Video Conferencing and Telepresence Network Infrastructure ...


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Video Conferencing and Telepresence Network Infrastructure ...

  1. 1. Network Infrastructure Product Guide Conference solutions made simple Polycom, Inc.: 4750 Willow Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588 (T) 1.800.POLYCOM (765.9266) for North America only. For North America, Latin America and Caribbean (T) +1.925.924.6000, (F) +1.925.924.6100 Polycom EMEA: 270 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 4DX, (T) +44 (0)1753 723000, (F) +44 (0)1753 723010 Polycom Hong Kong Ltd: Polycom Hong Kong Ltd., Rm 1101 MassMutual Tower, 38 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, (T) +852.2861.3113, (F)+852.2866.8028 © 2003 Polycom, Inc. All rights reserved. Polycom and the Polycom logo are registered trademarks and The Polycom Office is a trademark of Polycom, Inc. in the US and various countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Specifications subject to change without notice. Consult your Polycom representative for detailed specifications and other information. Rev: 11/03 Part No. 3726-07921-001
  2. 2. About this guide It really is just as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1.Choose the right application • Polycom VoicePlus This guide provides • Polycom VideoPlus • Polycom Gateway the information • Polycom Unified Conferencing you need to help you • Polycom WebOffice™ determine which Polycom 2.Pick Network Infrastructure the right platform conferencing solution • Polycom MGC-25 • Polycom MGC-50 is right for you • Polycom MGC-100 3.Select the right tools • Polycom MGC Manager • Polycom WebCommander • Click&View • Polycom Conference Suite • Polycom PathNavigator About this guide
  3. 3. Choose the right application Polycom VoicePlus Polycom VoicePlus Polycom VoicePlus is a superior audio conferencing solution that fills the Highlights Polycom Polycom Unified Conferencing Polycom’s Unified Conferencing, the requirements for small, medium and large enterprises and high capacity service providers. Polycom VoicePlus integrates features that deliver • • • • Offers roll call, voting, polling, Q&A and more Supports attended and unattended conferences Extremely Scalable PIN code access and conference lock security Unified Conferencing ultimate conferencing system, is the first solution in the industry to give you full featured audio and video conferencing Highlights • • Full featured audio and video on the same platform Same conferencing features for audio and video capabilities on a single platform with unmatched audio quality and control to • Pro-Motion 60 fps delivers highest quality video conferencing participants and can be • Supports PSTN and VoIP conferencing common conferencing features. Unified • Wideband audio 14khz delivers high quality sound integrated with web collaboration— • Common management suite tailored to meet your Conferencing combines all the superior • Supports ISDN and IP video, PSTN and VoIP audio individual needs functionality of Polycom VoicePlus and all on Polycom’s MGC™ platforms. conferences simultaneously on one platform Polycom VoicePlus offering the highest • Supports ad hoc and scheduled conference modes quality conferencing experience • Interactive keypad control features supported in audio, possible. And, by eliminating the need video and unified conferences for separate bridges and separate • Polycom VideoPlus Easy upgrade and migration path management systems to support audio Polycom VideoPlus • Superior ROI achieved by one platform, management and video, Polycom Unified Conferencing system, installation and set of processes Polycom VoicePlus brings breakthrough delivers the highest ROI in the industry. “picture” quality to video conferencing that makes distant meetings feel more Highlights like face-to-face. Add to that an ease of • Click&View control of personal CP layout use unmatched in the industry, high • Multi-Way transcoding ensures each endpoint reliability, seamless support for ISDN and IP video, and multipoint video conferencing becomes more productive than ever before. connects at its optimal capability • Continuous Presence features layout options, borders, site display names and speaker indicators Polycom WebOffice Polycom WebOffice Conduct online meetings anytime, anywhere - Polycom WebOffice is the Highlights • Interactive keypad control (IVR/DTMF) for roll conferencing portal to The Polycom call, voting, polling, Q&A and more • Conference Portal provides easy to use Office™. It is an easy to use ‘virtual 'buddy list' for launching audio, video and • Pro-Motion 60 fps delivers highest quality video office’ where participants can meet, web conferencing sessions collaborate and share information, • Integrates with Polycom ViaVideo® II and applications and documents in a secure ViewStation® EX/FX and VSX™ 7000 as well as Protocol Gateway interactive environment. Hold online MGC product families Protocol Gateway meetings via a personal URL and • Include up to 120 participants in one session buddy-list that brings users into your • Easy to use embedded controls for management Polycom’s Gateway solution provides Polycom WebOffice. And, easily of audio, video and data meetings point-to-point connectivity between Highlights integrate with the audio and video ISDN and IP networks. Polycom’s • Instant messaging for chatting and meeting • Configured to provide security for your conferencing infrastructure to deliver invitations to colleagues Protocol Gateway can be integrated IP audio and video communications; a complete conferencing experience. with and used as a shared resource Check Mark Certified with Polycom Unified, Polycom • Comes with a management tool for VoicePlus and Polycom VideoPlus or ease of use and ease of configuration deploy as a standalone Gateway. • Inherent Packet Commander Technology supports high quality IP communications • Deploy on any MGC-25/50/100 platform Choose the right application
  4. 4. Pick the right platform MGC Platforms Polycom MGC™ Platforms Polycom’s three MGC platforms provide powerful support for multipoint audio, Highlights MGC-25 Polycom MGC-25 Polycom’s revolutionary MGC-25 platform is an economical, easy to use, Highlights video, unified and gateway conferencing. • Supports Polycom Unified Conferencing, plug-and-play multi-network conferencing • Plug and Play with Fast Setup Wizard Although the MGC-25, MGC-50 and Polycom VideoPlus, Polycom VoicePlus solution. The MGC-25 is a small 19” • An easy start with 10 preset configurations MGC-100 share many common features, and Gateway products chassis with a sleek, rack mountable • Ad hoc and scheduled conferencing available each has its own set of configurations • Supports multiple networks: IP and ISDN video, design, yet provides value conferencing • Unified interactive keypad controls to manage and capacities designed to meet specific PSTN and VoIP audio by supporting the same software as the voice and video conferences conferencing requirements. Here is a • Supports highest quality audio and video standards MGC-50 and MGC-100 platforms. With • Optional advanced continuous presence and brief description of the similarities, • All platforms use the same management and ten preset configurations of Unified transcoding capabilities differences and target environments for scheduling applications Conferencing, Polycom VoicePlus, • Unmatched performance on a cost-effective platform each of the three platforms. Polycom VoicePlus, and standalone Gateway, the MGC-25 is the perfect solution for any work group environment or large enterprise with distributed network requirements. MGC-25 MGC-50 MGC-100 The Ten Preset Configurations Target Small/Medium/Large Medium/Large Medium/Large Enterprises, Environment Enterprises Enterprises Service Providers • GW1 and GW2 – One and two PRI gateway configurations • IP12 – 12 port IP conferencing platform Type of Network Distributed Distributed & Centralized Environment Centralized • IP16+ – 16 port IP conferencing platform with 8 PSTN audio ports • IP 16+V – same as above with advanced continuous presence and transcoding Capacity Range for 3-24 8-480 8-860 • ISDN V – 7 – 12 port ISDN conferencing platform with advanced IP, ISDN, VoIP, PSTN continuous presence and transcoding Resource — Yes Yes • Unified 24 – 24 total conferencing ports supporting IP, ISDN, VoIP and PSTN networks Redundancy • Unified 24 V – same as above with advanced continuous presence and transcoding Power Redundancy — — Yes • Polycom VoicePlus 24 – 24 PSTN audio conferencing ports • Polycom VoicePlus 48 – 48 PSTN audio conferencing ports Hot Swappable — Yes Yes Expansion Slots — Yes–8 slots Yes–16 slots Configurations MGC Manager, Polycom WebCommander, Personal Scheduler Preset Yes Flexible Yes Flexible Yes MGC-50 and MGC-100 Polycom MGC-50 and MGC-100 Polycom’s MGC-50 and MGC-100 are high performance, highly scalable MCUs Highlights (Outlook) and gateway platforms. These flexible • Telco-grade architecture Firewall/Gateway — Yes Yes systems, designed to accommodate • Hot swappable modules users’ changing multipoint needs, use a • Supports redundancy modular “universal slot” platform that • Scalable allows a high degree of customization based on port capacity and functionality requirements. Pick the right platform
  5. 5. Select the right tools Tools At-A-Glance Polycom Conference Suite Administrator Polycom MGC Manager Administrator & Polycom MGC WebCommander Click&View Click&View Click&View Click&View is a unique interface that gives end users more control over their Highlights Type of User End User End User Scheduler, End User Operator video conferences. The interface • Participants have access to a visual guide Scheduling Yes Yes Yes — appears on the end users’ video through their remote control endpoint to help guide them through • Ability to change personal layout at any time Conference their conference. Using the interface as Management Limited Yes Yes Yes during the conference a guide, end users can change • Request online operator assistance MGC Configuration conference layouts, choose personal — Yes — — & Diagnostics layouts or even ask for operator assistance, all from their remote control. MGC Manager Polycom MGC Manager Polycom’s MGC Manager is an easy-to-use management and scheduling application Highlights Polycom Conference Polycom Conference Suite The Polycom Network Aware Scheduler Highlights Suite that allows network administrators to makes it easy to schedule conferences by • Advanced conference scheduling providing users with the power to invite seamlessly manage multiple video MCUs, • Manage and monitor multiple conferences • Schedules and launches point-to-point, gateways and audio bridges. Windows®- guests, book rooms, and select embedded multipoint and standalone MCU calls simultaneously based, it communicates with an MGC via necessary equipment, all from within • Schedules through a Web Browser or • Display all ongoing and reserved conferences Microsoft® Outlook® or through a Web any TCP/IP network or dial-up connection Outlook—no new applications to learn • System configuration, software downloading interface. For IT professionals, the Polycom including the internet. and system fault detection • Send calendar invites directly to Outlook or Video Network Management provides IBM® Lotus Notes® • Included with all MGC platforms tools to proactively track and adjust the • Patent pending Bandwidth Reservation permits network as needed from any location. Polycom Conference Suite to control ad-hoc conferences so scheduled events take priority Polycom Polycom WebCommander Polycom’s WebCommander is an Highlights • • Supports equipment from major video equipment manufacturers Improves ROI through more efficient use of video communications assets, lower WebCommander intuitive web-based interface for administration support cost and higher call scheduling, monitoring and managing • Schedule future conferences or begin an success rates video and audio conferences. Polycom ad hoc conference immediately WebCommander empowers users to • Real-time conference control including control all aspects of setting up and PathNavigator changing screen layouts, adjusting volume, running conferences on Polycom MGC platforms. Regardless of the size and connecting new participants and basic conference monitoring Polycom PathNavigator type of organization, Polycom • Secure access with user login and password Polycom’s PathNavigator is a WebCommander improves productivity • Customize video conferencing screens with gatekeeper that makes IP and ISDN Highlights by making end-to-end multipoint graphics, colors, logos and languages video communications as easy to use • Supports Polycom OneDial conferencing easier than ever. • Personal Scheduler enables video and audio as your telephone. With support for • Supports Conference On-Demand scheduling through Microsoft Outlook intelligent call routing, plus easy • Policy Management system deployment and bandwidth • Auto Provisioning management, Polycom PathNavigator • Increased Availability and Security ensures reliability, security and • Advanced Diagnostics and CDR effective cost control. Select the right tools
  6. 6. Find the right solution To help you determine which Polycom scheduling, management and reporting solutions are right At-A-Glance for you, whether you need tools to manage their conferences, networks or devices refer to our Here are some examples of real world conferencing situations and the Polycom products that can Scheduling and Management Solutions Guide available for download from provide the right solutions. APPLICATIONS PLATFORMS TOOLS Polycom Polycom Polycom Polycom MGC-25 Polycom Polycom Polycom Click Polycom Unified Gateway MGC-50 MGC-100 MGC MGC Conference & View Path S I T U AT I O N NEEDS Conf. VideoPlus VoicePlus WebOffice Manager WebCom. Suite Navigator • Large Enterprise with • One solution for video & audio X X X X existing video conferencing #1 conferencing network • Integrated web conferencing X SCENARIO • Uses service provider • High capacity conferencing (24+) X X for video • Room for future expansion X X X • Supports audio conferencing in-house • Web conference management & X X X scheduling for end users • Field sales office • Point-to-point video conferencing X X #2 • 50 employees • Connect to head office on a X SCENARIO different network • 2 video conferencing rooms • Ad hoc conferencing capabilities X X • Head office on different • Scheduling site as part of network multipoint conferences X X X X X X X #3 • Small to medium size • Easy to use in-house audio bridge business • Ad hoc conferencing capabilities X X SCENARIO • Uses service provider for audio • End user scheduling through web X X and Outlook • Expand to video at a later date X X X • Medium to large • Expand video conferencing X X X enterprise with multiple capabilities to desktop #4 locations • Scheduled and ad hoc SCENARIO X X X • Heavy video conferencing conferencing capabilities user with multiple • End user conference control X X X conferencing rooms • Supports latest video • Integrated web conferencing X X and audio technology • Medium to large • In-house solution for audio X X X X enterprise with multiple and video #5 locations • Point-to-point conferencing on SCENARIO X X • Uses service provider different networks for audio and video • Expand to VoIP in the future X X • Uses both IP and ISDN network • End user scheduling through web and Outlook X X X Find the right solution