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Open Source Software For Education Open Source Software For Education Presentation Transcript

  • Open Source Software For Education
      • with Elliot Jordan
      • 1. Background and History of Open Source
      • 2. Progress and Trends
      • 3. Examples
      • 4. Resources-Projects/Applications
  • Oh by the way...
    • This
    • Isn't
    • Powerpoint
  • So what is “Open Source”? Information that may be viewed, modified, copied and redistributed freely so that it is available to new innovations and contributions from a worldwide community of developers. It's a well-spring of imagination, creativity and productivity.
  • Let's have a (open source) beer Our recipe Recipe for approx. 85 ltr. Vores Øl (Our Beer) (approx. 6% alchohol by volume). For Vores Øl we use four types malted barley: * 6 kg pilsner malt * 4 kg münsner malt * 1 kg caramel malt * 1 kg lager malt The malt is crushed and put in 55-60°C hot water for 1-2 hours. The mixture is filtered and the liquid now contains about 10 kg malt extract.
  • Who uses it? PARIS Chicago MUNICH Banks Stock Exchanges Small Businesses Universities Utility Companies DMV
  • Strengths and Advantages
    • Worldwide community driven
    • It has become very user friendly
    • Cost-effective (free)‏
    • It may be adapted to your needs
    • Source code may be viewed and changed
    • Runs well on old hardware
    • Resource efficient, secure and stable
    • Adheres to common industry standards
  • Strengths and Advantages
    • Vast hardware support
    • Especially good on old retired hardware
    • Getting more stable and secure
    • Includes state of the art technology
    • Updated often
    • 1000's of apps for all purposes
    • Embraces open standards-no vendor lock-in.
  • Open Source rising... Approximately 60% of all web servers run Apache
  • Anecdotes In The News
    • The FAA/DOT is considering Linux over Vista/IE
    • Dell to sell PC's / Laptops with Linux pre-installed
    • HP considers Linux
    • Microsoft makes deal with Novell re Open Source
    • Novartis will give away information it has on genetic code associated with Diabetes. “It's better if a lot of companies can analyze this data rather than keep it secret”.
  • Open Source Forefathers Linus Torvalds Richard Stallman Eric Raymond
  • A Fresh Desktop Look
  • A Linux for this and that (some of the best)‏
    • Ubuntu – popular Debian based
    • Suse – full featured, just acquired by Novell
    • PCLinuxOS – fork of Mandrake
    • MEPIS – well designed, it just works
    • Slackware – an old standard, “pure” Linux
    • Gentoo – custom compiles all apps
    • Knoppix – good utility loaded for fixing stuff
    • Red Hat/Fedora – enterprise level Linux
    • Rpath – has innovative package manager
    • Damn Small, Puppy – only 50-200mb
  • Dedicated To -
    • Video
    • Audio
    • TIVO recording
    • Telephony PBX Switch
    • Security Firewall
    • Home Automation
    • Enterprise Server
    • Dual, Triple Boot
    • Live CD
    • Virtual Machines
      • Xen
      • VMWare
      • Parallels Workstation
      • Bootcamp
      • OpenVZ
  • So how do they make money?
    • Accepting contributions
    • Selling related merchandise
    • Selling Support (biggest source)‏
    • Get bought out by another company
  • Important Sites
  • The GUI and the Command Line Everyone wants computers to be easy-nice menus, buttons and toolbars to click on. The trend is to “gui-fy” everything. Most administrative tasks in Linux (or BSD) may be done with via a GUI. Some tasks are still done more efficiently via the command line. Still other more complex or involved tasks may also require it.
  • Why you shouldn't use Linux
    • You (must) use Quicken
    • You (must) use other proprietary applications
    • You don't like to read documentation
    • You like running antivirus/spyware scans
    • You enjoy blue screens every so often
    • You buy into the “for techs only” stigma
    • You'll miss defragging too much.
  • “ It's easy to use”, my cousin says..
  • Education Resources
  • Applications
          • Proprietary Open Source
          • Windows Linux, Solaris, BSD
          • IIS Apache
          • Internet Explorer Firefox
          • Outlook Thunderbird
          • Office OpenOffice
          • Photoshop GIMP, Gimpshop
          • Illustrator Inkscape, Cinepaint
          • Quark, Publisher Scribus
          • Maya, 3DS MAX Blender3D, k-3d
          • Final Cut, Premiere Cinelerra, Kino, Lives
          • TIVO MythTV
          • The Phone Company Asterisk PBX
          • Mavis Beacon TuxType
          • MS SQL Server, Oracle MySQL, Postgresql
          • Cisco Routers Vyatta, XORP
  • More....(google them if nec.)‏
    • Proprietary Open Source
    • Dreamweaver NVU, Athana, Amaya
    • Flash Gnash
    • Soundforge Audacity, Jokosher
    • MP3 Ogg Vorbis
    • WM player, Real, QT VLC, Mplayer, Xine, XMMS
    • WebCT, Blackboard Moodle, Alfresco, Joomla, Drupal,Plone, Zope
    • Notes, Exchange Zimbra
    • .NET Java,LAMP, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby
    • HP OpenView, Tivoli OpenNMS, Groundwork
    • Quicken Gnucash, gnumeric
    • Desktop Search Beagle
    • Anconia Wordpress, XAMPP
    • iPhoto, ACDSee f-spot, digikam
    • Checkpoint Smoothwall, Monowall, IPCop
    • MS Project openworkbench, mrproject
          • Voice/Video Conferencing ekiga, Xconnect (mac)‏
  • Even more...
    • Celtx, scribes text editors, script writing
    • Krecipes, largorecipes
    Little Wizard
  • For Networking / Security
    • Nessus
    • Snort
    • Kismet, Kismac
    • Nmap
    • Tcpdump
    • Ethereal
    • 2D animation - ktoon
  • Design web pages with Amaya, NVU
  • Making Music
    • Rosegarden
    • Jack
    • Audacity
    • Timidity
    • Plork
  • Ardour
  • Novelties Kreetingkard ogre3D ktuberling
    • Over 11,000 open source projects
    • An application for just about any purpose
  • ENJOY!!