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Hate networking or love it - it is a vital business skills. There has been a fundamental shift in networking since the advent of social media and Facebook. People want to like you to do buisness with you and that means we all, ALL need to build relationships with potential contacts BEFORE we start selling. This slide takes you through the 7 top tips to make networking easier .

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  • In spring 2006 I was happily working as a university lecturer and working for the government implementing education strategy – June and I was redundant. I spent the next 6 months “trying” to be a consultant but as I did not invoice anyone I was really unemployed and realised that I was not good at selling myself – I could sell anyone else anything else – but asking you to pay for me and my time …….In early 2007 after a random email I found myself studying NLP, coaching, education studying mindset with Chris Howard, Johnnie Cass and Joanna Martin (similar to Tony Robbins only more effective in my opinion). I changed the way I looked at the world – I realised that everything was my responsibility, my choice, my decisions. The life I had was as a result of what I had done or not done and so the life I wanted would come as a result of what I did or did not do. That’s why I say that “what you do today will change what you can do forever”.I could do the hard luck story, single parent bullied child, divorced, bankrupt etc but that is not how I see myself – I acknowledge they were lessons and challenges I faced - that they have shaped who I am but they do not define who I will or could become.Over the last four years I have applied my skills as a student and research, a partnership builder and networker with my business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset to recognise what (in my opinion) works well. Here are my 7 top tips for networking and how to make it easier.
  • 7 top tips for networking

    1. 1. 7 top tips to make networking EASIERWhy you can go networking every month but still be nofurther forward in your business
    2. 2. Vicki WuscheProperty investor, business woman, author and speaker What are you focused on when you go networking? Who can I sell to? How can I avoid being sold to? Why am I here? Who do I know that I can talk to? www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    3. 3. What goes through your mind when I mention networking? Do you know why you are in business? Do you know why anyone would care? What’s your pitch? Where are your business cards? what’s your purpose for coming to this meeting? Are you looking to make sales appointments or connect with people? www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    4. 4. You need a plan – a plan to succeed! It’s all in the mind  Be positive about the experience  Plan to meet interesting people  Be clear about the difference between meeting and making connections and being pushy and sales focused If you need to sell  Think is this the right environment – the right meeting  What does the buyer need to know before they can decide Plan to connect and follow up  Build relationships – business is tough for everyone – how can you help www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    5. 5. 7 Top tips – Making it Know your pitch Don’t sign Be just one up without thing a plan Be committed Be interested Set a – not purpose interesting Carry your cards www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    6. 6. Know your PitchKnow your pitch Why should I listen  What do you stand for - what do you believe  What do you offer  Where is your credibility What now? www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    7. 7. Be just one thingBe just one thing Who are you at this event  Know why – and who you want to attract What do you stand for What do you have to offer (not selling) www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    8. 8. Set a purposeSet a purpose Why have you come Who do you want to meet  Why? What do you want to learn  Why? www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    9. 9. Carry your cardsCarry your cards What do they say about you  What can the reader do What do you want the reader to do!  What does your website say? www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    10. 10. Be interestedBe interested – not interesting Ask questions (don’t interrogate)  Lead the conversation  Show interest  Listen! Wait to be asked (don’t sell) Take their card and follow up www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    11. 11. Have a planIf the speaker sells : Don’t sign up without a plan Ask questions (What are the outcomes)  What will you learn  Do you need to know this – why?  Does someone else do it better How will this cost be recouped (earned back) Have you budgeted for this? Watch the How to Choose a Training course Slides www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    12. 12. Be CommittedBe committed To at least one event (as a regular)  Go every month  Contribute questions  Share the news; Testimonials,Tweets and Facebook Participator – not spectator Get out there – visit other groups www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    13. 13. Top tipReally? www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    14. 14. Or is something holding you back? www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    15. 15. Become a Property Sourcer in 21 days or Build a Better Business in 21 Days These unique six part webinars will give you all the knowledge you need to become more efficient and effective in your business in just 21 days, whether that is property related or not. High impact – not for the faint hearted or curious – you will be pushed to success. The webinars include our resource toolkit for free and 30 minutes in the hot seat.You will become part of a growing community of successful business owners – interested? Investment £999 including resource pack, ebooks, audio and a copy of the new intensive course – email Vicki for dates and to see if this is right for you. Vicki@Wusche-Associates.co.uk www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
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    17. 17. Vicki Wusche and Loran Northey Vicki starting buying her own investment Loran is a successful entrepreneur with property portfolio in 2008 and by 2010 her own training and development she had enough rental income that she company, including a Harley Street does not have to work anymore – she can practice, since 2005. choose how she wants to spend her time. Loran has been investing in property since Vicki enjoys helping people discover how 2010 and is now financially secure and property can help them and through spends her time teaching The Sourcers personal strategy sessions and coaching Apprentice clients to become financially Vicki helps people think differently about more aware and more secure, something money and their property business. we all want in these turbulent times. And that is why Vicki wrote three books Like Vicki, Loran is a qualified teacher and entitled Using Other People’s Money; how trainer, and is a prolific developer of online to invest in property, Make More Money materials including her own books about From Property; from investor thinking to a having a better relationship with money so business mindset and Property for The you are able to grow your overall wealth. Next Generation; preparing your family for a wealthy future. www.twitter.com/VickiWusche www.twitter.com/LoranNortheyAsk@TheSourcersApprentice.com www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    18. 18. Financial Disclaimer The Sourcers Apprentice,Vicki Wusche and Loran Northey are NOT a Financial Advisors, and do not give financial advice. Their role is to use their experience, knowledge and contacts to help you examine property as an investment opportunity, and be able to make informed decisions about your property business. You remain responsible for any decisions you make. You must carry out your own due diligence. All decisions you make are yours and yours alone. The Sourcers Apprentice;Vicki and Loran, accept no responsibility for any decisions you take, purchases you make or conclusions you reach. They are happy to refer you to any one of their team of professionals and financial experts - please ask.Ask@TheSourcersApprentice.com www.TheSourcersApprentice.com
    19. 19. For More Information please contact:E: Ask@TheSourcersApprentice.com P: 07795 492001 Vicki P: 07709 564426 Loran