Build a Team Microblogging Strategy


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Why Team Tweeting? The requirements of keeping your brand’s Twitter content fresh while dealing with customer service and sales leads can quickly become too much for one person with a day job. But how do you effectively share the responsibilities–while maintaining a strong personal voice? How do you establish guidelines to assure that the team communicates appropriately and on a schedule–while adding value to the conversation?

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  • Journalists with profiles on Twitter:
    2010 = 58%
    According to the 2010 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey:
    Survey was conducted by CA Walker for PRWeek and PR Newswire.
    Email notifications were sent to 127,982 media professionals (1300 completed it), and 104,771 PR practitioners (1385 completed it).
  • Journalists with profiles on Twitter:
    2010 = 58%
    2009 = 22%
  • Each person should bring something unique to the team.
    The right people for @PRNewswire:
    @savsimon – Media Relations Manager (broadcast and wire specialist)
    @thomashynes – Blogger Relations Manager
    @victoriaharres – Director, Audience Development
    @cpcube – Media Relations Manager (print and freelance specialist)
    Each person must understand their role / their assignment, and the overall Twitter strategy and mission.
  • Build a Team Microblogging Strategy

    1. 1. #twtrcon @prnewswire How to Build a Team Microblogging Strategy Victoria Harres @prnewswire @victoriaharres
    2. 2. #twtrcon @prnewswire What you need to consider: • The right people • Assignments and roles • Sharing responsibilities • Establishing guidelines • Elements of a team strategy • Content strategy • Balance of promotion • Tools of the trade
    3. 3. #twtrcon @prnewswire Journalists on 58%
    4. 4. #twtrcon @prnewswire Journalists on 58% 2009 = 22%
    5. 5. #twtrcon @prnewswire @PRNewswire@PRNewswire The right people!
    6. 6. #twtrcon @prnewswire Sharing Responsibilities • Who is the twitter account voice/lead • Who monitors for @replies and when • Who responds and when • Who schedules promotional tweets • Who contributes what to the total content
    7. 7. #twtrcon @prnewswire Establishing Guidelines • The content strategy • What should be responded to or not • Who to escalate certain issues to – Customer service – Sales – PR/Marketing • Who can make a call on Tweeting something that doesn’t fit the usual content strategy • How to handle crisis situations and who makes the call on what will go through the Twitter channel (stop any pre-scheduled tweets)
    8. 8. #twtrcon @prnewswire Elements of a Team Strategy • Guidelines for team member involvement • Engagement plan • Team schedule • Content strategy • Assignments • Crisis plan
    9. 9. #twtrcon @prnewswire Content Strategy Your industry News & tips 15% Social media Effects on your industry 15% Personal/human Humanizing conversation <10% Marketing / PR Promotion of organization < 10% Engagement @’s and RT’s 50% Opinion 0% ?
    10. 10. #twtrcon @prnewswire Balance of Promotion < 10% Keep it under 10% of total tweets and schedule them out carefully so your promotional tweets don’t become an annoyance to your followers
    11. 11. #twtrcon @prnewswire Tools
    12. 12. #twtrcon @prnewswire The Key Points Plan and Document • Strategies • Guidelines • Assignments
    13. 13. #twtrcon @prnewswire Victoria Harres Director, Audience Development PR Newswire @prnewswire @victoriaharres