High Definition Video Conferencing End-to-end


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High Definition Video Conferencing End-to-end

  1. 1. High Definition Video Conferencing End-to-end March 2006
  2. 2. What is High Definition (HD)? HD Current Video Resolution Up to ~10CIF Up to 4CIF 16:9 4:3, 16:9 1280 x 720p or 1920 x 1080i Motion Handling Up to 30 frames Up to 30 frames and up to 60 fields/sec Bandwidth required 1Mbps+ 128Kbps+ Video standards H.264 H.264, H.263, H.261 Audio standards All (no defined “HD” audio standard) All HD is a logical step for video conferencing Usually referenced as 720p (1280 pixels x 720 lines) Accomplished using baseline H.264 standard Should include higher resolution data sharing for complete HD experience Enhances the video and data streams of a video conference
  3. 3. Resolution: Visual Comparison QCIF CIF Pro-Motion H.264 ~10 CIF Above is a snapshot of the Great Barrier Reef, sent at 4 different resolutions.
  4. 4. HD Enriches the Visual Experience Higher resolution Better picture quality = less fatigue Maintain attention and focus in a meeting Enhanced clarity with motion Crisper images Ideal for large groups, classrooms, hand motions Colors are sharper and more true to life Critical when color is a key determining factor – Education content providers (underwater marine lab) – Medical diagnosis (x-rays, skin rashes) – Manufacturing (textiles, raw materials) More diverse types of content High resolution photographs (blueprints) and richer content
  5. 5. Ideal Markets for High Definition Distance Learning Government Enterprise Telemedicine
  6. 6. What is needed for a high quality HD video conferencing experience? HD video codec – ideally with matched HD camera HD display – minimum of 720 lines of horizontal resolution HD capability at all sites participating in the conference HD MCU for multipoint calling HD devices (doc camera, projector, DVD, etc) Bandwidth (min 1Mbps for video, 2Mbps if data sharing) Really will want min 1.5Mbps+ for best experience QoS for high bandwidth calls
  7. 7. Polycom High Definition Endpoints Polycom will deliver HD endpoints in 2006 and beyond Complete solution developed by Polycom HD codec, HD camera, microphone, remote control Designed for industry’s best overall HD experience – Highest performance Audio, Video and Content Sharing HD Upgrade for current VSX 8000 users Ensures investment protection All hardware (HD camera…), software and cables for just $5,999 Available in 2nd half of 2006 Polycom is committed to the entire HD experience End-to-end HD solutions including endpoints and MCU HD solutions for vertical markets HD content providers for education coming online in late 2006
  8. 8. Polycom MGC High Definition Multipoint The Polycom MGC multipoint conference units support HD today First to market with HD technology Supported on ALL MGC platforms MGC supports all types of conferencing, including HD – You don’t have to have a dedicated, purpose-built MCU for HD The only truly scalable solution available MGC-100 can support up to 90 HD ports over IP No new or additional hardware required Software upgrade only from Version 7.03 and up Enables existing and new customers to be “HD Ready” for future applications
  9. 9. Polycom is the only manufacturer offering optimized, end-to-end HD solution HD capability already available across MGC line The only real scalable HD video conferencing solution in the industry Protecting the installed base of video endpoints The HD experience will be available for VSX 8000 customers Polycom will ship multiple HD solutions in 2006 and beyond Polycom HD solutions are standard-based for interoperability and optimized for end-to-end performance Polycom is trusted today and will be the world leader for High Definition Video, Bridging and Management
  10. 10. HD Summary Today Polycom delivers the best end-to-end family of video conferencing solutions in the market Most complete, highest performing Polycom will maintain market leadership position with complete end- to-end HD offering Designed to work together for optimal performance HD video conferencing systems – complete with HD camera HD multipoint control units HD services (i.e. content provider list) HD upgrade capability for current VSX 8000 users HD migration path for current MGC users Additional Polycom HD solutions will be available later in 2006 and beyond Bottom Line: Polycom remains the smart choice for HD video conferencing
  11. 11. Thank you!