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  1. 1. Optimizing your health by connecting your medical, professional, and family care providers with actionable metrics and incentivesConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012 Jen Pleimann | Founder | @jenply |
  2. 2. Why is it so difficult to coordinate, communicate and optimize care for people with chronic conditions? I am Jen Pleimann, founder of VidaPost. I believe in order to coordinate, we have to have a better understanding of who our providers are. I believe communication is primarily about sharing data, analytics and meaningful information amongst providers (spoken & written language is secondary). I believe we are all a part of long term care and in order to optimize and improve care, we need to consistently monitor our basic wellness needs from the outside in.Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  3. 3. We Are All Care Providers I am a health PROVIDER outside of the Problem: I see my clients 2-3 medical health network. I run health & times/week and am not wellness programs for adults with Down connected to my client’s medical Syndrome & Autism and help a variety of providers; I see first hand how clients manage long-term care needs: information gets lost as my Wellness Coach/ pre-diabetic, hypertension, heart clients struggle to coordinate care Personal Trainer conditions, mobility issues and so on. I between all of their providers. provide services in a variety of settings (home, clinics, gyms, schools). I am my own PROVIDER. I am a Problem: I am connected to fairly healthy patient who juggles some of my medical providers multiple providers, both medical and through my EHR but the Patient non-medical. providers and those who see me the most are not connected Like you, I am a PROVIDER to family Problem: I am usually excluded and friends, offering help and support. from the information stream. Grand-Dautghter, Following the status of their health is Daughter, Sister, Aunt very important to me.Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  4. 4. Outside Providers A list of providers • Personal Trainers/Wellness involved in our Coaches • Occupational Therapist health • Physical Therapists • (Not Connected) Behavioral Therapists • Speech Therapists • Personal Aides Typical Healthcare Family Caregivers • Home Health Aides Providers • Special Ed Teachers • Patient • Case Workers • Physicians/Internist • Family Member – • Specialist = Mom, Dad, etc Neurosurgeons, Outside Support Cardiologist, Etc. • Friends • Hospitals, clinics, • Nanny surgery centers… (Currently connected by EHR’s and various communication (Not Connected) • Neighbors platforms) • Co-WorkersConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  5. 5. Why Collaboration is Incomplete Specialist Specialist Speech Physician #1 #2 PT OT Behavioral Therapist Nutritionist Therapist Trainer Electronic Health Records Teacher Nanny Client Caregiver Caregiver w/ Mom Dad Autism Grandma Aunt Neighbor Also Managing the health of: Adapted Close Recreation Friend Child Child Gma Gpa #2 #3 Aides Case WorkersConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  6. 6. Our Current Problems VidaPost’s Solution Health Provider = Doctor Health Provider = Every 1. (the provider who usually sees 1. Individual involved in your care you AFTER you already have a based on various levels of problem) privacy Communication = written Communication must be 2. language (we have started 2. measurable & meaningful connecting providers but have (Data/Analytics/Visualization) turned the clipboards into online notebooks) Patient Management Systems = Patient Controlled System: 3. often more work in the hands of 3. Patient controls while providers patients/caregivers who need help help manage (HIPAA Compliant) Lack of inclusion of outside Outside providers = help 4. providers = Medical providers 3. manage everyday care allowing manage ALL aspects of care in a for medical providers to focus 15-20 min appt. on essential careConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  7. 7. VidaPost is a system to communicate information via data, analytics, and visualization. It is a platform for providers and support on the outside of the medical system to help monitor health on an everyday basis.Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  8. 8. Status Updates on your Health Consistently measuring and assessing health from the outside inMeasurable & Meaningful Consistently assessing the Data Visualization Conversation basics• Conversations tagged 1. Physical: exercise,by topic mobility, fine & gross• Tracks trending words motor(“sick”, “behavior”, 2. Nutrition: dietary“meds”, etc) needs, water intake, etc• Frequency of 3. Mental Wellbeing:communication & stressinteraction (who do we 4. Sleepsee & interact with the 5. Medications/Supplemmost) ents• Q/A system for “When analytics are intuitive,patient/caregiver check-in •Perceived your data is more valuable.”• Archived conversations •Actual• Easy search functions GroupVisual.IoConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  9. 9. Why Now? • 133 Million Americans with Chronic Medical Conditions • 65 Million Americans manage at least one family member’s care – managing updates from 15+ providers on a daily/weekly basis • 800,000 physicians (practice fusion, 2012) – usually see individuals with chronic conditions the least and cannot manage all health needs in a 15- 20 minute appointment • EHR’s tracking care of medical providers but not providers who see individuals with long term care on an everyday basis • Communication platforms or “online notebooks” do not solve the problems unless they provide measurable and meaningful information that is pertinent to overall care. Government Initiatives: • Blue Button Initiative – Patient owns their data • Open Data – Releasing data that is pertinent to overall care • Accountable Care– Incentivizing care based on quality and outcomesConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  10. 10. Competitive Landscape Historical records EHR Kinergy Health Care Share Jiff Avado Care Share Doctor-centric Team-centric VidaPost Actionable, real-time informationConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  11. 11. The Difference • Connecting all • A systematic Incentivizing ALL providers with approach to involved: Earn varying levels of communicating points for using privacy that are & tracking health system and patient updates via data, redeem points controlled analytics and towards visualization discounted health services or donate points to friends, family or a stranger in need of servicesConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  12. 12. Target Market: “Outside” Professionals Those who provide health related services every week to individuals with chronic conditions. Providers who manage the basic everyday care and who rarely communicate with the doctors who manage an individual’s overall care Providers Number in US Area of Focus Personal Trainers 238, 831 ACSM/Special Needs/Medical Fitness/Wellness Teams Nutritionist 64, 400 Wellness Teams Behavioral Therapist Wellness Teams/ Autism Physical Therapy 239,303 Autism, Elderly & Other Home Aides 1, 468, 601 Autism & Elderly Care Special Needs Teachers 459, 600 Autism Focus Occupational Therapy 108, 800 Intellectual Disabilities 2,595,535 Initial Focus is on Wellness Services for Autism, Down Syndrome & Other Chronic ConditionsConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  13. 13. Target Market: Patient/Caregiver Profile Individuals with Chronic Conditions & Long Term Care as well as their caregivers who manage multiple levels of care Condition # in US # of Providers Amt of Time in Amt of time w/ Example Dr. Appt Outside Outside Providers Provider Down Syndrome 600,000 16 - 20 15 -20 min/visit 20-40 hrs/week Wellness, Speech, OT/PT, Special Ed Autism 1.5 Million 16 - 25 15- 20 min/visit 20-40 hrs./week Behavioral Therapy, Wellness, OT/PT Obesity 150 Million 15+ 15 – 20 min./visit 10-15 hrs/week Wellness Teams Chronic 133 Million 15+ 15-20 min/visit 10-40 hrs/week Wellness teams, Conditions - home aides, overview therapist, OT,PT, Family Members Caregivers 65 Million 30+ Providers Often skip Managing all Need help from appts. updates of all providers and outside support team providers w/ medical providers***On average, providers outside of the medical community provide 20-40 hours of care/week to those with chronic medical conditions while doctors see the patients 15 min/visit, often 1/month
  14. 14. VidaPost is a unique approach to solving a few of the problems within our healthcare system. We are the missing link to many of our competitors platforms. Many of our competitors are ourpotential partners. Our goal is to integrate in with already existing systems to help complete the overall collaboration of care. Examples of Integration: Practice Fusion, Epic, Care at Hand, Avado, Jiff and so onConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  15. 15. We have slowly started improving the doctor/patient relationship & communication within our healthcare system. But the numbers are GROWING – 133 Million Americans with Chronic Conditions & 2.7 Trillion spent annually on Healthcare. We must not only help Patients and Caregivers manage care, we must help the 800,000+ Physicians manage long term care. It is time to redefine who are health providers are and include those on the outside to help those on the inside manage basic everyday wellness, preventing and improving long term care tomorrow.Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  16. 16. Our Team Leadership Team (contractors) Jen Pleimann: CEO Design T Dan Cradler: Lead Architect Trish Phillips: Operations and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  17. 17. Our Advisors Our Investors Glenn Luinenburg: Legal Friends/Family Wilmerhale Scott Pleimann: CFO/Financials Todd Pleimann: CPA Lynn McLeod: Marketing Market ArchitectsConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  18. 18. Measurable & Meaningful Status Health Updates Jen Pleimann | Founder | @jenply | @vidapostConfidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012