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Java training-course-navi-mumbai-java-course-provider-navi-mumbai


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Best Java training course provider Navi Mumbai,Java training course details,Java training coaching center Navi Mumbai,Java training course syllabus navi mumbai,Java training courses Navi Mumbai,Java …

Best Java training course provider Navi Mumbai,Java training course details,Java training coaching center Navi Mumbai,Java training course syllabus navi mumbai,Java training courses Navi Mumbai,Java training course training center Navi Mumbai,Java training courses

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Vibrant Technologies & Computers java COURSE Make Career With Us!! B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173
  • 2. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Why Java? • It’s the current “hot” language • It’s almost entirely object-oriented • It has a vast library of predefined objects and operations • It’s more platform independent – this makes it great for Web programming • It’s more secure • It isn’t C++
  • 3. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Applets, Servlets and Applications • An applet is designed to be embedded in a Web page, and run by a browser • Applets run in a sandbox with numerous restrictions; for example, they can’t read files and then use the network • A servlet is designed to be run by a web server • An application is a conventional program
  • 4. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Java Virtual Machine • The .class files generated by the compiler are not executable binaries – so Java combines compilation and interpretation • Instead, they contain “byte-codes” to be executed by the Java Virtual Machine – other languages have done this, e.g. UCSD Pascal • This approach provides platform independence, and greater security
  • 5. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 HelloWorld (standalone) public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello World!"); } } • Note that String is built in • println is a member function for the System.out class
  • 6. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Java program layout • A typical Java file looks like: import java.awt.*; import java.util.*; public class SomethingOrOther { // object definitions go here . . . } This must be in a file named !
  • 7. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 So, what is a class? • A class consists of – a collection of fields, or variables, very much like the named fields of a struct – all the operations (called methods) that can be performed on those fields – can be instantiated • A class describes objects and operations defined on those objects
  • 8. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Traditionally, source code had to be compiled for the target hardware and OS platform: The Java Virtual Machine. Source.cpp i386 binary SPARC binary PPC binary Windows Compiler Solaris Compiler Mac Compiler
  • 9. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Name conventions • Java is case-sensitive; maxval, maxVal, and MaxVal are three different names • Class names begin with a capital letter • All other names begin with a lowercase letter • Subsequent words are capitalized: theBigOne • Underscores are not used in names • These are very strong conventions!
  • 10. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Java source files (.java) are compiled to Java bytecode (.class) Bytecode is interpreted on the target platform within a Java Virtual Machine The Java Virtual Machine. i386 VM SPARC VM PPC VM Java Compiler Java Bytecode Source.class
  • 11. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Packages • Like “namespace” in C++ • How to use: –C++: using namespace xxx –Java: import xxx, or import xxx.xx
  • 12. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 A Simple Java Applet: Drawing a String – appletviewer only understands <applet> tags • Ignores everything else • Minimal browser – Executing the applet • appletviewer WelcomeApplet.html • Perform in directory containing .class file 1 <html> 2 <applet code="WelcomeApplet.class" width=300 height=30> 3 </applet> 4 </html>
  • 13. B2/6/2 Vashi ,Navi Mumbai, Contact:09892900103/9892900173 Where to Get More Information Vibrant Group: Vibrant Technologies & Computers in Vibrant HR Team