How to Choose a Training Course


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Vicki Wusche is one half of the team behind The Sourcers Apprentice, more commonly known as the Property Mermaid, in this slide show she shares some of her valuable knowledge and experience regarding the key steps that you need to consider before engaging in expensive training courses.

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How to Choose a Training Course

  1. 1. How to Choose a Training Course Investing in your business with purpose8 top tips to save you money, time and increase your results
  2. 2. Investing in your business with purposeFirst I must start by declaring I am a former university lecturerand learning addict. I love learning, anything will do history, NLP,learning styles and of course about property, photography andscuba diving.The consequences mean that I can be a bit of a seminar junkie –get me in a room tell me about what I might learn and I will bethere ….. It has cost me tens of thousands of pounds.As all addicts eventually do, I recognised my problem and now Iam in recovery  and this is what I have learnt – I hope it helpsyou make better choices about your personal and professionaldevelopment.
  3. 3. 8 Top tips for getting the most from courses Identify your over all business goal Know what specifically is missing (the skills gap) Do research on who might have the skills you feel you are missing How current are their skills What will you learn (learning objectives) What way will you learn and is that your preferred style How much will it cost How will you earn back your investment
  4. 4. Identify your overall business goalBefore you can decide what course, or which trainer youwant to join you need to identify your personal objectivesfor the trainingLook at your business What do you want to achieve, increased income is often a primary or underlying goal  Do you need more sales or more customers Do you need to learn a specific technical or business skill  Social media, sales, leadership
  5. 5. Know what specifically is missingIdentify the specific skills gaps under the broader heading ofsales, strategy, marketing or leadership What specifically do you want to learn Why do you want to learn this – what outcome do you expect – what will change in the business Who needs to learn this – you or a team member Do you actually need to learn this skill or could you “buy” in the knowledge
  6. 6. Do research on who might have the skills you feel you are missingHaving identified the broad area where you needdevelopment and then moved on to identify the specificskills now who can help Start by identifying people that claim to be experts in the area you want to learn How do you know they are expert – research them online it is so easy to search on Google
  7. 7. How current are their skillsIn your research look at the following How current are their skills Do they belong to a professional organisation Is geography important, where they learnt or apply their skills What do people say about them  Good things  What criticisms are there Are they still applying their knowledge in the current environment
  8. 8. What will you learn (learning objectives) What are your specific learning objectivesList them specifically Doing - I want to learn how to  By the end of the course I will be able to Knowing – I want to understand  By the end of the course I will know  By the end of the course I will understand
  9. 9. What way will you learn and is that your preferred styleEveryone has a preferred learning style  Reading  Listening  Watching  DoingHow is the course, knowledge or skills going to be taught  Books, ebooks, reports, Kindle downloads or technical knowledge  Audio books, or lectures  Videos  Practical courses, mentorships even coaching
  10. 10. How much will it costA critical stage in the buying decision is to consciouslyunderstand the cost  Is the purchase value for money  How does it compare to other comparable purchases  Can you afford the purchase  How will you benefit from purchase and what impact will that havePersonally I have learnt that I can justify businessdevelopment expenses as reasonable as long as I am clearon my objectives and know how I can earn back the cost ofmy investment
  11. 11. How will you earn back your investmentSo how will you earn back your investment Does the course give a money back guarantee and is that important to you? What are you going to do with your new knowledge or skill? How will the course increase your business income? How long will it take you to earn the investment back?
  12. 12. Comparing the model to one of our courses  Identify your over all business  To increase personal and business goal income  Know what specifically is  Business Strategy and clear plan missing (the skills gap)  We currently have an active  Do research on who might sourcing business have the skills you feel you miss  We are currently sourcing 4 live  How current are their skills deals  The six critical stages in business  What will you learn (learning development objectives)  There is webinar, slides, audio  What way will you learn and is books and forms and templates that your preferred style  £999 for six 90 minute webinars  How much will it cost plus all materials and recordings  How will you earn back your  Source one deal for £2,000
  13. 13. The Sourcers Apprentice At The Sourcers Apprentice we offer clients the opportunity to develop property investment as a business to increase their personal income, business  “Thank you very much to Loran and Vicki acumen and be able to have the right work life balance for the great training. It was a great mixture of mind-setting, goal setting, for them. positive mental attitude and property investment. Very successful! You have a great synergy and instil a confidence As professional teachers we understand about learning within the audience. You are both very styles and learning construction. Our education much down-to-earth and very programme is offered in a wide variety of mediums from approachable.” RH online to face to face. It is visual, auditory or written –  “There were some really good financial you choose. tips in the webinar, whether investing in property, developing a business or simply wanting to understand the clever way in There are free materials and resources for those who which you can leverage your money. LD are curious and when you are ready to develop your  “This training provided me with the clear property business to the next level we are here to focused steps to develop my property support your journey. business, these wonderful ladies have given 110% to all the participants, and I would completely recommend it if you are serious about creating wealth To find out how we can personally help you please through property.” SM call or send us an email to arrange a free, in confidence
  14. 14. Vicki Wusche and Loran Northey Vicki starting buying her own investment Loran is a successful entrepreneur with property portfolio in 2008 and by 2010 her own training and development she had enough rental income that she company, including a Harley Street does not have to work anymore – she can practice, since 2005. choose how she wants to spend her time. Loran has been investing in property since Vicki enjoys helping people discover how 2010 and is now financially secure and property can help them and through spends her time teaching The Sourcers personal strategy sessions and coaching Apprentice clients to become financially Vicki helps people think differently about more aware and more secure, something money and their property business. we all want in these turbulent times. And that is why Vicki wrote three books Like Vicki, Loran is a qualified teacher and entitled Using Other People’s Money; how trainer, and is a prolific developer of online to invest in property, Make More Money materials including her own books about From Property; from investor thinking to a having a better relationship with money so business mindset and Property for The you are able to grow your overall wealth. Next Generation; preparing your family for a wealthy future.
  15. 15. Financial Disclaimer The Sourcers Apprentice, Vicki Wusche and Loran Northey are NOT a Financial Advisors, and do not give financial advice. Their role is to use their experience, knowledge and contacts to help you examine property as an investment opportunity, and be able to make informed decisions about your property business. You remain responsible for any decisions you make. You must carry out your own due diligence. All decisions you make are yours and yours alone. The Sourcers Apprentice; Vicki and Loran, accept no responsibility for any decisions you take, purchases you make or conclusions you reach. They are happy to refer you to any one of their team of professionals and financial experts - please
  16. 16. For More Information please contact:E: P: 07795 492001 Vicki P: 07709 564426 Loran