HVAC Companies andH VA C                                                    Contractors Depend on                         ...
What the HVAC Industry Buys through ThomasNet.com:H VA C         Aerosol dusters              Furnace flame               ...
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Hvac Fact Sheet 2011


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Hvac Fact Sheet 2011

  1. 1. HVAC Companies andH VA C Contractors Depend on ThomasNet.com North American demand for heating, ventilation and air What HVAC Buyers conditioning (HVAC) equipment is expected to rise 7.6% per are Saying About year through 2014 to $19.7 billion. Gains will result from ThomasNet.com: recovery in building construction expenditures, as well as interest in more energy efficient systems driven by volatile “useThomasNet.com I energy prices. The $68.9 billion global HVAC equipment atleastonceaweek. market is projected to rise more than 6% per year through Ithelpsmefindwhat 2014 to $88 billion. This worldwide demand will benefit from Ineed.” recovery in the key U.S. market.1 Stuart Berman, Team Leader SCM Manufacturing ALSTOM Power, Inc. AnnuAl GlobAl HVAC GrowtH ForeCAst tHrouGH 2014 “loveThomasNet.com I anduseitonadaily basis.Theprofilesare reallyhelpful.Igetto seeupfronteverything acompanycando. ThomasNet.comisalso Source: Freedonia Group usefulforfindinghard- to-finditems.” Rich Bayley These Large HVAC Companies Regularly Senior Buyer Alfa Laval Inc. Search ThomasNet.com for Suppliers – Will They Find You? “ homasnet.comisa T A.O. Smith Water Products Co. Parker-Hannifin Corp. greatsourceforfinding Alfa Laval Inc. RenewAire LLC vendorsforbothnew andcurrentlyused Bradford White Corp. Rheem Manufacturing Co. products.” Duro Dyne Corp. Unico, Inc. Christopher Bradstreet Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. York, A Johnson Controls Company HVAC Sales Engineer Environmental Systems, Inc. Nordyne Inc. 1 Freedonia Group
  2. 2. What the HVAC Industry Buys through ThomasNet.com:H VA C Aerosol dusters Furnace flame Refrigerant leak sensors detectors These HVAC-related Air cleaners categories are among Gauges Refrigeration the top 200 most Air ducts condensers Grilles frequently searched Air vents Roof vents categories on Heat guns Sealants ThomasNet.com Airlocks Heat processing Anemometers equipment Sensors Air conditioner units/parts Blowers Heat pumps Smoke emitters Blowers Cables Heating torches Solenoids Boilers Carbon monoxide Hoses Tank vents detectors Humidifiers Thermal oxidizers Electric heaters Condensate pumps Humidity control Thermistors Exhaust fans Coils equipment Thermometers Dampers Humidity meters Filters Thermostats Electric heating Hydronic fluid Fire extinguishers elements Torches Induction heaters Exhaust fans Tube benders Flow meters Laser accessories Expansion joints Vacuum pumps Foam Manifolds Extension poles Valve hoses Nozzles Heaters/ water heaters Fans Valves Pipe reamers Tube benders Filters Ventilating shutters Probes Flaring tools ...and more Ventilation fans Reflective tape Flow meters For more information: Contact your local ThomasNet representative or call 800.879.6757 5701.10/09.5M