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Seo Training-course-navi-mumbai-seo-course-provider-navi-mumbai

  1. 1. Vibrant Technologies & Computers seo COURSE Make Career With Us!! B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  2. 2. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Key internet marketing strategies Search engine optimisation (SEO) - no cost per click Search engine marketing (SEM) - cost per click It gives companies the ability to: Drive high quality customers to their website Increase sales leads from customers looking for their products and services
  3. 3. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 What is SEO? SEO is the act of modifying a website to increase its ranking in organic (vs paid), crawler-based listings of search engines How do organic search listings work? A spider or crawler which is a component of a SE gathers listings by automatically "crawling" the web The spider follows links to web pages, makes copies of the pages and stores them in the SE’s index Based on this data, the SE then indexes the pages and ranks the websites Major SEs that index pages using spiders: Google, Altavista, Msn, Aol, lycos
  4. 4. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 2. Linking strategies - the more inbound links the higher the SE ranking - if the site linking to you is already indexed, spiders will also receive your site - quality of inbound links is critical - how to increase links: a) good content b) good outbound links c) target a list of sites from which you can request inbound links - links for the sake of links can damage your search rankings “Link relevancy is critical in getting your site indexed by search engines” “A small number of inbound links from high- quality, relevant sites is more valuable than many links from low-traffic, irrelevant sites.”
  5. 5. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 is a tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web. Search engines use keywords entered by users to find Web sites which contain the information sought.
  6. 6. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 • SEO is a process of trying to get higher ranking from the Search Engine. • Focused exclusively on attracting the natural or organic listing.
  7. 7. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 The process of structuring a web page so that it is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner possible. The process of modifying a website to increase its ranking in organic / crawler-based listings of search engines. This process improved webpage so their rank higher in search engines for our target keyword. Successful search helps this site gain top positioning in the search engines results pages of search engines such as Google,Yahoo and MSN for relevant words and phrases.
  8. 8. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173  > 90% online user uses search engine to find products and info (  Your website will constantly feature on page one of the search results for terms that best describe your business.  Natural search receives 250% more traffic than paid search.  1st page of SE result get atleast 80% clicks.  If your website is not found within top 30 result (page 1, 2 and 3) no one will find it.
  9. 9. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 URL Submission • Google - • Yahoo! - • Bing - •
  10. 10. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Generate Content • Content is the king • This is to generate more traffic from the search engine, because if there’re more content than there will be more keywords. More keywords indexed in the search engine, surely more traffic to the website.
  11. 11. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Use Search Engine Friendly URL Good URL • ahli.html Bad URL • =com_content&task=blogsection&id=12&Item id=72
  12. 12. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Use Search Engine Friendly URL • Joomla • In Global Configuration, set this SEO settings
  13. 13. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 8. Avoid black hat techniques • SEO techniques come in 2 forms: • • White hat techniques play by the rules of the search engines, and aim to create high-quality, relevant content. • Black hat techniques attempt to "game" the search engines by using techniques such as keyword stuffing (overusing keywords in a page), hidden text, and cloaking (presenting different versions of a page to real visitors and search engines). • Black hat SEO techniques can sometimes produce a short-term hike in traffic; however such sites invariably get weeded out — or, worse, banned altogether — by the search engines. Black hat SEO simply isn't worth the risk if you want to build a long-term stream of traffic from search engines.
  14. 14. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Where to Get More Information Vibrant Group: Vibrant Technologies & Computers in Vibrant HR Team