The Girls of YouTube


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a project i did for school on the girls on youtube
please note that not all big name youtubers are on here. that would just be obviously insane . i just included the girls i watch (:

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The Girls of YouTube

  1. 1. Successful Girls<br />By Vici Schindler<br />
  2. 2. Esmee Denters<br />Esmee is one of YouTube’s biggest success stories. At the age of 17 she started posting videos of herself singing popular songs. Esmee shot to stardom. In nine months she racked up 21 million views.<br />Six months after Esmee started showing up all over YouTube Justin Timberlake knew there was something about her and wanted to sign her. Not just for her voice but her personality , her passion and her song writing talent. Now Esmee has her own debut album Outta Here and a single with Justin Timberlake called Love Dealer.<br />Channel Views:<br />18,021,942<br />Total Upload Views:<br />132,536,391<br />Subscribers:<br />263,823<br />#18 - Most Subscribed (All Time) – Musicians#96 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) – Netherlands#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians - Netherlands#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners – Netherlands#33 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Musicians#2 - Most Viewed (All Time) – Netherlands#2 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Musicians - Netherlands#2 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Partners - Netherlands<br />
  3. 3. Meghan Camarena akaSTRAWBURRY17<br />Meghan makes funny skits, music videos and even has a separate channel called Lifeburry where she does Vlogs 365 days a year. Megan has did music video parodies to Owl City and He is We. She also makes videos like Cupcake Kingdom, Moustache and the Box. Meghan usually does videos with her brother David. Meghan has her own Merchandise website that she sells her Strawburry shirts and her famous Headbands.<br />Channel Views:<br />1,240,560<br />Total Upload Views:<br />10,521,937<br />Subscribers:<br />81,509<br />
  4. 4. Christine Gambitoaka HappySlip<br />566,22 Subscribers<br />70,141,092 Total video views<br />14,320,873 Channel Views<br />Christine is a YouTube personality that makes comedy videos usually about her own life experiences. She was one of the first people ever to become a partner on YouTube. Christine does all her videos on her own. Christine plays most of the characters in her videos.<br />#31 - Most Subscribed (All Time)#7 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors#29 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners#57 - Most Viewed (Today) - Directors#55 - Most Viewed (Today) - Partners<br />
  5. 5. Natalie Tranaka<br />CommunityChannel<br />Natalie is a YouTube Personality who does her videos somewhat like HappySlip but with a twist; She’s got a mouth. Natalie holds various #1’s in the country of Australia, and is the 5th most subscribed director on YouTube. Her videos are really funny and she posts then very regularly.<br />#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) – Australia#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors - Australia#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners – Australia#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Australia#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors – Australia#1 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners - Australia#20 - Most Subscribed (All Time)#5 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Directors#19 - Most Subscribed (All Time) – Partners#1 - Most Viewed (Today) - Australia#1 - Most Viewed (Today) - Directors - Australia#1 - Most Viewed (Today) - Partners - Australia#34 - Most Viewed (Today)#11 - Most Viewed (Today) - Directors#15 - Most Viewed (Today) - Partners#1 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Australia#1 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Directors - Australia#1 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Partners - Australia#55 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Directors#90 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Partners#1 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Australia#1 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Directors - Australia#1 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Partners - Australia#40 - Most Viewed (All Time)#17 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Directors#36 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Partners<br />Channel Views:<br />33,316,073<br />Total Upload Views:<br />256,742,079<br />Subscribers:<br />689,340<br />
  6. 6. Blair Fowler aka JUICYSTAR07<br />Blair Fowler is a beauty guru on YouTube. Her and her sister Elle are the most known gurus on YouTube. Blair is 17 years old. She has 372,355 subscribers, and 62,391,244 Total video views.<br />Blair has her own online store called Glitzy <br />#55 - Most Subscribed (All Time)#5 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Gurus#51 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners#14 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Gurus#96 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Partners#25 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Gurus<br />
  7. 7. Jodie-Amy Riveraaka VenetianPrincess<br />Channel Views:16,082,260<br />Total Upload Views:220,448,698,<br />Subscribers:833,713<br />Jodie does music parodies on YouTube. She is the most subscribed female on YouTube. In 2008 Samsung announced that her music video for “ Somewhere Else” would be pre installed into the Behold cell phone. Jodie has release a disk named “ Video Girl” that has various parody videos she’s made.<br />She has played celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Adam Lambert and a lot more. <br />#15 - Most Subscribed (All Time)#2 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Musicians#14 - Most Subscribed (All Time) - Partners#52 - Most Viewed (All Time)#12 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Musicians#46 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Partners<br />
  8. 8. “I love my subscribers because not only do they continue to amaze me by supporting me, but also by their generosity and love” - thatssociciyo<br />“Being a beauty guru on Youtube has changed my life in so many ways. I don't regret making the decision of becoming one because it has built my character and made me a stronger person” – beautyxxgoddess<br />"YouTube has allowed me to connect with people who share my interests. Through YouTube, I can express a creativity and passion of mine to the world!“ - Amarixe<br />
  9. 9. My Personal Favourites On Youtube<br />The people I generally watch on YouTube are the ladies ( and guys ) of the Beauty Community.<br />I adore the fact that these people are willing to sit in front of their cameras and do tutorials, hauls, reviews and Vlogs about hair, makeup, and their own lives.<br />I would like to give each and everyone of them a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart for what they do <br />
  10. 10. Missglamorazzi<br />Smokeypinkleopard<br />Meganheartsmakeup<br />Sarahbelle93x<br />Glassslipperbeauty<br />