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OIT Staff Meeting
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OIT Staff Meeting


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  • 1. OIT Staff Meeting November 17, 2006
  • 2. OIT Staff Meeting: Agenda
    • Opening Remarks
    • Department Updates
    • Moves/Logo Status
    • New Staff Introductions
    • Video Presentation
    • Updates from Steve Smith
    • Questions/Comments
  • 3. New Staff Introductions
  • 4. Infrastructure Technology Services Fred Smits, Interim Executive Director
  • 5. ITS Accomplishments
    • Overall : Maintained High Service Levels; Provided Solid Infrastructure Foundation for New Technology; Resolved Problems in a Timely Manner; Implemented/Upgraded Hardware/Software; Patched Vulnerable Systems
    • DCO : Maintained/Enhanced Butrovich Computer Facility (including: ARSC High Performance System Upgrade)
    • NE : Improved Network Expandability/Performance/Reliability
    • NO : Expanded Network Bandwidth: Campuses & Commodity Internet; Standardized Network Configurations
    • Sec : Handled Bethel Incident; Installed Firewall
    • Tel : Handled Telephone Orders/Problems; Installed Fiber per Campus Requirements
    • TS : Primary: AppWorx, Banner, Blackboard, EDIR, ePG, MyUA
    • Win : Primary: Altiris, Banner, DDI, HP SIM, MyUA, Student Housing
  • 6. ITS Challenges/Goals
    • Overall : Maintain Workload with Lean Staffing; Obtain Sufficient Funding for New Projects; Increase Staffing; Enhance Security; Eliminate Single Points of Failure; Consolidate Hardware; Embrace New Technology
    • DCO : Remediate Bunnell Computer Facility; Initiate Disaster Recovery Preparedness
    • NE : Extend Network Expandability/Performance/Reliability
    • NO : Improve Responsiveness to Network Outages; Enhance Network Redundancy
    • Sec : Implement Kerberos; Automate Incident Tracking; External Review RFP
    • Tel : Implement VoIP; Upgrade UAF Campus Wiring
    • TS : Primary: Oracle Data Guard; Upgrade Banner Hardware
    • Win : Primary: Server Virtualization; Out-of-Band Management
  • 7. Applications Services Rory O’Neill, Executive Director
  • 8. OIT-EAS: Post-Merger Accomplishments
    • 20 Banner upgrades and reapplication of local mods to all of them
    • Banner Scholarship module phase 2
    • UAOnline – new forms
    • Creation of 3 Banner extracts for UAF BlackBoard
    • Automated AK Advantage Grants process with ACPE
    • PERS/TRS rewrite
    • HR Workflow for terminations
    • Custom roles for MyUA loaded using Banner Business Rules (BBRs)
    • CTAM – catalog and schedule extract and load
    • fsaATLAS Implementation
    • OnBase – autofills and COLD processes for Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid
    • Load of uaklocal email string to Banner
    • Several extracts for internal UA and external constituencies
    • Completion of many user task requests for modifications and enhancements to Banner
    • And most important for the rest of OIT – 26 middle-of-the-night payroll runs
  • 9. OIT-EAS: Current Projects
    • UA Scholar process
    • OnBase – Banner button
    • CLEAN_address software
    • Adirondack Housing application with interface to Banner
    • Online Elections using Banner survey module
    • fsaATLAS – implement Data Integration Tool
    • MyUA - Luminus Channels for Self Service Banner, Administrative Banner
    • CTAM - more automation needed
    • Workflows for Student area – change of status and drop below fulltime
    • Student Clearinghouse reporting for cross-MAU enrollments
    • Banner Scholarship module Phase 3
    • Banner upgrades and reapplication of local mods
    • Payroll run automation
    • Daily support for Banner, UAOnline, OnBase, fsaATLAS
    • Many task requests from the users for changes/enhancements
    • to Banner and UAOnline
  • 10. OIT-MyUA: Post-Merger Accomplishments
    • Sign off of technical completion of MyUA infrastructure
    • Marketed MyUA to statewide staff and assisted marketing efforts to UAF students, faculty and staff
    • 4 new UAOnline Single Sign-On Channels for Students, Faculty, Employee and Personal
    • New Single Sign-On Channels for MeetingMaker and Start Walking
    • 3 new categories of usage data / statistics
    • Doubled inactivity auto-logout time to 30 minutes
    • Made vendor-delivered Help Files UA specific
    • Conducted numerous training sessions , RSTC participation
  • 11. OIT-MyUA: Current Projects
    • Additional Usage Statistics / Survey Channel
    • Luminis channels for 3-click Banner access
    • Single Sign-On Channels for UAKJobs, EDIR , others as requested
    • Improve channels/tabs , add new ones
    • Streamline all procedures
    • Establish recurring marketing at all MAUs
    • Establish decentralized MyUA training program
    • Develop Prospective Student role and Guest Accounts
    • Evaluate Luminis Web Content Management
    • System
  • 12. OIT-IA: Post-Merger Accomplishments
    • Fully implement confidentiality of records of students electing privacy under FERPA in accord with interpretations of General Counsel and Student Services Council
    • Provide custom MAU logos, banners, footers for the web interface to EDIR
    • Revision of Directory search pages to provide department and people searches on the same page; advanced search interface upon request (check a box)
    • Revision of the "look and feel" of the Directory interface, collaborative design by end users, vetted by UA Public Affairs and UAF University Relations
    • Substantial completion of the process of loading email account information from MAUs, via Banner for MyUA e-mail client anchor account selection wizard
    • Revision of help links and help documents, with substantial input from end users via Support Services
    • New support of KeyServer for distance education students; requires creation of custom software installers that install a version of commercial software that only works with a connection to the KeyServer
    • Collaborative architectural design and proof-of-concept testing of kerberos authentication infrastructure
    • 99.999% uptime for KeyServer
    • 99.999% uptime for LDAP Directory look-up
  • 13. OIT-IA: Current Projects
    • EDIR button to export vCard format (common address book format) for person records
    • “ department browser" to allow users to browse departments within campuses (EDIR Web Gateway)
    • EDIR buttons to optionally restrict results per MAU
    • EDIR edit page revisions (that people use to change email, phone number, etc.) to be more intuitive and helpful
    • Establish "data dictionary" indicating authoritative source and definition of values for every attribute in EDIR
    • Add links to real-time phonebook-like extract from EDIR (e.g., "print me a UAF employee phonebook listing as of today")
    • RFPs for UA Security Audit and vended Kerberos
    • Forge UA-wide consensus on common kerberos authentication infrastructure, craft implementation plan
    • Co-create additional installers of "keyed" application software (e.g., new Acrobat, Photoshop) with OIT Core Applications
    • Upgrade KeyServer to current software release (currently c. 3 years behind)
    • Design VPN, email, KeyServer use of central authentication service
    • Produce "cookbook" for hooking applications to AuthServ
    • Assist departments editing/revising data for production of UAF and SW phonebooks
  • 14. OIT-CA: Post-Merger Accomplishments
    • Streamlined UAF email account provisioning, upgraded Proofpoint spam filter,
    • UAF Listserve business rules updated
    • Meeting Maker automated maintenance, automated broken mailbox repair and notification
    • Blackboard enhancements and formation of coordinating team
    • Upgraded ServiceCenter, deployed Web Client, integration with eDir and AuthServ
    • Upgraded Roxen CMS
    • Multiple MyUA portal Luminis upgrades, integrated system-wide email, integrated Blackboard, enabled MyUA Calendar Notifications
    • Migrating all web applications to AuthServ: Blackboard, eMail, Meetingmaker, Roxen, Service Center, NetReg
    • Provided custom phonebook extract data to UAF and SW from eDir
    • Developed NetReg code libraries to simplify administration
    • Administered/customized ContentDM app (Statewide Library System)
    • Transferred EZproxy functional administration to Rasmuson Library staff
    • Consolidated >90% UAF Linux backup services to NSR, reduced backup services from 3 to 2
  • 15. OIT-CA: Current Projects
    • UAF/SW eMail consolidation
    • Secure IM evaluation/deployment
    • Refine UAF Listserve administration, plan/deploy anti-spam strategy
    • Proofpoint Spam filtration for
    • Meetingmaker software/hardware upgrade, adopt AuthServe
    • Keyserver software/hardware upgrade
    • Blackboard readiness Spring '07 term: Update TEST with Production data, automate testing/validation plans, prepare load-balanced server deployment, plan adoption of AuthServ
    • Vista Plus software/hardware upgrade
    • Implement Peregrine request-based Change Management, consumer Self Service, Problem Management evaluation and testing, secure client-server communication and server-ldap communication
    • Upgrade Roxen to 4.5x
    • Integrate and web services
  • 16. User Services Tim Larrabee, Interim Executive Director
  • 17. Campus Technology Services Computer Labs Redesigned Library Instructional Lab Replaced the computers in Gruening Instructional Lab Created a new Student Multi-Media Lab in Bunnell Smart Classrooms Created 2 new locations in Duckering Installed 8 new projectors in Natural Sciences Added Closed Captioning to all Smart Classrooms Refreshed A/V Technology in many Classrooms Instituted weekly inspections of all facilities Exceptional Events: Instituted test groups for Blackboard, web streaming, plagiarism software, podcasting Supported several public events including: Internet2 Day Susan Butcher Memorial Participated in Rev It Up for freshmen
  • 18. Desktop Support Expanded the selection of computers available under Tech Refresh 3500+ incident tickets so far this year Exceptional Events: Participated in Internet2 Day Alaska Fire Service EOC Deployment Rev It Up for UAF Freshmen DDI Deployment Operating the Student Computing Support Center – 2 nd year
  • 19. Video Conferencing Services New / Refreshed endpoints in 16 sites including: Sitka – Full video conference enabled classroom UAF / UAA Psychology Life Size HD Butrovich and O’Neill in progress New Tandberg Management Software Statistics: 240 Video Conferences YTD excluding Psychology 330 Hours of Psychology Conferences Transitioned to new audio conference provider
  • 20. Support Center Training: 618 Faculty and Staff 95 Classes Martin completed Blackboard Instructors certification April completed Blackboard Instructors certification and instructional design course Help Desk: YTD > 24,000 support requests (2006 = 21,003) Mike Hazlett and Marcus Miller received their bachelors degrees Mike Hazlett and Alex Taylor received Customer Support Specialist & Support Center Specialist Certification Kenny Coon received ITIL Foundations Certification Exceptional Events: Participated in Rev It Up for UAF freshmen
  • 21. Technology Oversight Services Richard Machida, Interim Executive Director
  • 22. Technology Oversight Projects
    • Project Management Position
    • Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment
    • E2Epi Workshop
    • E2Epi Measurement Host
    • Internet2 Multicast and IPV6 Workshop
    • BGCCRF Network Infrastructure
    • NSF Proposal
    • Working Group
    • Chair, BASC Digital Subcommittee
  • 23. Business Office Julie Larweth, Executive Officer
  • 24. IT Business Office (ITBO) Julie Larweth, Executive Officer
    • Laura Morisky, Fiscal Officer (UA)
    • Gail Wheeler-Hannis, Fiscal Officer (UAF)
    • Jamie Kriska, Travel Coordinator
    • Heather Foltz, Purchasing and Property
    • Wendy Rupe, Recharge Coordinator and Telephone Services
    • Sacques Rainer, Office Coordinator and PPA
    Ex Officio ITBO Member: Lacy Mitchell, Asst. to the CITO
  • 25. ITBO Accomplishments in FY07
    • Timely billing of telephone services (monthly)
    • Contract renewals for FY07
    • Backups for procurement/inventory
    • Central e-mail accounts
      • [email_address]
      • [email_address]
    • Hired Executive Officer, reaching full staff status
    • Purchased and coordinated OIT logowear efforts in alignment with CITO priorities
  • 26. ITBO Things in the Works
    • Tech Refresh procedures
    • Website updates/maintenance
    • Disaster planning
    • Long term strategic planning and “best practices”
    • Review of ITBO functions
    • Metrics
    • Recharge planning/process
  • 27. ITBO Future Goals
    • Coordinated/efficient recharge proposal process
    • Annual reporting guidelines
    • OIT Annual Report
    • Automation
    • Indirect cost recovery methods
    • Improved communication effort
  • 28. Space Update – Moves Completed
    • Butrovich
      • Gail Wheeler-Hannis
      • Richard Machida
      • Craig Collar
      • Fred Smits
      • Janet Johnson
      • Rory O’Neill
      • Allen Nussbaumer
      • Ken Meggit
      • Desktop Support
    • Bunnell
      • James Elieff
      • Tim Larrabee
      • Security
    • Rasmuson Library
      • Martha Mason
      • Video Conferencing
    • Duckering
      • No changes
  • 29. Space Updates: Next Steps
    • Bunnell Completion
      • Core Applications: move into 237 and 237A
      • Desktop Support: move into 226
      • Core Applications: move into 231
      • Bill Wakefield: move into 233B1
      • Senior Project Manager: move into 233
  • 30. OIT Logo
    • Clothing
      • Stitched logo
      • Heat-transfer logo
    • Pens, Highlighters, Post-its
    • Other?
    • Contact: Heather Foltz x1994 or [email_address]
  • 31. Video
  • 32. Updates from Steve Smith
    • Budget
      • 07 No Capital or Operating Increase
        • Jump start with discretionary and reallocation
      • 08 Significant Capital & Operating Requests
        • UAF & Statewide
      • UA Total Budget Request Significant
        • Non-discretionary continues to have impact
  • 33. Updates from Steve Smith
    • Communication
    • Coordination & Cooperation
    • Alignment
    • Consolidation
  • 34. Questions?