlener Hospital and through NWA helps! maining costs were taken over by the hospi- tals’ own collection and the Ahlener hospi- tal. Family visit from poland after the operation meanwhile, after the successful operation, mrs Aneta sekieta is back in her home country poland and is undergoing physical rehabilitation to prepare her for a life with normal movement. in a letter, mrs sekieta expresses her thanks for all the contribu- tions that have made her new life possible. she could not believe her luck and will be forever grateful for those people who have shown compassion towards her and helped her to recovery. As soon as mrs sekieta can initiative organiser Karin Meurer in a conversation with the lead-doctor hubertus rustige26 NWA magazine
  • 27. My name is Sa ndra Krupop (d your discuss aughter of Ar ion with my fa tur Cibis). As PROjECTS photo from An ther, I am se per eta Sekrieta. nding you a cu My cousin, An rrent thank everybod eta would lik y from her he e to making it poss art, for the co ible, with a part ntributions an icular thanks d for for helping with to Mr Helmut her health! Spikker She is on a go od path to reco a letter from poland throughout th very and is rece e day in a diffe iving rehabilitat huge improvem rent part of th ion ents. e city. She is making The entire fami ly, friends and Aneta in Polan all those who d are astonishe know the stor d that the doct y of have such a go ors and people od heart to do here stranger from everything poss a foreign coun ible to help a try. total She will be grat eful for the re the doctors, nu st of her life rses and people and will never who have dona forget have done and ted, for what that without they the rest of he their help, An r life in a whe eta would have el chair. spent Her legs will remind her of Germany for re the events, th st of her life. e experience an d of With kind rega rds Sandra Krupopwalk normally again, she wishes to come toAhlen to personally thank all the helpers anddonors.“i too have spent over 20 years living abroadand i know the feeling of turning to the helpof local people in emergency situations.Help that is not always expected and whichyou are even more thankful for when youreceive it”, explains Karin meurer. “togetherwe are strong. And if everyone just contributesa small bit, the accumulated help has ahuge meaning to the individual. Also i wishto thank all those people who have contributedto the care of mrs sakieta”. aneta with her happy daughter amelle a great moment: susanne ewaldson hands over a cheque from nWa to the clinic Manager Winfried Mertens (center) and dr thomas haug (right), who operated aneta sakieta
  • 28. bluebOx COmpetitiONLIFESTYLE OverWHelmiNg pArtiCipAtiON ANd CreAtive OutCOmes at this point we would like to warmly thank you for your participation in our “You are the star” competition. We received so many great photos from you, which really did put our judges to the test. We would love to show each of the submissions, but unfortunately the competition terms do not allow that. so if you do not find your photo here in the magazine, please do not hold it against us. since the start of NWA in may 2010 and the a new star is Born! us star quality within the NWA launch of our worldwide unique perfume ma- shortly after the first NWA magazine reached distributorship, but provided some real chine, it is not longer just the privilege of you, the first photos started to reach us. beauties and surprised us. paris, Naomi or sarah Jessica to find their immediately, our expert jury began to view the name on the perfume bottle. individuality potential bluebox stars and it became clear ... and a difficult decision and a new confidence in “me” are the new that: we actually need a winner’s podium with Your great photos certainly made it very indicators of this decade! space for at least 10 winners! difficult for our judges! For this reason we started the “You are the And ultimately, just the best three photos star” campaign in our last magazine! And at Many submissions and great pictures... were able to win... and here they are, the last it is time! At this point we wish to express a warm new bluebox stars of NWA: thanks to all submissions and the countless creative pictures. You have not just shown RANK RANK 1 2 sent in by: ulrike rancz RANK 3 „dog aaron“ sent in by: sent in by: sabine höfer rainer Freudenthaler28 NWA magazine
  • 29. LIFESTYLEWe do ,however, wish to provide a smallinsight into the variety of submissions ofour partners. smile and enjoy them withus! CREATE YOUR OWN PERFUME
  • 30. pOWer YOur busiNessLIFESTYLE bluebOx busiNess CONCept - tHe mOst iNdividuAl COmmerCiAl giFt iN tHe WOrld You have a favourite hair salon, confidence in a certain travel agency, a bakery with the tastiest bread, a favourite football club or you know some of the trendiest bars and clubs? then every individual business should also have its own personalised fragrance! pass on the bluebox philosophy on to customers having a business and take advantage of a completely new customer base. Business concept Brochure Article Number: 900217-001 1,80 € / 2,70 CHF Bluebox classic collection Article Number: 900018 120,00 € / 206,95 CHF Fragrance disc neW! Article Number: 900216-001 1,50 € / 2,20 CHF Bluebox Business collection Article Number: 900017-001 39,90 € / 68,85 CHF30 NWA magazine
  • 31. LIFESTYLEour oFFer For You:minimum order quantity: 5 individual fragrancesOffer 1 = 10 individual fragrances ordered = 2 x fragrances freeOffer 2 = 25 individual fragrances ordered = 6 x fragrances free sampleOffer 3 = 50 individual fragrances ordered = 15 x fragrances free individual samples are produced on de-Offer 4 = 100 individual fragrances ordered = 35 x fragrances free sire. sample costs 50 € / 89.90 CHF,Offer 5 = 250 individual fragrances ordered = 90 x fragrances free which will be reimbursed with an order ofOffer 6 = 500 individual fragrances ordered = 200 x fragrances free at least 50 fragrances.Offer 7 = 1000 individual fragrances ordered = 500 x fragrances free
  • 32. tHe NeW spiruliNALIFESTYLE diet CONCept prOFessOr WirtH availaBle FroM MaY the following spirulina life Where does the spirulina algae come products are available to from? you: spirulina is amongst the oldest living species on earth and is very nutrient-rich. 1. FtB (Fat Burner) capsules it has a very high level of protein and contains 2. sth (stop hunger) capsules all the essential amino acids. 3. paraguay herbal tea Above all, spirulina contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. 4. soups even the experts value spirulina as an - tomato soup - Noodle-curry soup invaluable nutrient. 5. 99kcal bar spirulina life - the weight loss concept 6. spirulina life shakes The shakes act as a meal spirulina life is all about a complete weight replacement. You obtain them in the following flavours: loss concept. it is based on 3 pillars: • Reduction of energy absorption - Chocolate - raspberry Yoghurt • Increase in energy use - vanilla • Prevention from a malnutrition Also the nutrition concept is separated in 3 phases: • The start phase • The reduction phase and • The duration phase 33 people tested the spirulina life weight loss concept in a self-test study project. the results: put together they were able to lose more than 100 kg within 4 weeks. Congratulations!32 NWA magazine
  • 33. YOgHurt dAY bY NWA LIFESTYLEtHe NeW eAsY prO YOgHurt prepArer Preparations:the name is programme - easy production pro offers you pleasure with a variety of Ingredients:with the highest quality. As from now, you tastes, from natural yoghurt to to adding a - 1 sachet ofhave got the opportunity to create your own finishing touch for instance with our ultimate Easy Pro - 1 litre of milkfresh and individual yoghurt. to enhance en- Acai drink. - Benefitial Eavironmental sustainability and responsibility sy Pro Yoghur t Makeris just another point: producing yoghurt with- • Add 500 mlout electricity with enormous savings in of milk into container the innerpackaging material! At the same time, easy • By consta nt stirring with the contents a whisk, add of an Easy Pr • Add the o sachet remaining milk • Press on the lid of the in under compres ner container easY pro easY pro sion, squeezin 4 + 1 easY pro much air as po g out as preparer inner-part ssible • Pour bo iling water in Art. No. 10633 to the outer- + preparer container up to the indica Art. No. 10631 and insert the ted level inner containe FREE! onlY 4.00 € • Finally, r. set on the lid onlY 98.00 € 6.90 chF container an of the outer- d leave it to 168.90 chF around 10 ho stand for urs at room te • For taste, mperature easY pro preparer cooling and st the finished pr orage place inner part set oF 3 oduct in the re easY pro to go frigerator. Art. No. 10634 Bon Appétit! (1 funnel + 4 bottles) Art. No. 10632 onlY 9.90 € onlY 9.90 € 17.10 chF 17.10 chF available from June 2011BeneFitial easY proYoghurtArt. No. 10500-00116,57€ / 30,00 CHF BeneFitial easY pro Yoghurt preparer Art. No. 10629 24,50€ / 42,25 CHF
  • 34. NWA FORECAST sAFe tHrOugHOut tHe summer WitH tHe AlOe verA suN prOduCts FrOm blue NAture er W tHe summ neW! t H i s i s H O N J OYA b l e ! e i s r e A l lY Our NeW prOduCts: aloe vera sun care aloe vera sun care hair protection: after sun spray: light hair spray with 80% Aloe vera and Cooling spray with 80% Aloe vera, uv filter ensures that the hair remains ginseng extract and allantoine cares nice, shiny and soft during sun bathing. for the skin after sun bathing. from neW May! mid-34 NWA magazine
  • 35. NWA FORECASTNWA FOreCAstWHAt’s COmiNg iN tHe Next editiON OF tHe NWA mAgAZiNe:Weight loss enjoyed, not weight lossavoidedWeight loss without torture? Our trial teamwill demonstrate and present their poundingvisible results in the next edition. the spir- Lifeulina life concept rests on three prime prin-ciples: reduction of energy in-take,increase of energy usage and prevention ofmalnutrition. And the best part: it tastesgreat!travel seminar 2012Are you dreaming of a travelling far away?the NWA makes this possible. Firstly, youhave the chance to qualify yourself for atravel seminar in 2011. in the next edition ofthe NWA magazine we will give you furtherinformation to this topic. prepare yourselffor it now.pierre lang coutureBlack collectionlook out fashion victims: From the 15thOctober, the high-quality black Collectionlaunch takes place, with a selection of exclu-sive trend-setting handbags, belts, scarvesand many other stylish accessories for fashionconscious Women. men can look forward to,amongst others, a selection of traditionaland sporty men’s watches.pierre lang travel seminarunder the shining Caribbean sun rays thepierre lang travel seminar took place in thedominican republic with more than 200 par-ticipants. the top distributors qualified forthe unforgettable experience with annualsales of 100,000 euro along with those whowere particularly successful with recruit-ment in the previous year.
  • 36. tHe bluebOx busiNess CONCept brOCHure - NOW AvAilAble the rock Marketing group nWa canada corp. 105 Consumers drive Whitby, Ontario, Canada, l1N 1C4 CREATE YOUR OWN PERFUME