Story from four pictures Vickram

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Story from four pictures Vickram

Story from four pictures Vickram

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  • 1. One day, as usual I was watching television and eating my food when suddenly, ‘RING! RING!’The phone started ringing. I looked at the phone. On the screen it said ‘MOTHER’. I picked up the phone,‘Hello Vickram. I need you to do a favor for me.’ “Yes” I replied. “I am at Fajar shopping centre. After Ifinished my shopping, I realized I left the car key in the car. Can you please take the LRT to Fajar andbring the spare key”. Then she hung up.
  • 2. I never took the LRT before in my life. Since I was the only person at home, I knew that I had togo. So I took the key and started walking to the LRT.On my way I had to cross the road three times. Ilooked to my right, then to the left, then to the right, before I crossed each time.
  • 3. I remember that my parents told me that I had to tap my IC card on a scanner in order to go intothe LRT. I scanned my IC card and went into the LRT station. While I was walking around I did not knowwhich LRT to take to Fajar so I asked an adult. He kindly led me to the LRT which would bring me toFajar. When I walked into the LRT there was no space to sit so I was just standing. Then I realized therewas a seat so I rushed to that seat.
  • 4. After the journey I saw my mother waiting for me outside the station. I gave her the keyand she drove us back home.