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The sixth issue dedicated to Women's Day and Martisor!!!

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The Anglophile

  1. 1. March 2013 Sixth Edition Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, ON WOMEN’S DAY since it consists By Marcela SIRBU principally in Women are much happier through the happiness and love they give and a little less through the happiness and love they receive. Maybe that’s why they need a dealing with men. day when they will only receive love. Nowadays, Women’s Day is celebrated in many different countries all over the world. The United Nations General Assembly, composed of delegates from every Joseph Conrad Member State, celebrates International Womens Day to recognize that peace and social progress require the active participation and equality of women, and to ac- knowledge the contribution of women to international peace and security. For the first time, Women’s day was celebrated in the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. The United Nations began to celebrate it on March 8, HAPPY MARTISOR during Women’s year in 1975. By Alina GAMUREAC The Women’s day has a great importance for women now. In the past, women Spring is the favorite season for many were fighting for their rights, they were supposed only to stay home and educatepeople and it is certainly easy to understand their children. Now, everyone recognized that women are equal to men in every-why. First of all it is the time when the earth thing.comes back to life after a long cold winter. Being women, we don’t have to demonstrate our ability to run for offices or toThen, it is in spring when the first flowers write books and to sign them with our own names. We are free to do every activitybegin to bloom and the green world finally we want. We have the right!wins over the winter frosts. That is why our In our country we celebrate this beautiful day in a very nice manner. Our ladiesancestors thought of celebrating the coming are treated like princesses. Men buy flowers and presents for their beloved. In theof spring in a particular way. And this is how evening they have dinner together, or with friends.we came to wear a “Marţişor” in March. Women’s day is a magnificent celebration. Women are the beauty of this Earth Mărțișor is a red and white string from and it is more than necessary to treat them like princesses all the year, and espe-which a small decoration is tied. Offering this cially on March 8.talisman to people is an old custom. It is Love women, respect them, give them all the best you can and they will mirrorbelieved that the one who wears the red and back all your feelings.white string will be strong and healthy for theyear that comes. Marţişor is also a symbol ofthe coming spring. Usually, both women andmen wear it pinned to their clothes, close tothe heart, until the last day of March. At theend of the month they tie it to the branchesof a fruit-tree and it is believed that the treewill pay off big. In some regions, a gold or silver coinhangs on the string which is worn aroundthe neck. After wearing it for a certain periodof time, they buy red wine and sweet cheesewith the coin, according to a belief that their HOW WE KEPT WOMEN’S DAY AT THE FACULTYfaces will remain beautiful and white as By Nadejda ALBUcheese and rubicund as the red wine for the March 7 was a wonderful day. Our group together with our teacher of Englishentire year. celebrated “Women’s Day” at our Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Nowadays and especially in urban We came early in the morning at the faculty, and got ready to meet our wonderfulareas, Marţişor lost most of its talisman teachers. When they entered the hall we met them with loud applause. We alsoproperties and became more of a symbol of gave them a heart with the words ”We love you” and ’’ You are the best”. It was afriendship, love, appreciation and respect. way to tell them how much we appreciate what they are doing for us.Marţişor is like a link between summer and The atmosphere was very pleasant, the music was playing, the projectorwinter. They say that red is the color of fire, screened wonderful pictures about women. The teachers were very cheerful andblood and the symbol of life associated with beautiful. I would like also to say that the boys from our group haven’t forgottenpassion. While, white is the color of snow, that we are also women and they prepared a surprise for us. In addition, we hadclouds and wisdom. So, Mărțișor heralds the our class in English in a very interesting way where we learned a lot of adjectivesarrival of spring and the revival of nature to that characterize I liked that day very much. It was a day full of joy and happiness. It really HAPPY MARTISOR TO YOU!!! made me feel as if I were at home 1
  2. 2. active busy with or ready to perform a particular activity, e.g. interesting Someone or something that is interesting keepsphysically/mentally active . your attention because they are unusual, exciting, or have a lotalluring attractive or exciting, e.g. I didnt find the prospect of a of ideas, e.g. Shes quite an interesting woman. / Shes gothouse with no electricity very alluring. / She was wearing a some very interesting things to say on the subject. / It is alwaysmost alluring dress at Sams dinner party. interesting to hear other peoples point of view.bright clever and quick to learn, e.g. She is enthusiastic and kind generous, helpful and thinking about other peoples feel-full of bright ideas (= clever ideas) and suggestions. ings, e.g. Shes a very kind and thoughtful person.caring describes someone who is kind and gives emotional magnificent very good, beautiful or deserving to be admired,support to others, e.g. Ive always thought of Jo as a very car- e.g. a magnificent view / a magnificent piece of person. optimistic hopeful; believing that good things will happen incharming pleasant and attractive, e.g. We had dinner with our the future, e.g. She is optimistic about her chances of winningdirector and his charming wife. a gold medal.confident having confidence. sensational APPROVING very good, exciting or unusual, e.g. acreative producing or using original and unusual ideas, e.g. a sensational sports car/dress / She looks sensational (= ex-creative person / artist /designer / programmer / creative tal- tremely attractive) in her new dress.ents/powers/abilities / creative thinking. smart STYLISH UK OR US OLD-FASHIONED having a clean, tidycultured describes someone who has had a good education and stylish appearance, e.g. Guy looks very smart in his newand knows a lot about art, music, literature, etc suit, doesnt he? / I need a smart jacket for my interview. / Shediligent careful and using a lot of effort, e.g. a diligent student. works in a very smart new office overlooking the River Cam.extrovert an energetic, happy person who enjoys being with smart CLEVER intelligent, or able to think quickly or cleverly inother people. difficult situations, e.g. Gemmas teacher says shes one of thefair OLD USE (of a woman) beautiful, e.g. a fair maiden. smartest kids in the class. / Hes smart enough to know hefaithful LOYAL 1. Loyal, e.g. a faithful friend / They are faith- cant run the business without her./ Quitting that job was theful supporters of the Labour Party. /His faithful old dog accom- smartest move I ever made.panied him everywhere he went. 2. If your husband, wife or soft describes things, especially parts of the body, which arepartner is faithful, they do not have a sexual relationship with not hard or rough and feel pleasant and smooth when touched,anyone else, e.g. Was your wife faithful during your marriage? / e.g. soft lips/cheeks/skin/hair.He was faithful to his wife throughout their 30-year marriage. 3. soothing making you feel calm, e.g. I put on some nice sooth-faithful to sth continuing to support or follow something, e.g. ing music. / Her words had a soothing effect.He remained faithful to the presidents regime when so many sophisticated having a good understanding of the way peopleothers spoke out against it. / Despite persecution, she re- behave and/or a good knowledge of culture and fashion, e.g.mained faithful to her beliefs. faithful 4. true or not changing She was slim, svelte and sophisticated.any of the details, facts, style, etc. of the original, e.g. She gave strong powerful; having or using great force or control, e.g.a faithful account of what had happened on that night. / I have She must be very strong to carry such a weight on her back.tried to keep my translation as faithful as possible to the origi- sunny describes someone who is usually happy and relaxednal book. and does not usually get worried or angry, e.g. She has a veryfascinating extremely interesting . sunny disposition.forgiving willing to forgive, e.g. Shes very forgiving. sweet kind and pleasant, e.g. I think Alex is really sweet. / Itgenerous willing to give money, help, kindness, etc., espe- was sweet of you to help me.cially more than is usual or expected, e.g. a very generous tender gentle, loving or sympathetic, e.g. a tender look/smile /man. / [ + to infinitive ] It was most generous of you to lend me What you need is some tender loving care .the money. / Shes been very generous with her time. tolerant willing to accept behaviour and beliefs which are dif-honest telling the truth or able to be trusted and not likely to ferent from your own, although you might not agree with orsteal, cheat or lie, e.g. Shes completely honest. approve of them.imaginative good at producing ideas or things that are un- understanding describes someone who has the ability tousual, clever or showing skill in inventing, e.g. an imaginative know how someone else is feeling or what their situation is,designer. and can forgive them if they do something wrong, e.g. He hadintellectual relating to your ability to think and understand expected her to be horrified, but she was actually very under-things, especially complicated ideas standing.intelligent showing intelligence, or able to learn and under- unique being the only existing one of its type or, more gener-stand things easily, e.g. a highly intelligent young woman / an ally, unusual or special in some way.intelligent remark / Helen had a few intelligent things to say on witty using words in a clever and funny way, e.g. a witty com-the subject. ment/remark / She was witty and very charming.2 Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 3rd Edition
  3. 3. Let Love Carry You It was a calm summer evening. The sun was setting over the horizon leaving a fiery trail on the surface of the sea. The gulls were lazilyswayed in the waves that were trying to drown the faintsounds of the tide. I was roving around the wild beach enjoying the sunset.The waves gently covered my feet trying to drag me intothe sea. Then, all of a sudden, among shells, small stones For You…and the warm sand, I saw the marks. They were slightly You are a star from the blue sky,blurred by the salty sea water. I thought that they belonged You are a dove in the flight!to the ancient sea goddess, who had suddenly decided to Wish you all the bestfollow me. Driven by the thirst for adventure I kept going. All this morning, and the next,After a while, behind some palm trees, I saw her: a young And every single daybeautiful creature strolling on the beach, enjoying the last To be happy all the day.sunrays. A gentle breeze was caressing her tanned body. Admire and loveHer fair hair was waving in the wind. Charming luminous The earth and the sky aboveface; fresh lips waiting to be kissed, and blue as the sea Taking and giving,eyes. She took my breath away. She reminded me of Aphro- all the best for your living!dite. She was young and hot as that day in July. Her pareo Dance in the rainflowed on her hip like a tide, driving me crazy. I took her by Forget all the pain,the hand and we went into the sunset on the fiery trail. Be better today, The moon rose in the summer night sky awakening all than you were yesterday.the dormant feelings. The surface of the sea was serene and All the worst - leave ittranquil. A gentle breeze caressed the branches of the All the best - keep itpalms, whispering the melody of love. The warm soft sand There’s nothing impossible,seemed a featherbed to us. I saw candor and openness in Keep saying “It’s possible”!her eyes. A pleasant shiver ran from head to toe. A heavyblood stream hit me right in the heart. We rushed to mad- Marcela SIRBUness, hearing the voice of passion. Two flaming heartsmerged into the silence of the night. Hours passed like min-utes, leaving behind beautiful moments. A night in July is truly full oftemptation. It was like in a dream.It was the adventure of my wholelife. I took her in my arms and wewalked along the surf line leavingmarks full of happiness. Artiom LUPOI A Martisor For You…- Hello my dear friend. Today is the first day of spring; I would like to give you a little present.-Thanks. It’s so kind of you. But what is this? I’ve never seen a thing like this in London.- Oh. I’m not surprised. This is Martisor. When spring comes, all Moldovan people wear these red-whitebrooches on their chests.- But why and what does this Martisor symbolize?- There is a legend that one brave man saved The Sun, which was imprisoned by a crafty serpent. Peopleforgot about spring and were unhappy. The courageous young man fought with the serpent and died, re-leasing the Sun. It started to shine and people became happy, they began to enjoy life. Only the braveyoung man didn’t see the beauty of the Sun. His blood spread on the snow and melted. Little beautifulflowers appeared in that place. Their color was white and they symbolized the coming of spring.- I see. And beginning with that day people wear Martisor when spring comes?- Yes. They wear a Matrisor on their chests; it is made of red and white threads. The red color symbolizeslove and the brave young man’s blood. White symbolizes purity of the first spring flower.- It’s very interesting. But I have one more question. How long do you wear Martisor?- Moldovans wear Martisor one month, and when April comes, they hang it on the tree.- It must look very beautifully.- Yes, you’re right. It’s wonderful.- I guess I’ll tell this story my pupils tomorrow. I’ll show them this beautiful creation! 3 Anna HARITONOVA, Ecaterina POPOVA
  4. 4. DISCOVERING AMERICA! By Ana CAISIN When I first arrived on the territory of the USA I was frightened. Fright-ened because I was facing a whole new world, being so far from theplace I was feeling comfortable and safe. The very first thought that came to my mind while I was stepping out ofthe airport was the realization that I was just a single person, whom youcan hardly notice out of million people who live in this country. My flight took fourteen hours altogether, while flying I was daydream-ing about how it is going to be there, in that worldwide known country. Iwas worried that the English skills were not good enough for the Ameri-cans to understand me. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able even to understand them. I think the funniest thing was to understandthe Turkish airport workers, who were talking to me in English with a very strong Turkish accent. But in a few days after my arrival, I was not worried anymore; I realized that my vocabulary was enough to express myself. Atthat moment I was grateful to my teachers and to the sleepless nights learning English. The days were passing, I was looking around trying to realize what was going on around me. I was looking at the streets andpeople, and I was having a vaguely familiar feeling that I’ve seen all of this before, without ever being in this country. Of coursethese were the imagines coming from all the American movies I have ever seen in my life. While living here I continued watchingtheir movies, and not once I caught myself at the idea that the life the main characters were living in the movies, was pretty muchthe same I was leaving in reality. I was recognizing the stores they are going to, the brands of food and clothes they were using.Otherwise speaking - I was experiencing their culture and their way to live. While the days where passing by, I was getting to know the Americans, their culture and the general way to be. Their culture differs so much from ours. The cultures are so different, that it’s even difficult to com- pare them; it would be the same like to compare white and black col- ors. The very first thing I noticed about them is that they don’t really care about the well known notion so popular in Moldova “gura lumei”. They live their lives the way they want to live, they don’t really care that somebody is going to judge them. And this is one thing I certainly like about them. The Americans appear to me as truly free. It is reflected in many ways, their way to talk, to think, to act, and in general in their way to be. It’s so much different from most of people from our country who live their lives strictly between some frames. I’ll never forget what Mr. Tomas Mallet said about our people last year: “If I were to describe your peo-ple in a sentence it would be - I am afraid”. Now I can understand why he said that. My different cultural background creates a lot of funny cases and stories. One day I was having dinner with some friends that Imade here. When all of us had their meals served, I wished everybody to enjoy their meals. Seeing the lost look on their faces, Irealized that they don’t say this before meals. It was really interesting for me why they don’t do it, how it’s not part of t heir culture. Iasked a couple of Americans, and all of them came to the conclusion that they are just too busy and always in a hurry, to pay atten-tion to this small detail. Another story happened to me when a man gave me a bouquet of flowers. The flowers were carnations (they always remind meof funerals). Well, I didn’t say anything not to offend the person, but whenI looked closer at the flowers I realized that there were six of them. As aresult I burst out laughing. Than I had to explain that we give a pair num-ber of flowers only at the funerals. Here though, they are used to givedozens of flowers. Getting to know a new country is always interesting. And one of themost interesting things for me was seeing the crush of my own stereo-types regarding people leaving here. I think the main idea is to be alwaysopen to new things in life. It gives you the possibility to enlarge your hori-zons.Dear potential contributors to The Anglophile, As you can see, the topics of every issue range from news files to creativity files. You are more than welcome to con-tribute with YOUR INVALUABLE PIECES displaying your writing skills. I’m aware that the process of writing is extremely trying and painful. But do you give up so easily? Aren’t you chal-lenged enough to say “I can do it? Please keep in mind that you are intelligent young people who have great aspirations. Just ask yourself whether youare developing all the sides of your bright mind. C.V. Everyone is invited to contribute with their articles! Let our academic world hear your voice! Just send your contributions to one of the following emails:4 or