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OIT Recharge Tutorial Presented by:


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  • 1. OIT Recharge Tutorial Presented by: IT Business Office (ITBO) April 20, 2007
  • 2. What is a recharge?
    • A unit or activity which provides goods/services using approved rates
    • “Break-even” at end of fiscal year
    • Identified as Fund 17XXXX
    • NOT an Auxiliary
      • Auxiliary Enterprises furnish goods/services that may not be equal to the costs of the goods/services
  • 3. You MAY BE a recharge if…
    • Your unit generates more than $5,000 in distributed charges in one fiscal year
    • Your unit brings in more than $100,000/yr. in revenues; or,
    • Sales to external parties equal more than 5% of annual revenues
  • 4. Why recharge?
    • Offers alternative funding method/options for providing services that are not funded centrally
    • Consumers are typically UA/UAF Departments, but are not limited to UA/UAF activities, groups, or projects
      • External agencies
  • 5. Who is responsible for recharge?
    • Shared between ITBO and OIT Manager(s)/sponsoring department
    • ITBO provides all central coordination
      • Submits annual proposals
      • Coordinates billing
    • Manager oversees recharge services
      • Discusses business plan with ITBO
      • Estimates labor/staffing needs
      • Coordinates hardware/software upgrades and planned recharge maintenance events
  • 6. Recharge Do’s
    • Consult with the ITBO for all unplanned events – we can note it so we can put it in the rates for next year
    • Unplanned events may include:
      • Staffing needs (mid year)
      • Hardware/Software upgrades
      • Additional maintenance
    • Spend as needed – even BEFORE you have revenue showing in the accounts
      • Recharge revenues will come in throughout the year based on the billing cycle
      • Any shortfall can be addressed in future years rates
    • Encourage your staff to bill to recharge units on timesheets – contact information to follow
  • 7. Recharge Don’ts
    • Invoice consumers for any services – this should be done centrally via “JV” through the ITBO
    • Purchase capital equipment without contacting an ITBO fiscal officer
      • Capital equipment should be charged to Fund 1 and requires ITBO to generate a “JV”
      • ITBO will help you contact the Purchasing Officer ( [email_address] ) with all necessary information
  • 8. Administrative Overhead
    • Only allowed if built into the recharge
      • Telephone Services vs. Meeting Maker, etc.
    • “ Departmental Administration” must directly benefit multiple users across the recharge
    • Management overhead is classified as an indirect cost – cannot be built into the annual rates
    • Administrative Overhead differs from F&A Overhead
      • Required by the federal government to collect F&A on revenue received from external agencies
        • (OMB Circular A-21)
  • 9. Recharge Preparation
    • Meetings will be scheduled with the appropriate managers to review the FY07 rates and formulate FY08 rates for proposal submission
    • Initial information due to IT Business Office Friday, May 18
    • Proposal submission to UAF Financial Services on Friday, June 1
  • 10. Contacts for current recharges
    • Wendy Rupe x6908
      • Telephone Services (Hill)
      • Software Applications (Wakefield)
    • Gail Wheeler-Hannis x6288
      • Meeting Maker (Wakefield)
      • Servers/Shared Storage (King)
    • Laura Morisky x8384
      • Video Conferencing Services (Rohwer)
  • 11. Timesheet accounting
    • Telephone Services
      • 173003-50256 (Technicians/Projects)
      • 173003-50257 (Manager, fiscal technician)
    • Software Applications
      • 173074-60420
    • Video Conferencing
      • 171002-80168
    • Meeting Maker
      • 173071-60409
    • Servers/Shared Storage
      • 173047-60408
  • 12. Questions?
    • Please do not hesitate to contact the ITBO with any questions you may have
    • When in doubt, ASK
    • You can also find more information on the Financial Services website: