A Lowdown of the Best iphone Video Recording Apps


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we give you a list of iphone video recording apps that have found fans all across the globe. These applications are hand picked to give you the best video recording experience.

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A Lowdown of the Best iphone Video Recording Apps

  1. 1. Want to know what the best video recording applications for iPhones are? Presented By, Barbara Johnson Video Transcription Star
  2. 2. The best video recording apps for iPhones! • iMovie for broadcast quality video recordings • Social butterflies • Videos • Actions • Professional videos
  3. 3. iMovie for broadcast quality video recordings For apple iphone users: • It has eight innovative themes packaged with their own titles and sound tracks. • Built-in trailers to create buzz about your video. • Clarity and innovative features.
  4. 4. For social butterflies! For those who love sharing their videos on social media sites: • Record extremely high definition videos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. • It also has user friendly video editing features to boot!
  5. 5. For those who are serious about their videos! MoviePro has all the features a video would love! • It has multiple video recording options. • Allow to shoot videos in portrait or landscape mode. • You can choose the frame rate you want to record in. • Send your videos directly to YouTube and Facebook in full resolution.
  6. 6. Don’t miss out on the action! One of the sad things of recording videos is that you never get to see yourself in one. Want to be seen? • 2CamShoot. • It has front and back cameras. • Allows you to put yourself in the frame even as you are recording your video.
  7. 7. Effortlessly professional videos! Splice is a video recording app that can make your iPhone recordings. • It has great video editing features. • Unique scrub and time line features. • Arrange all those stray shots into one beautiful, cohesive movie easily. • You can add music and add text to your videos.
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