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Get paid to play video games. Beta test unreleased video games and earn money.Want to become a video game tester? Check this out before you do anything else!

Get paid to play video games. Beta test unreleased video games and earn money.Want to become a video game tester? Check this out before you do anything else!

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  • 1. Video Game Tester | Video Game Tester Jobs Get A Bonus Worth $100! I Bought It And if You Are Serious About Becoming a Game Tester YOU Really Need To Read This Review Before Buying IT Too: Or You Can Jump Right Into It. Become a Game Tester The Truth About This Course This course clears up alot of myths about what a game tester actually does and what to espect. The guide has lots of great practical tips to help you land a job as a game tester, and many pointers to other helpful resources. It was very easy to understand, written in conversational and easy-to-read style. The Author who wrote this guide seems very knowledgeable. It really feels like getting an inside scoop. With over 150 game companies and how to go about trying to contact them, its not like all the other ebooks out there that are filled with rehased information promising big bucks, this guide is short and
  • 2. straight to the point, this is really the definite guide on how to become a succeful Video Game Tester. Not to mention the nice bonuses included make an all around great product. This is what you can Expect From The Course  Discover how to become a pro game tester within 60 day guaranteed – no prior experience needed or education.  Discover how not only find those hidden jobs with the biggest and coolest game companies but how to actually land the job  Get step-by-step advice to writing killer resumes and application letters that make game testing companies literally line up to hire you  Learn the truth no one tells you about getting testing jobs when your only a teenager - I wish I knew this when I was young  Learn how you can test games at company HQs, testing centers in your local city and even in your very own home  Discover 115 gaming companies inside every state of the USA looking to hire fresh new game testing talent  Discover 154 gaming companies from around the globe - Netherlands, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, China and many more- desperately seeking new testers  Learn 7 sneaky ways to gain experience in the industry and get noticed by employers - no matter your age or current occupation  Learn how to prepare for your very first game testing interview - you won't be nervous once you know exactly what they want  Learn Everything you need to know and what to do on your very first assignment to make you look professional and impress your employers  Discover how to impress your employers so much that they'll contact you first every time they release a new video game  Learn to Communicate and socialize in the industry the proper way to slowly make your way up in the business Get a comprehensive list of all the major gaming companies and the contact details for their quality assurance (game testing) department Frequently Asked Questions How much will I get paid to test video games? According to a 2008 Game Developer Magazine survey, game testers earn an average of $39,063 annually. Testers with less than three years experience earn an average of $25,142
  • 3. while testers with over six years experience earn $43,056. Testing leads with over six years experience earn on an average of $70,658 a year. What are the games that I will get to test? On every platform possible, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, NDS, PC, to every genre from FPS, MMORPG, RPG, Action, Action Adventure, RTS, and much more, but its impossible to tell what games you will be testing, simply because most will be games that haven’t been released to the public! Why would someone want to pay me just to play video games? Video Game Testing is one of the most important stages in the development cycle. Developers need people to test their games to make sure that no bugs or problems with the game mechanics, music, and other areas of the game, these companies invest millions on their games and can not afford to release a bug filled game, which can cause it to be a failer costing millions to the company Do I need special education or experience to do this? No special training needed, or experience. Does it matter where I'm located? No there are over 150 companies world wide, a lot of them allow to test and beta test from your own home If you’re interested in getting more information, check this out Video Game Tester Guide Cheers, And Good Luck On Your Journy To Become A Game Tester.