Stop drowning in data 032013


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Stop drowning in data 032013

  1. 1. Stop Drowning in Data:
The Metrics That Matter 
 By: Vickie Gibbs, GM Albright Digital 
 March 20, 2013 1
  2. 2. Take Aways …1.  What’s Important: The Right Part of the Story2.  Measurement: How to Identify and Measure The Right Metrics3.  Experimentation: How and Why It Drives Success 2
  3. 3. TV Still Biggest Category with OnlineClose Behind … Print Falling Fast 3
  4. 4. Spending in Line with Time SpentExcept for Print and Mobile 4
  5. 5. Smartphone Sales Outpacing PCs 5
  6. 6. Mobile is Still Early… But Growing! 6
  7. 7. Smartphones Assisting in 
Purchase Decisions 7
  8. 8. Americans Now Spend More Timeon Social Networks Than Portals 8
  9. 9. Google, Not Social, DrivingOnline Commerce 9
  10. 10. Online Dealer Reviews VeryInfluential… 10
  11. 11. … Even More So Than Referralsand Location 11
  12. 12. The Right Part of the Story… }  Where are users and what is driving sales? ◦  TV, Online ◦  NOT Print }  Where are users and what is driving sales online? ◦  Google (driver) ◦  Online Reviews, Social, Portals (influencers) }  What role does mobile play? ◦  Influencing sales ◦  Increasingly important tool for users during the purchase process and information post-sale 12
  13. 13. You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure 13
  14. 14. Various Advertising WorksTogether to Achieve Sales General   Build   Make  Dealership   Branding   Considera0on  Set   Decision  
  15. 15. Classify your Marketing Programs AutoTrader/     Your  Website  /   SEO   Edmunds   TV   Adv  on  sites   like   Local   Branding Online   SEM   Direct Twi,er   Radio   Response Online  Review   Craig’s  List/     Facebook   eBay  
  16. 16. Different Metrics…Branding Direct Response}  Goal: Share of voice }  Goal: Direct sales}  Measure: You vs Your }  Measure: Program -> Competition Action -> Sales}  Long term impact }  Short term impact}  Influencer of decision }  Purchase driver}  Focus on people in }  Focus on people in your your target target demographic in demographic purchase process
  17. 17. Metrics by Marketing ProgramProgram MetricsTV/ Radio •  Share of voice •  Opportunity to deliver your message/ point of differentiation to your target market •  How much ad time do you have compared to your competition? •  Amount of showroom traffic driven by promotion incentives or programs in adAuto Portals (e.g., •  Compare your presence to that of your competitionAutotrader, •  What is your location in search results compared, Edmunds) your competition? •  Examine the amount of traffic to your dealer page and VDPs (compared to competition if possible)Social (Facebook, •  Share of voice compared to competitionTwitter) •  # of followers/ # of fans •  Engagement of users: reach, comments, shares •  Great opportunity to get your message of 17 differentiation across to users
  18. 18. Metrics by Marketing ProgramProgram MetricsSEO •  Content drives ranking for organic search results •  Long term impact when make changes for SEO •  First select the terms you want to rank highly on – this should be done in context with your competition and your points of differentiation as well as what is most important to your users (choose terms that have high search traffic) •  Work with firm to create content and design site to support good SEO for those target terms •  Baseline + measure rank of those terms every 60-90 daysSEM •  ROI •  CTR -> Leads -> Sales •  Examine by site (search engine) •  Examine by keyword •  Target your brand, but also other strategic keywords •  Understand which sites and keywords are driving 18 leads, not just traffic
  19. 19. Metrics by Marketing ProgramProgram MetricsOnline Reviews •  # of Reviews(Google+ Local, Yelp, •  Score/, Edmunds, •  Recency of reviewsetc.) •  Focus on those that are most important to your consumers (examine traffic to the sites)Your Website •  ROI •  Traffic -> Leads -> Sales •  Users at your site should convert at a higher rate – do everything to capture leads at your site3rd Party Lead •  ROIProviders •  Leads -> Sales •  Look at conversion by provider and cost to determine most effective channels •  Work with vendors to improve if possibleListing Services (e.g., •  ROIeBay, Craigs List) •  # of Listings -> Leads -> Sales •  Improve listing to increase # of Leads 19
  20. 20. Try New Things … Optimize or Experiment Discontinue Evaluate Measure
  21. 21. Improving Google+ Score}  Problem: No rank on Google+ Local, no customer testimonials for website or Facebook}  Solution: ◦  Implemented review management solution to provide notifications of new reviews, tracking of scores on 3rd party sites, a tool to encourage customers to review, and training}  Results: ◦  In 3 months, obtained over 45 internal reviews for website and Facebook ◦  In 3 months, obtained 28 reviews across both dealership on Google+ Local, and a rank of 28 out of 30 and 30 out of 30
  22. 22. Choose Best Website IncentiveLead Capture Solution}  Problem: Pop-up coupon vs behaviorally targeted slider}  Solution: ◦  Turned off pop-up coupon ◦  Implemented website slider to present targeted calls-to- actions to customers based on browsing behavior}  Results: ◦  Website slider produced twice as many sales as the pop-up coupon ◦  Continued to optimize slider by testing colors & calls to action
  23. 23. Improving Conversion onWebsite}  Problem: Capture more leads from the website}  Solution: ◦  Implemented website slider to present targeted calls-to- actions to customers based on browsing behavior ◦  Tested different calls to action and colors – analyzed results to determine which ones to implement on a permanent basis}  Results: ◦  Increase in website leads due to slider = 34% ◦  Increase in website sales due to slider = +20%
  24. 24. Conclusions}  Pay attention to the right part of the story}  Measure the right metrics for each program, and optimize over time}  Determine strategic areas of focus and experiment with new programs and tactics}  Vickie Gibbs,, @AlbrightDigital, @VGCBC