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Animal Cell comparison book
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Animal Cell comparison book


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A Biology project comparing Animal cell parts to real life things to get a better understanding of how the Animal cell parts function

A Biology project comparing Animal cell parts to real life things to get a better understanding of how the Animal cell parts function

Published in: Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Animal Cell Comparisons Book By: Rose Berch
    • 2. Mitochondria-Power Plants Mitochondria supplies Mitochondria is like all source of energy. a power plant. Mitochondria is like a power plant because a power plant produces energy that a country uses, just like Mitochondria that produces energy that the cell uses.
    • 3. Cell Membrane- Security Cell Membrane keeps bad things out of the The Cell Membrane is cell. like the security in a country. The Cell Membrane is like security in a country because security keeps bad things and things that aren’t supposed to be in a country out of the country, just like a Cell Membrane that keeps bad things out of the cell.
    • 4. Cytoplasm-People Cytoplasm has jobs that keep If you look Closely you can see the the cell people. working. Cytoplasm is like the people that live in a country. Cytoplasm is like people that live in a country because all the people have certain jobs that make the country run, just like the Cytoplasm that has jobs to keep the cell’s system working.
    • 5. Nucleus-President Controls the Nucleus is like the whole cell president of a country The Nucleus is like a president of a country because the president helps control a whole country just like the Nucleus that controls the whole cell.
    • 6. Centriole-Factorys Organizes Mitotic spindle and helps The Centriole is complete the cytokinesis. like a factory. The Centriole is like a factory because the factory organizes things, just like Centrioles that also organize things.
    • 7. Endoplasmic Reticulum-Airplane Transports material inside of Endoplasmic Reticulum is like an the cell airport. Endoplasmic Reticulum is like an airplane because an airplane transports people, just like Endoplasmic Reticulum transporting materials inside of a cell.
    • 8. Chromosome-Family Business Chromosomes are just Passes down like a family business. DNA Chromosomes are just like a Family Business because family business’s are passed down through generations, just like Chromosomes that are passed down.
    • 9. Nuclear Membrane-Gates The Nuclear Membrane forms a boundary The Nuclear around the Nucleus, protects it and lets Membrane is like a things into and out of the Nucleus. gate. The Nuclear Membrane is like a gate because a gate forms a boundary, while letting things into and out of a certain area it has closed off, just like the Nuclear Membrane that also forms a boundary and lets things into and out of the Nucleus.
    • 10. Nucleolus-Government The Nucleolus makes The Nucleolus is Ribosomes. like a President of a Country. The Nucleolus is like a President of a Country because a President helps make laws, that are part of a country, and the Nucleolus helps to make Ribosomes, that are part of every cell.
    • 11. Ribosome-Cement Factory Ribosomes make Ribosomes are proteins from like a Cement Amino Acids. Factory. Ribosomes are like a Cement Factory because Cement holds things together, just like how Ribosomes help to hold everything together in a cell.
    • 12. Vacuole-Jail Isolates things that The Vacuole is just are harmful to the like a Jail. cell A jail is jst like a Vacuole because it isolates things harmful to others just like the Vacuole isolates things harmful to a cell.
    • 13. Golgi Body-Mail System A Golgi Body, modifies A Golgi body is like a Post collects and packages. Office. A Golgi Body is like a Post Office because a Post Office collects and packages packages just like how a Golgi Body modifies, collects and packages.
    • 14. Lysosome-Internet The Lysosome The Lysosome is just like breaks up foods so the Internet it can be digested easier The Lysosome is like the Internet because the Internet breaks up information so it can be understood easier just like how the Lysosome breaks up food so it can be digested easier.