Lab Fact Sheet 2011


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Lab Fact Sheet 2011

  1. 1. Laboratories U.S. Research and Testing Labs Use The commercial medical and diagnostic laboratory industry What Buyers are in the U.S. consists of about 8,000 companies with combined Saying About annual revenue of about $40 billion.1 Medical laboratories fared well during the recession due to the necessary nature of their services and the rapidly aging population, which “ I requires a greater need for medical testing. severaltimesaweek forspecificmaterial needs.” Buyers in All Kinds of Laboratories Use Mark Adomeit Manager Medical Accessories and Research Corporation Medical and diagnostic Petrochemical Testing Government Pharmaceutical Environmental “workasanengineer I Agricultural/Food and Beverage Manufacturing intheservicetrade Chemical ...and more organizationselling laboratoryequipment. Ourclienthasa What Laboratories Buy: needforadevice todeterminethe Automation equipment Laboratory benches Safety equipment heatconductivityof Balances Laboratory centrifuges Sample cases refractories...Withthe Beakers Laboratory coats Semiconductors helpofThomasNet. Biochemical sensors Laboratory instruments Specialty gases comwefoundaU.S. Cabinets Laboratory mixers Test tubes manufacturerwhose Chemicals Laboratory ovens Testing instruments quality-priceratiowas Chromatography columns Laboratory reagents Vacuum equipment thebest.” Cutting tools Lasers Valves Anatoliy Krasutzkiy Dryers Liquid filters Vials Service Engineer Salex Furnaces Medical prototypes X-Ray machines Gas valves Microscopes ...and more Gloves Preservatives Goggles Robotics 1
  2. 2. These Laboratories Source the Materials and What Sellers are Services They Need on Saying AboutLaboratories Abbott Laboratories Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Affymetrix Clinical Services Laboratories Los Alamos National Laboratory “ erefertocertain W prospectsas‘bona Air Management Services Laboratory Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Inc. fidecontacts’—those Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Merck Research Labs whosubmitaninquiry, Analytical Laboratory Services, Inc. National Renewal Energy Laboratory requestaquote, completeacontact Argonne National Laboratory New Hampshire Materials Laboratory registrationform,and Brookhaven National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory thelike....thistype Central Research Laboratories Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ofhighlyqualified prospecthassurfaced CERN Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company muchmoreregularly Draper Laboratory Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and,asyou’dexpect, oursaleshavegrown DSO National Laboratories Quest Diagnostics Inc. commensurately.” Exponent Inc. Severn Trent Laboratories James Davis President Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Specialty Laboratories Inc. Industrial Specialties Manufacturing Instrumentation Laboratory Stresau Laboratory, Inc. Intertek Group The Jackson Laboratory “ homasNethas T Johns Hopkins University Applied Touchstone Research Laboratory becomeandwill Physics Laboratory continuetobeour number-onesales andmarketingtoo.I These Are Among the Top 200 Most Searched thinkit’sfairtosay Categories on thatourinvestment withThomasNet Automation Equipment Laboratories: Research Testing haspaidforitself Cabinets Laboratory Equipment Services probablytenfold.” Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Bob Kaiser President Hazardous Waste Disposal Valves Liberty Industries For more information: Contact your local ThomasNet representative or call 800.879.6757 5713.3/11