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Talking Book MSET365

  1. 1. Who, What, When, Where, How ? The Story of Three Forgetful, but Clever, Bunnies By Victoria Mancha
  2. 2. Lilah, Piper, and Madeline are very spoiled and very happy house bunnies.
  3. 3. One day, amidst a day of fun, food, and napping, Lilah noticed that her applewood chew sticks were missing. WHO took them??
  4. 4. Lilah hopped around the room looking for WHO could have taken her chew sticks. Out of her two fuzzy friends, she knew WHO loved those chew sticks the most!
  5. 5. It’s Piper! Piper took Lilah’s chew sticks! Now she knows WHO took them!
  6. 6. Piper gives Lilah a sheepish apology, and they share the yummy treat.
  7. 7. WHAT happened to Piper’s cardboard tunnel? He can’t seem to find it anywhere! Silly forgetful bunny!
  8. 8. Then, Piper remembers! They were jumping on the tunnel, and it collapsed! Their human, Victoria, had to throw the tunnel away! Luckily, Victoria is coming home with a new one!
  9. 9. Now Madeline has a problem! WHERE did she leave her fur brush? With all that hair, she sure needs a grooming!
  10. 10. Madeline hops all around the room looking for her brush. So many hiding places, WHERE could it be?
  11. 11. In one of her cardboard hiding boxes, Madeline spots her brush! Now she knows WHERE she left her brush!
  12. 12. A new problem arises. The bunnies' tummies are grumbling! WHEN is Victoria bringing them veggies? WHEN is dinner time? They seem to have forgotten!
  13. 13. It’s evening, and Victoria marches in with a big bowl of parsley and mixed greens! Yum! It’s dinner time, and now the bunnies remember WHEN it’s time to eat!
  14. 14. Madeline, Piper, and Lilah are stuffed! That was a good dinner! Before bedtime, the bunnies come across one more problem! HOW will they tell Victoria they are out of hay? They can’t talk!
  15. 15. Luckily, Madeline has a plan. She hops into the hay box, and stares at Victoria until she gets her attention. Victoria notices the empty hay box! This is HOW Madeline tells Victoria the bunnies need more hay!
  16. 16. After munching on some fresh hay, the bunnies are tired after a long day! Let’s review Lilah, Piper, and Madeline’s day!
  17. 17. WHO took Lilah’s chew sticks? WHAT happened to Piper’s cardboard tunnel? WHEN were veggies served? WHERE did Madeline leave her brush? HOW did the bunnies tell Victoria they were out of hay?
  18. 18. The bunnies’ mysteries are solved! It’s time for a good night’s rest, so they can play and solve new problems tomorrow!
  19. 19. The End!