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  1. 1. YONGHYUN HWANG Verano Place 4821 yonghyuh@ics.uci.edu Irvine, CA, 92617 (949) 533-0907 An accomplished Software Engineer with extensive development experiences on RTOS, Compiler, and System Profiling tool along with a strong background on Hardware EDUCATION Ph. D. Candidate in Computer Science (GPA 4.0/4.0) Sept. 2005 - Expected graduation, June 2009 Center for Embedded Computer Systems, (http://www.cecs.uci.edu), University of California, Irvine, CA Advisor: Prof. Daniel Gajski M.S. in Computer Science Mar. 2000 - Feb. 2002 Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems Lab, Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, Korea Advisor: Prof. Jihong Kim B.S. in Computer Science Mar. 1996 – Feb. 2000 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, Korea PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Graduate Research Assistant Sept. 2005 – present Center for Embedded Computer Systems (CECS), University of California, Irvine • Embedded System Environment (ESE, www.cecs.uci.edu/~ese) - Developed a CAD toolset for modeling, synthesis and validation of multi-processor embedded system designs as a project technical leader - Took a charge of configuration management of the project; CVS trees, bug tracking system, etc. - Designed and implemented API modules to handle internal data structures and database system for ESE • System Profiling Tool - Presented and implemented retargettable system performance estimation framework for a heterogeneous multi-processor environment using systemC Timed Transaction Level Model (TTLM) - Developed Transaction Level Model (TLM) compiler annotating and compiling application codes with performance metrics - Developed timed abstract RTOS model that elaborates dynamic RTOS behavior and overhead of RTOS primitives • Platform Synthesis Engine - Developed automatic Pin-Cycle Accurate Model (PCAM) generator for given TLM specification - Implemented Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) project exporter - Developed inter process communication framework on Xilkernel
  2. 2. • XML Parser Generator - Developed Perl scripts generating a dedicated parser in C and C++ for a given XML schema • Multimedia Applications - Implemented MP3 decoder on Xilinx Virtex IV board with one processor, two custom hardwires, two buses, and one transducer - Developed JPEG decoder on Xilinx Virtex IV board with five processors, one transducer, and one bus - Developed TTLM for H.264 codec Navy Officer (Lieutenant Jr. Grade) Mar. 2002 – June 2005 The Naval Academy, Jinhae, Korea • Full-time lecturer in department of the computer science • Administrative officer of the admission and public relations office Graduate Research Assistant Mar. 2000 – Feb. 2002 CARES Lab, SNU (http://davinci.snu.ac.kr), Seoul, Korea • MobileWise.Server (www.ubiquix.com) - It automatically converts and condenses wired Internet web contents to wireless ones without creating new version for mobile device (full automatic contents adaptation) - Designed and developed a web-page transcoding framework, WebAlchemist, for the mobile web clients that runs noble algorithms for an efficient web transcoding • Power Efficient File System - Refactored Linux kernel to implement power efficient file system for mobile hand-held appliances - Applied low power techniques considering the property of flash memory • Blue Marble Game - Developed blue marble game in PDA, where players can play the game with other gamers throughout wireless infrared connection • Simulator - Developed high level application simulation environment using control flow graph analysis for the Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) techniques - Developed event driven simulator for Dynamic Power Management (DPM) techniques Teaching Assistant Mar. 2001 – Aug. 2001 SNU, Seoul, Korea • TA for a graduate course on special topics with emphasis on embedded systems QUALIFICATIONS Language • Korean (Native); English (Intermediate); Japanese (Beginner)
  3. 3. Software Development • Languages: C/C++ (STL, Boost, Gtkmm, GLib), Perl, Shell Scripts, Assembly, Java, Python, Scheme • IDE: Emacs with cedet, Eclipse-cdt, Vim • Tool: Make, CVS, Bugzilla, DDD, Binutils (ld, nm, etc), Glade, Lex, Yacc, Cscope, Awk, Sed Hardware Development • Languages: SystemC, Verilog • IDE: Xilinx Platform Studio, LogicWorks, ModelSim • FPGA Board: Xilinx Virtex Multimedia Board Computer Skills • Server Administration: Linux server administration (Kernel optimization) HONERS AND AWARDS Student Award from Design Automation Conference (DAC), June 2008 Student Award from Design Automation Conference (DAC), June 2007 Three Years Graduate Fellowship from School of Information and Computer Science (ICS) at UCI, Sep. 2005 Best Professor Award granted by the Dean of the Educational Branch Officers R.O.K. Naval Academy, Dec. 2003 Ranked 6th at Entrance Exam for KAIST (Top 1 Percent out of 600 Entering Students), Mar. 1996 PUBLICATIONS Journal Paper • Yonghyun Hwang, Jihong Kim, and Eunkyung Seo, “Structure-Aware Web Transcoding for Mobile Devices”, IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 7, no. 5, pp. 14-21, Sep./Oct. 2003 • Yonghyun Hwang, Lochi Yu, and Daniel Gajski, “Automatic Timed TLM generation for a Heterogeneous MPSoC”, in process Conference Paper • Yonghyun Hwang, Gunar Schirner, Samar Abdi and Daniel Gajski, “Automatic Generation of Cycle-Approximate TLMs with Integrated Timed RTOS Model”, in process • Yonghyun Hwang, Samar Abdi and Daniel Gajski, “CREST: Cycle Approximate Retargettable Performance Estimation at the Transaction Level”, Proc. DATE, Munich, German, March 2008 • Yonghyun Hwang, Eunkyung Seo and Jihong Kim, “WebAlchemist: A Structure-Aware Web Transcoding System for Mobile Devices”, Proc. Mobile Search Workshop, Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2002 • Yonghyun Hwang, Changwoo Jung, Jihong Kim, Sungkwon Chung (Ubiquix), “WebAlchemist: A Web Transcoding System for Mobile Web Access in Handheld Devices” Proc. Mobile Computing Data Management, Denver, Colorado, August 2001 Technical Report • Daniel D. Gajski, Samar Abdi, Gunar Schirner, Han-su Cho, Yonghyun Hwang, Lochi Yu, Ines Viskic, and Quoc- Viet Dang, "Embedded System Environment (Front End) ESE Version 2.0 Evaluation Tutorial", TR 08-15,
  4. 4. December 12, 2008. • Daniel D. Gajski, Samar Abdi, Gunar Schirner, Han-su Cho, Yonghyun Hwang, Lochi Yu, Ines Viskic, and Quoc- Viet Dang, "User Manual for Embedded System Environment ESE Version 2.0.0", TR 08-14, December 12, 2008. • Yonghyun Hwang, Hans Gunar Schirner, Samar Abdi, "Timed RTOS Models in Automatically Generated Cycle- Approximate TLMs," TR 08-12, September 2008. • Y. Hwang, J. Kim, and E. Seo, “Structure-Based Transcoding Heuristics for Mobile Devices”, tech report, School of Computer Science and Eng., Seoul National Univ., 2002 Translation • Yonghyun Hwang, Eunkyung Seo, (Co translated), “TCP/IP Primer Plus” YoungHan Corp., Sep 2002, authored by Heather Osterloh, Que/Sams, September, 2001 PATENTS (submitted) Korean 10-2001-0087639: Web-Page Converter and Method for Mobile Web Clients Considering Repeated Grammatical Pattern Korean 10-2000-0066610: Web-Page Converter and Method for Mobile Web Clients Using Semantic Database Korean 10-2000-0055863: Development of Web-Page Converter for Mobile Web Clients Considering User Access Pattern EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Teacher Dec. 1996 – Feb. 1998 The Seongeun Life-Time Education Center, Daejeon, Korea • Teach computer basics, such as excel, powerpoint, word processor and windows