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Check out this latest feature article in the American Fastener Journal on one of Thomas’ clients. KD Fastener is thrilled with the results they are seeing as a direct result of their new web strategy with Thomas Industrial Network!

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Kd American Fastener Journal

  1. 1. COMPANY KD Fasteners Secures High-Volume Customers from New Industries to Grow Its Bottom Line Online strategy from Thomas Industrial Network positions industrial distributor as a leader in the industry, attracting more profitable accounts KD Fasteners, Inc. is a small, family owned and operated distributor of standard and specialty fasteners of all types, sizes and weights. Their customers are primarily design engineers and purchasing agents across many industries. KD Fasteners’ parts are rarely noticed by end users, yet they are used to secure mission-critical components for countless products. Products range from door hardware that attaches armor to military Humvees and custom screws that attach cameras onto skydiving helmets to simple woodscrews used to secure legs to tabletops and chair seats. The distributor is known for sourcing hard-to-find items, too. For instance, the engineers refurbishing PROFILE Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills, called upon KD Fasteners to supply bolts that would not only withstand extreme weather but also allow for a deep recline of 20,000 luxury seats. Kevin Greschuk founded KD Fasteners and having a difficult time finding what they were 100,000 different products and attract qualifiedMarine Supplies in Addison, Illinois in 1987. At looking for on our site and would just leave.” customers from a broad swath of industries,the time, the business provided rust proof and ultimately leading them to request a quote.exotic, non-ferrous items for marine uses, such SOLUTION: An online sales channel that Working hand in hand with Thomas Indus-as securing railings and tie ropes to boat decks. works like a crackerjack sales team to attract trial Network’s engineers and industry experts,Such products are ideal for applications in any qualified prospects from new industries the team built an online catalog, complete withharsh, wet condition. Recognizing that this Greschuk turned to Thomas Industrial technical descriptions, photos and other specif-application has a natural extension to indus- Network again, this time to develop a better ic product details. The technology that Thomastries like oil drilling, chemical plants, defense website experience that would a) attract quali- Industrial Network deployed for the online cat-and automotive, Greschuk wanted to expand fied prospects on its own, and b) entice them to alog anticipates how design engineers and pur-his customer base beyond marine. stay and do business. chasing agents like to search for component Thomas Industrial Network recommended parts and request quotes. It uses precise prod-CHALLENGE: Expanding into new the distributor deploy a new Internet strategy, uct descriptions that reflect the language thatindustries and attracting high volume orders powered by its proprietary technology, the prospects use in their research, like “inconel In order to reach prospects and customers Navigator Platform. This platform allows KD eyebolts” or “brass bolts.” That sort of specifici-in new industries, Greschuk knew he would Fasteners to display its breadth of more than ty is key because it propels KD Fasteners to thehave to change his sales approach. First, hechanged the company’s name, dropping“marine supplies” in order to broaden the com-pany’s appeal to other industries. Meanwhile,the company’s sales process had relied heavilyon cold calling, which failed to deliver the levelof results they wanted. Moreover, the approachwas expensive. “Our sales team would makecold calls and leave voicemails that often nevergot returned,” Greschuk recalled. “And when wedid get appointments, we would spend a lot oftime demonstrating KD Fasteners’ capabilities.But timing is everything, and unfortunately, ourpresentations were rarely delivered when theprospect was ready to make a purchase.” Greschuk believed the Internet held the keyto unlocking doors to both new customers andmore profitable orders. He made sure to list thecompany at www.ThomasNet.com, the onlinedestination for buyers and sellers of industrialproducts and services. It was immediately suc-cessful in driving new leads and more traffic toKD Fasteners’ website. Yet the company stillstruggled to convert those potentially lucrativeweb visitors into customers. “The issue was getting people to stay on ourwebsite and contact us for a quote. We werelosing them,” Greschuk said. “Prospects wereReprinted from American Fastener Journal March / April 2012
  2. 2. KD Fastenerstop of an engineer’s typical online search. Now,standard search engine traffic complements thesite visits the company already receives from itspresence on ThomasNet.com. Once visitors arrive at KD Fasteners’ web-site, the content, functionality and designencourage them to stay. They can see at aglance that the company can source just aboutany fastener. Yet the site’s organization is suchthat visitors are not overwhelmed by having tosort through such a large product catalog.Instead, prospective customers can easilybrowse among 20 product categories, fromanchors and toggles to rivets and wood screws.Clicking on a category link such as “MachineScrews” lets them browse available sizes, types,materials and finishing services to make theirselection. For those who know exactly whatthey want, they can search by keyword or partnumber. Because so many of KD Fasteners’ cus-tomers are engineers seeking custom parts fortheir projects, visitors can either request moreinformation or create and submit a detailedrequest for quote (RFQ) at any point in theprocess.RESULTS: From defense contractors toagricultural machinery OEMs, an online saleschannel generates surge in new markets andlarge-scale orders The results attributed to the new onlinestrategy surpassed Greschuk’s forecasts,pulling in new prospects from a variety of newindustries that place high-volume orders. Among them are:• a $175,000 project for a defense contractor that required a custom-sized bolt for vehi- cles used in Iraq;• an agricultural machine manufacturer that ordered a large volume of specialized corro- sion-resistant bolts for an intricate grain conveyer system; and• an oil-drilling company that needed a hard- to-find custom insert lock nut. The cus- tomer had already invested two weeks looking for a supplier when he found KD Fasteners online. KD Fasteners was able to source the item in just two hours. “It’s amazing, the things we sell now that wenever sold before,” Greschuk said. “That’s whatwe love about this industry.” The new online strategy has also generateda surge in qualified quote requests, without KDFasteners’ team making a single outboundsales call. “I love that buyers come to us now,”Greschuk said. “The cold calls were incrediblyinefficient and costly. Now, our staff is freed upto help service more inbound requests.” For more information, contact: With each inquiry, the company also growsits database, efficiently capturing information Kevin Greschukto cultivate long-term relationships. Owner “Thomas Industrial Network’s web strategy KD Fasteners, Inc.makes us look like a giant in the industry,” 1440 Jeffrey Dr.Greschuk said. “They’ve created an online pres- Addison Illinois 60101ence that makes us look very professional, Toll free: 800.736.5014credible and comprehensive—and gives cus- Phone: 630.543.1160tomers confidence that we can handle any kdfast@sbcglobal.netorder.” ■Reprinted from American Fastener Journal March / April 2012