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A power point presentation which visually conveys the article Top 10 Slide Tips by Garr Reynolds.

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  • This slide show was created in order to visually communicate the ten slide design tips provided by Garr Reynolds in his article Top 10 Slide Tips.
  • The first tip is to keep things simple. This makes your slides more helpful to your presentation and prevents them from distracting your audience.
  • Reynolds also instructs the reader to avoid bullet points and too much text. These things can take away from the presentation and tend to distract your audience so that they do not listen to you but instead spend their time reading the slides instead.
  • You should also limit your use of those animations that move words and pictures in and out of your slides, although these are a nice tool they can also be highly distracting to your audience and may even annoy them.
  • You want to use high definition photos whenever you put a photo on your slides and especially if that photo is going to be the background of the slide. Usings smaller, lower quality images, can result in pixelation which will lower the quality of the image and make your presentation look less professional.
  • Reynolds also suggests that you have a coherent theme that will connect your slides but that you should avoid using the themes in powerpoint. He believes these themes can bore your audience because they have been seen so often by your audience and are often over used.
  • Charts can also be distracting although they can also be very important in conveying a point. Garr Reynolds suggests that you use appropriate charts when needed in order to support your point.
  • Another important piece to successful slide design is understanding how to use color effectively, including the use of contrast so that your text can be read clearly and easily.
  • Another way to help your audience clearly and easily read the text on your slides is to choose fonts wisely. Specifically Reynolds recommends sans serif fonts which can be easier to read.
  • Also suggested is the use of audio and video which can be helpful in conveying your point in a memorable way.
  • Lastly it is important to have an organized presentation it will help you to present better and to successfully convey your point.
  • Top 10 slide tips

    1. 1. Photo credit: Emmanuel Vivier Top 10 Slide TipsArticle by Garr Reynolds Source: By: Victoria Lucido
    2. 2. Simplicity Photo Credit: Xava Du
    3. 3. Photo Credit: Ruud Raats Bullet Points Too Much Text
    4. 4. Photo Credit: Vancouver Film School Limit Animations
    5. 5. Photo Credit: Gary Goldberg Make it Hi Def
    6. 6. Photo Credit: rubyblossom. Have a non- Powerpoint theme
    7. 7. Photo Credit: melanie cook Make your charts appropriate
    8. 8. Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson Use color well
    9. 9. Photo Credit: martin_javier Choose your fonts wisely
    10. 10. Photo Credit: Brandon Giesbrecht Audio & video
    11. 11. Photo Credit: Filipe Vaela Sort & Organize