TANDBERG Video Conferencing Product Portfolio


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TANDBERG Video Conferencing Product Portfolio

  1. 1. TA N D B E R G Product Portfolio TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Management Video Suite Communication One management platform for all your visual communication needs. TANDBERG Management Server Suite (TMS) is scalable, easy to use and integrates with existing applications to increase ROI. A powerful platform designed to work TMS also provides complete visibility and control for on-site and remote video systems. with any H.323 or SIP device, supporting MANAGEMENT SUITE up to 2500 registrations and 200 zones. MANAGEMENT SERVER Intuitive user interface with graphics Optional turn-key solution CONTROL APPLICATION Detailed system-by-system and conference-by-conference details for managing small- to The center of the video network, supporting Manage endpoints and infrastructure directly mid-size installations all infrastructure, management and endpoints Schedule calls, book rooms and invite participants using Easy-to-deploy, standards- Provides call control, gatekeeper and SIP TANDBERG Scheduler, Microsoft Outlook® or IBM Lotus Notes® based system integrates registrar services to H.323 and SIP devices (requires software option) into existing network Provides H.323 to SIP Interworking Supports Microsoft Office Communicator and IBM Lotus Compact size: 1U tall and Key device to interoperability with Unified Sametime software options 19" rack mountable Communications and VoIP systems Supports management of network and video equipment TM Available with FindMe application option from multiple vendors TM Fully manage registered systems outside your network EXPRESSWAY APPLICATION Firewall Traversal for SIP and H.323 devices Firewall Traversal H.460.18/19 and STUN compliant TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Telepresence Telepresence Personal T3 T1 Telepresence The ultimate telepresence experience. Beautiful, With optimal camera height, an enormous LCD 1700 Personal telepresence designed for the office, immersive and simple. Bring your team together screen and crystal-clear video, Telepresence T1 the 1700 MXP features a superior HD camera and immediately in a well-appointed room for a life-like, delivers an instant telepresence experience. a widescreen LCD. This fully integrated system face-to-face meeting. With Telepresence T3, Designed for the executive office or high-end enables seamless face-to-face telepresence nothing gets in the way of productivity. collaboration room — it's available anytime collaboration right at the desktop. you need it. Exclusive Scandinavian design Integrated 20" wide-screen LCD monitor Highly immersive — meet as if you are in Crystal-clear video up to 1080p Up to 2 Mbps H.323/2 Mbps SIP/2.3 Mbps the same room One 65" custom LCD screen total Multisite Ultimate quality in video and audio — high Natural, intuitive user experience with Compact HD camera definition up to 1080p with three large 65" appealing, user-driven design Join up to 4 video sites and 3 audio sites with custom LCD screens UXGA high-definition presentation embedded MultiSite functionality Immersive Room Package includes system, capabilities Easily share PC presentations table, three personal HD touch collaboration Standards compliant technology True CD-quality and stereo screens and lighting Powered by the ultimate telepresence Expressway firewall traversal Option to add premium wood walls, TANDBERG engine, the TANDBERG Codec C90 Blue nordic-sky-inspired light package, chairs and a bench for additional seating TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Telepresence Codec Profile Server C90 8000 MXP With the TANDBERG Telepresence Server it doesn’t The TANDBERG Codec C90 is the most powerful, Sleek, elegant design brings video to the matter who you need to reach. For the first time bring flexible telepresence and collaboration engine boardroom. 50" plasma screens, TANDBERG’s together telepresence, HD and standard endpoint available. The integration possibilities are endless. PrecisionHD Camera and a best-in-class audio users in the same conference...all while maintaining system provide a highly collaborative meeting the full telepresence experience. Optimal Definition up to 1080p experience. Up to 6 Mbps point-to-point H.323/SIP; ContinuousTelepresence and TelepresenceView up to 10 Mbps total MultiSite bandwidth 16:9 wide-screen monitors (dual 50" plasma) ensure the telepresence experience is always 720p30 HD Individual Transcoding TANDBERG PrecisionHD 720p camera maintained embedded Multisite Join up to 6 video and 5 audio sites with Support for round-table and room-switched Connect up to 12 HD sources and 8 embedded MultiSite functionality configurations microphones directly into the interface Up to 4 Mbps H.323/4 Mbps SIP/ Future proof with the facility to scale up conference 5 simultaneous video inputs 2 Mbps H.320/6 Mbps total MultiSite sizes as your organization grows HD collaboration with UXGA Easily share PC presentations Designed to carrier class levels of reliability Full Duplex Audio with High-Quality Stereo Sound CD-quality stereo and Digital NAM and availability Standards compliant; part of the TANDBERG Up to 135 screens in a single chassis Total Solution High definition transcoding for every participant
  2. 2. TA N D B E R G Product Portfolio TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Profile Profile Centric 6000 3000 1000 MXP MXP MXP For medium- to large-sized meeting rooms and For medium-sized meeting rooms. A complete, For offices and small groups. Fully integrated boardrooms. High-end performance features, integrated system in a compact package. system delivers style and performance in large flat-screen monitor and CD-quality, stereo Integrated audio module for CD-quality equal measure. audio create a collaborative meeting environment. sound experience. Integrated 12.1" LCD 16:9 flat-screen plasma monitor (50") 16:9 flat-screen monitor (32" or 42" LCD) Up to 768 kbps H.323/768 kbps TANDBERG PrecisionHD 720p camera TANDBERG PrecisionHD 720p camera SIP/384 kbps H.320 Standard wall mount with pedestal Standard wall mount with pedestal Easily share PC presentations or optional wheel base or optional wheel base Wireless capable Up to 4 Mbps H.323/4 Mbps SIP/ Up to 2 Mbps H.323/2 Mbps SIP/ True CD-quality audio 2 Mbps H.320/6 Mbps total MultiSite 512 kbps H.320/2.3 Mbps total MultiSite Video telephony version available Join up to 6 video and 5 audio sites with Join up to 4 video and 3 audio sites with for Cisco® CallManager embedded MultiSite functionality embedded MultiSite functionality Easily share PC presentations TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G E20 Movi Edge 95/85/75 MXP Reinvents the desk phone by merging Movi enables PC users with a webcam to join Connect team members for more productive business quality video and the best VoIP an enterprise-wide videoconferencing network meetings with the TANDBERG Edge MXP Series. phone into one device. and communicate visually with colleagues for These easy-to-install units turn a meeting room enhanced productivity from anywhere they with a flat screen into a high-definition, interactive Ultra-wideband 20 kHz speakerphone need to work. situation room for improved teamwork and High-resolution TANDBERG camera with accelerated decision-making. integrated privacy shutter Extend video to the PC for the entire enterprise 10.6" wide format LCD display with Centrally managed by TANDBERG Up to 2 Mbps H.323/2 Mbps SIP/512 kbps WXGA resolution Management Suite (TMS) H.320/2.3 Mbps total MultiSite Intuitive user interface and keypad for quick Optimal definition up to 720p TANDBERG PrecisionHD 720p camera access to all IP phone and video services Secure, standards compliant firewall traversal Join up to 4 video sites and 3 audio sites Highly scalable and manageable with VCS Expressway with embedded MultiSite functionality Up to 1152 kbps SIP with w448p video Industry’s best audio: G.722.1/G.711 and Easily share PC presentations resolution acoustic echo cancellation True CD-quality audio and stereo Rich presence awareness Wireless capable TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Set-top Maestro Intern 990/880/770 MXP MXP * MXP Portable, high-performance set-top units For medium- to large-sized meeting rooms. Video systems designed for healthcare designed for work environments ranging from Built on the TANDBERG 6000 MXP Codec, applications including consultations, clinical medium and small meeting rooms to shared the Maestro turns existing monitors and studies and CME. Connect healthcare offices. These compact units conveniently displays into interactive video systems. professionals and patients across the globe. transform any standard TV into an interactive meeting place, providing users with an Leverages existing large-screen displays High-resolution 23" wide-screen LCD for outstanding business tool. and projectors viewing clinical and non-clinical images TANDBERG PrecisionHD 720p camera Tested and listed to UL/CSA 601.1 regulatory Up to 2 Mbps H.323/2 Mbps SIP/512 kbps Join up to 6 video sites and 5 audio sites standards for approval in patient contact H.320/2.3 Mbps total MultiSite with embedded MultiSite functionality environment Join up to 4 video sites and 3 audio sites Up to 4 Mbps H.323/4 Mbps SIP/2 Mbps Choice of Edge MXP with PrecisionHD 720p with embedded MultiSite functionality H.320/6 Mbps total MultiSite camera or Set-Top with Wave camera Easily share PC presentations True CD-quality stereo and Digital NAM Add peripheral medical and non-medical devices True CD-quality audio and stereo Wireless capable
  3. 3. TA N D B E R G Product Portfolio TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Education Tactical FieldView ™ Series * MXP * Going beyond traditional needs of both Portable and compact video communication tool Fully integrated, wireless handheld video device instructors and students, the TANDBERG for use in even the most remote and extreme for use anywhere your workforce needs to be. Education Series offers extensive options conditions. Fully integrated and wireless system Visually exchange critical information with for corporate training, school classrooms is ideal for off-site communication such as remote engineering or home office support and higher education. construction sites, manufacturing floors, defense to assess and resolve issues in real time. operations and in-field media correspondence. Multiple education products to meet specific Designed to deliver the ultimate portability in application needs and room sizes Integrated 15.4" wide-screen LCD video collaboration — also available as Ex version Designed with input from educators to meet Fully integrated video system in Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless LAN the demands of the education environment a heavy-duty watertight case Two-way voice and one-way video collaboration Intuitive touch panel facilitates simple Meets most airline carry-on requirements Two-way annotation capabilities instructor control Complete TANDBERG 3000 MXP Ability to call from the FieldView Device core technology directly into a video endpoint Ability to integrate Type 1 encryption devices FieldView Enterprise Suite offers flexibility for larger installations through a FieldView Application license manager Expressway Firewall Traversal through TANDBERG Video Communication Server Available with optional FieldView Enterprise and FieldView Management suite TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Compass Codian Codian MXP MSE 8000 MCU 4500 Innovative, fully-integrated solution designed for The TANDBERG Codian MSE 8000 is a high- The most powerful HD MCU available, the public spaces. With simple controls, users can capacity voice and videoconferencing media TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 delivers full easily tap into resources such as information help services engine. This powerful, fault tolerant solution continuous presence for all conferences, full desks, travel services and translation assistance. is ideal for the large scale communication needs transcoding and is ideal for mixed vendor HD of large enterprises and service providers. endpoint environments. Ease-of-use through a five button interface and simplified user menus High redundancy, built to telecom Integration with TANDBERG Management Suite Completely integrated system including specifications, dual power inputs Individual transcoding enables the best camera, display, handset, speakers Conferencing, gateway and recording blades conference for every endpoint regardless and microphone in the same chassis of capabilities Built-in LED light source for improved Up to 180 HD conferencing, 360 SD conferencing, ClearVision utilizes Codian’s vast processing video image quality 720 audio conferencing, ad 90 recording ports; power to enhance SD endpoints Wall-mount design with a VESA 100 up to 72 ISDN PRIs. Available in 12-, 20-, 30- and 40-Port options full HD TM compliant interface Supports TANDBERG Codian ClearVision TM TANDBERG Utility MXP also available for and UniversalPort technology. more demanding environments TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G MPS Codian Content Series MPS 800 MCU 4200 Server Pictured The TANDBERG Media Processing System (MPS The TANDBERG Codian MCU 4200 is a powerful With TANDBERG’s Content Server, you can 800, MPS 200) is ideal for enterprises requiring IP multimedia conferencing bridge, delivering create business-quality multimedia content ISDN, V.35 and IPV6 support. Its gateway capabilities high-quality voice and video with an easy-to-use, easily from any standards-based H.323 also enable seamless integration of the TANDBERG versatile interface. It's ideal for the small to medium- or SIP videoconferencing endpoint. Access Codian MCU 4500 for high-definition applications. size enterprise and education markets. on-demand video content anywhere, anytime from any PC. Industry leading multi-network standard Individual transcoding for each user definition MCU provides the highest quality experience Stream and record up to five concurrent Multi-protocol capability including H.320, regardless of endpoint video and H.239 dual stream presentations H.323, and SIP Available with limited gatekeeper Stream content in Microsoft Windows IPv4 and IPv6 capable and scheduling capabilities — great Media®, QuickTime compatible MPEG-4 Developed with emphasis on security compliance; for small clients and RealPlayer® formats ideal for government environments Available in 6,12, 20, 30 and 40 SD Download content to popular portable and Optimal Definition Ports devices: Microsoft Zune, Apple iPod Expressway compatible High-definition, wide-format video support
  4. 4. TA N D B E R G Product Portfolio TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G TA N D B E R G Codian IP Codian ISDN Gatekeeper Gateway Gateway An innovative gateway solution to let customers A gateway that offers unparalleled simplicity. The TANDBERG Gatekeeper is a high- and partners find and connect with the person Provides seamless integration between IP performance, reliable, secure and easy-to-use they are looking for. It offers powerful dial plans, and ISDN networks with complete feature gatekeeper designed to complement an auto attendant and voice/video switchboard transparency and protection from network TANDBERG’s infrastructure solutions. operators to route calls to the correct destination. interruptions. Compact size: 1U tall and 19" rack mountable Compatible with all major vendors’ endpoints Compact size: 1U tall and 19" rack mountable Secure management and lock-down support IVR/Auto Attendant Video resolution up to 720p HD Embedded setup wizard for easy installation Live operator switchboard support Up to four ISDN PRIs in a single unit Scalable up from 25 to 500 concurrent calls Video resolutions: 720p up to 30fps Provides seamless integration between Multi-vendor support (non-transcoded) IP-based services and ISDN Expressway firewall traversal Powerful dial plans Complete feature transparency H.460.18/19 standards compliant Bandwidth per site: H.263 up to 4Mbps, Bandwidth per call: 56 kbps–2 Mbps H.264 up to 2Mbps Expressway firewall traversal Support for both SIP and H.323 endpoints TA N D B E R G Border Controller TM As part of the Expressway firewall traversal solution, the TANDBERG Border Controller simplifies dialing and firewall traversal for all H.323 devices. Compact size: 1U tall and 19" rack mountable Secure management and lock-down support Resolves URI dialing for massive scalability Scalable up to 100 traversal calls Supports multiplexed media for top security Multi-firewall support TA N D B E R G Constant Care Services Protect your technology investment. Extend the lifetime of your products. TANDBERG’s Constant Care Services fulfill customers’ support needs from decision through deployment and beyond. Finance Services Core Services Global Deployment Professional Services Training Installation