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Roadmap workflowv1.1 Roadmap workflowv1.1 Presentation Transcript

  • Workflow for NOW tool/feature rollout – NOW Roadmap ( This is an A3 diagram) The diagram below gives current workflow for the rollout of a tool/features in NOW, it illustrates who leads each step and the activities involved. Roles & Responsibilities Senior Learning Developer: Oversees the Roadmap Process& provides feedback to the VLE steering group on the progress of the Roadmap eLearning Developer: Rollout lead Requirements gathering group: Chaired and facilitated by Rollout Lead provides advice on usecases, configuration, training and support Scheduling the tool release: CADQ & CPLD in liaison with LLR, CADQ & LTSU. CADQ identifies a Rollout Lead for the tool/feature, CPLD, LLR, IS,LTSU nominates a lead to be part of the Requirements Gathering Group Peer Review Group: Peer reviews the requirements, current members are middle- managers representing CPLD, CADQ, LLR & IS & student & staff rep from the VLE steerging group VLE steering group: signs off on the Roadmap, receives updates from the Senior eLearning Developer on progress of the rollout Key RGG = Requirements Gathering Group; RGT = Requirements Gathering Template; RL = Rollout Lead; PRG = Peer Review Group 1. IS Lead •Release on dev •Access to RL & RGG 2. Rollout Lead •Send D2L docs. to RGG •Reviews tool & begins to idenity issues & usecase •Schedules RGG meeting 1:30- 2hrs depending on tool complexity 3. RGG led by RL •Tool walkthrough •Identify issues & use cases •Complete Milestones for release e.g. Test & Prod •Start to complete RGT •Decide support model 4. Rollout Lead •Completes RGT & sends to RGG for feedback • Send to PRG group •Updates issues register 5. IS Lead •Follow-up on technical issues •Send set-up details to RL •Once issues are resolved release on Test •Healtcheck on Test 6. CPLD Lead •Development training & support documentation 7. IS •Release on Prod 8. Rollout Lead •Publicise release: TELTC; ENews; Enhancement Newsletter •If necessary host Webinar or create screencast walkthrough •Sign-off RGT Do 4 & 5 in parallel Predicted time between 1-2 months duration; 3-5 days staff time depending on the complexity of the tool