CHALLENGETHE                      TAKEOVER TUESDAYS                          social media              Becoming an entrepr...
founders’ corner                                A NOTE FROM Nick Sarnicola                                                ...
Show the world yourChallenge spirit!Pick up hot NEW items atthe Vi Store today.TIPS                                       ...
Vi-buzz        OC TOBER 2012                           THE WORLD’S LARGEST MAGAZINE DEBUT PARTY                           ...
MAKEOVER TAKEOVER                                                 CHALLENGE WINNERS                                       ...
innovation                      BRANDING R EBOOT       N ewer i s better !       ViSalus ™ l aunches a brand - ne w       ...
CHALLENGE BUZZ                                                                social mediaThe Body by Vi™ CommunityThe Bod...
Vi-buzz        SUMMER 2012Lights, Camera,SHOWDOWN!Success  OCTOBER  2012
Fame and fortune                                                                      Set a 90-Day Challenge goal and crea...
5-star corner                                                         Sarah & barry midthunEntrepreneurial Minds          ...
Heather & Alan Guzzino                                                                                                 5-s...
congratulations                               top production                             Q3 JULY 2012                     ...
Q3 JULY 2012                  TOP PRODUC TION      congratulations               Ambassador                    Regional Di...
congratulations          new promotions                               JULY 2012Two-Star Ambassador                 Preside...
JULY 2012                          new promotions                              congratulationsNational DirectorRobyn Balli...
MEET                    IN                                       C HST. LOUISNational success trainingst. louis | November...
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Success from Home | ViSalus Magazine Insert - October 2012


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Success from Home | ViSalus Magazine Insert - October 2012

  1. 1. CHALLENGETHE TAKEOVER TUESDAYS social media Becoming an entrepreneur is an incredible privilege. It takes inspiration. It’s about learning from others. It’s about listening to yourself. How are you aligning your dreams with the Body by Vi™ Challenge? This month’s issue explores belief and change. You’re invited to believe. To be passionate. To take action. To face your fears. To step into your own power. And to know, it’s all your choice. Success  October  2012
  2. 2. founders’ corner A NOTE FROM Nick Sarnicola Nick’s Reasons to Get to NST ViSalus™ CO-FOUNDER & Global Ambassador, NICK SARNICOLAViSalus™ Community, In the following pages, you’ll read about the recent innovations We’re approaching the end of the 3rd quarter. It’s a great time to askViSalus has unveiled—including the new and improved Promoter yourself if you’re doing everything in your power to make your dreamsand Customer Experience. With a step-by-step Welcome Guide and happen. Are you settling for someone else’s story because it might seemredesigned Promoter systems, it has never been easier to promote simpler, or are you pursuing your own story with the belief that youThe Challenge or help somebody start one. will make it happen? National Success Training is in St. Louis, Missouri, this November. Think about it. Do you believe?Please make every effort to attend and take part in the NST’s amazingculture of Challenge transformations and energy. It’s such an awesome If so, read on.vibe, really best explained by experiencing it. -Nick • Hear the ViSalus story and company vision directly from the Founders • Learn how to promote The Challenge from top Ambassadors and hear from the Scientific Advisory Board Follow nick at: • See the new Champions of the Challenge SHOWdown announced LIVE onstage @nicksarnicola • Be the first to find out about the latest innovations and /Sarnicola product launches • Join us for the Saturday night costume party and dance the night away!Success  October  2012
  3. 3. Show the world yourChallenge spirit!Pick up hot NEW items atthe Vi Store today.TIPS Shop Wear your Vi-Gear in public to spread the word Use the latest tools to accelerate your results Arm yourself with the perfect conversation starter: SUCCESS From Home magazine Black Flex Women’s Black Green Infant Fit Cap Sports Bra Onesies $20.00 $32.00 $10.00 Success  October  2012
  4. 4. Vi-buzz OC TOBER 2012 THE WORLD’S LARGEST MAGAZINE DEBUT PARTY This summer, the Body by Vi™ Community hosted the World’s Largest Magazine Debut Party to celebrate the latest issue of Success From Home magazine! Over 300 Challenge parties were thrown simultaneously, as more than 75,000 happy people partied across the U.S. and Canada. Here’s what some Promoters had to say about the event… “Around 750 in Charlotte, NC. Only 300 were expected. Had to expand the room.” —April Thomas Jennings “650 ViSalus people in Laval, Quebec, Canada!!! We rock in Quebec...!!!!” —Francois Rousseau “Love it! What a great opportunity for us all to improve ourselves and the lives of others! I believe!!!” —Jerry HicksSuccess  October  2012
  5. 5. MAKEOVER TAKEOVER CHALLENGE WINNERS New Body by Vi™ Champions were announced at Vitality: Male Champion, Eric Rose; Female Champion, Laykyn Owczarzak; Couple Champions, Shane & Suzanne Barger; Family Champions, the Follmer family; Team Champions, In it to Win it; and Random Drawing Champion, LaKeisha Byrd. All were flown out west for a special Santa Monica Summer in August. Shane & Suzanne Barger, 2012 Couple Champions COMMUNITY CHALLENGE The White Party at Vitality was not only a celebration of Life, Health and Prosperity—but also an occasion to rally together and give back to local communities. Proceeds from the party went toward the Body by Vi™ Community Challenge, which ultimately provided 14,400 nutritional shake meals for children through the Feeding South Florida charity. REGIONAL SUCCESS TOURUPCOMING REGIONAL EVENTS The ViSalus Regional Success Tour is coming to a city near you!09/14-15 Charlotte, NC

 These local events are a great place to learn more about the products09/21-22 Minneapolis, MN

 behind the Body by Vi Challenge. Go to and find out how you can get healthier, plus earn income and rewards for sharing09/21-22 San Jose, CA

 The Challenge with others.09/28-29 Houston, TX

10/05-06 Orlando, FL

10/05-06 Tulsa, OK09/14-15 Ottawa, ON, CANADA
09/28-29 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA French Only Success  October  2012
  6. 6. innovation BRANDING R EBOOT N ewer i s better ! ViSalus ™ l aunches a brand - ne w Customer & Promoter experience “One thing that separates our company from other direct selling companies is that we actually focus and care about the newest person,” says Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. This customer-centric mentality is what served as the primary motivation behind ViSalus’ decision to revamp the branding for the entire company. The goal was to Blake Mallen gets up close and personal with the incredible new make joining the Body by Vi™ Challenge a simple and fun soft-touch material of The Welcome Guide. experience for new Customers and Promoters alike. “Starting The Challenge has never been easier,” Mallen says. “The Welcome Guide walks new Customers through Starting online, ViSalus has renovated its website to make three steps, encouraging them to go public with their it more user-friendly. Re-named, the site features a Challenge goal, stay focused by wearing their bracelet and get bold and streamlined layout with separate Customer and their product for free with our 3 for Free program.” Promoter sections, making it easier to navigate. Personal Promoter websites have been overhauled to reflect the ViSalus utilizes this same simple strategy to help people new design, and Vi-Net® has been updated with added promote The Challenge with the launch of three new functionality and features. Promoter Systems: Basic, Executive and Star. “The simplified websites have been so effective,” Mallen says. “Internal tests show that the new design converts 10 The Basic Promoter System is ideal for people who want times more Customers than ViSalus’ previous websites.” to get started promoting The Challenge right away with little investment. The newly redesigned black and chrome packaging At the crux of the new Customer experience is the features a Promoter Welcome Guide, Welcome DVD, Getting sleek and simple Welcome Box that new Customers will Started Training, Taster & Starter Packs and more. now receive with their first Challenge Kit. Featuring an informative Welcome Guide and a Challenge Bracelet, this To help new Promoters reach Rising Star and Bimmer starter package gives new Customers all the information they Club rewards, the Executive Promoter System is the best bet. need to kickoff their 90-Day Challenge. In addition to all the Basic features, the Executive Promoter System contains promoting materials along with a wide array of ViSalus’ most popular products. Geared toward new Promoters looking to advance the ranks fast, the Star Promoter System encompasses all the components of the Executive Promoter System plus the most premium promoting materials available—giving them everything they need to effectively run their business. “No matter how big ViSalus gets, we’ll never lose sight of the new person,” says Mallen. “For everyone who joins The Challenge—whether as a new Customer or new Promoter— our goal is that they will be successful at it.” Promoter Welcome Kit.Success  October  2012
  7. 7. CHALLENGE BUZZ social mediaThe Body by Vi™ CommunityThe Body by Vi™ Community is very vocal in the social mediasphereabout their Challenge SHOWdown success. Twitter ViSalus hit 200,000 #Vitality trended on Twitter! Facebook fans in Derrick McFly Mosley Summer 2012 @McFlySince86 Ladies and Gentlmen #IToldUSo See who’s trending on Twitter? @ ViSalus #M2B #Vitality #BOOMFacebookAshlee Landis Lorelei Walker @Lorelei1969I just wanted to thank you for creatingThe Challenge! I have been given a @ViSalus 22 pounds and 10chance to get my life back. I still have inches down with energy toawhile to go, but I want to be the next burn! You have truly been aBody BY Vi Champion Godsend!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!“The picture on the left is at my heaviestweight of 260 lbs and a size 26. The Hulk Hogan @Hulk Hoganpicture on the right is my newest so farat 210 lbs and size 18/20. I was miserable @ViSalus Fit Kit it takes controland tried several things to lose the then takes you on a fun healthyweight, but they were either short fixes adventure, FIT K IT = H U LKor just didn’t work at all. I have a long HOGANjourney still ahead of me but I am proud Jenny McCarthyof how far I have come.” @JennyMcCarthyPat Ryan Hey pretty bitches, I’ve been doingViSalus Takeover Tuesday is here! I am this 90 day challenge and it rocks.proud to say that I bought a pair of 44" Thought I would share. Not anwaist shorts...used to be a 58" (which was AD!! WORDreally tight)! One year with the Body byVi Challenge has worked for me!!! be a part of the conversation: /visalus /visalus /visalusBody by Vi Challenge™ goals can be (or include) weight-loss, building lean muscle or improving energy and endurance. Every participant should consider his or her personal circumstances and create goals that are both reasonable and achievable. ViSalus™ discouragesrapid and extreme weight-loss, which can actually be unhealthy, and emphasizes that safe and sustainable weight-loss is never achieved without exercise and sensible eating. Persons with preexisting medical conditions should consult a health care professionalbefore embarking on any fitness, health or weight-loss program. Success  October  2012
  8. 8. Vi-buzz SUMMER 2012Lights, Camera,SHOWDOWN!Success  OCTOBER  2012
  9. 9. Fame and fortune Set a 90-Day Challenge goal and create your Challenge Channelcould be yours in Document your transformation on videothree, simple steps: Share your video and collect votes to win The latest Challenge theme has Ben Silverman seeing green—ViSalus™ green, that is. Yes, THE Ben Silverman, the formerchairman of NBC and one of Hollywood’s leading television andmedia producers, is partnering with ViSalus and the Body by Vi™Challenge to create the very first online Challenge show about the #1weight-loss and fitness platform in North America. Are YOU up forthe Challenge SHOWdown? That’s right, as ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing OfficerBlake Mallen announced at Vitality, we’re going mainstream! Vitality for instant video uploading, sharing and voting. The response has beenattendees were the first to hear about the newest 90-Day Challenge that tremendous. Challengers have been busy capturing their transforma-has the potential to generate the biggest social media buzz, create the tions on video, telling their incredible stories and making it personal.greatest consumer awareness and garner the most media attention in There are thousands of Challenge Channels and videos circulatingVi history. “ The key to Challenge SHOWdown is documenting your Challengetransformation on video. Who’s synonymous with creating and docu- The best story is always yourmenting transformations? None other than the co-creator of NBC’ssmash hit The Biggest Loser, Ben Silverman. And he’ll be scouting out his story. Letting people see yournext stars during Challenge SHOWdown! Ten lucky winners of Challenge SHOWdown will have their stories unique journey and transformationco-produced by ViSalus and Ben Silverman, then be considered tostar in the first series of an online Challenge show. They will also join is really compelling.”Challenge Champions on the Hollywood Transformation Vacation andwalk the red carpet at their very own Hollywood premiere, plus they’llbe featured on newsstands all over North America in the January 2013 with emotional highs, lows and utterly inspiring moments. And votersissue of The Challenge magazine. are showing them the love. Based on the huge number of shares and Beginning October 22nd, the top 100 Channels will advance to the votes, Challengers are seeing the far-reaching, powerful effects that a“SHOWdown Throwdown,” a one-week competition from which 10 personal transformation story can have on will emerge. The top 10 Challenge Channels will be deter- The Vi Community knows that no two Challenge experiences aremined by Community vote (50%) and a ViSalus judging panel (50%), exactly the same. As Blake Mallen points out, there’s an importantbased on overall transformation, story and video quality. distinction between promoting The Challenge and promoting your The tech wizards at ViSalus’ Creative Studio in Los Angeles have Challenge. He offers his insight, “The best story is always your story.made it easy for Challengers to create their Challenge Channels and get Letting people see your unique journey and transformation is reallysocial—they developed a viral Facebook app integrated with YouTube compelling.” It just might make you a star, too! Success  October  2012
  10. 10. 5-star corner Sarah & barry midthunEntrepreneurial Minds Sarah and Barry Midthun always have had entrepreneurial minds. They strategized, tried different marketing opportunities and delved into more traditional self-employment options, before discoveringSarah & Barry Midthun never gave up on the Body by Vi™ Challenge. “For seven, eight, nine years, we sat in the hot tub every night, wondering what we could do to get ahead,”becoming successful entrepreneurs. says Barry. “We’ve done a lot of things. All of our experiences—upsby WENDY RUDMAN and downs—have led us to the perfect opportunity, with the perfect product. We just had to find the right vehicle.” At the time, Barry was a full-time police officer and Sarah a stay-at-home mom with three children under the age of 5. “It’s been our dream to get Barry home, so we could do something together,” Sarah says. “We imagined it but now it’s here and it’s reality.” “ We pay a lot for ward. The more you give, the more you get back.” —Sarah Retiring Early ViSalus™ not only energized their finances, it helped them each lose 15 pounds in their first 90-Day Challenge. “It really surprised us,” Sarah says of their success both financially and in losing weight. “Twenty-seven days in, we earned our BMW. In 60 days, we matched my husband’s annual income as a police officer.” After less than a year, Barry, who was only 45 at the time, walked into the police station where he’d worked for 15 years and announced he was retiring. Now, they bring in more in one month with ViSalus than he earned in a year. “We decided this was something we were passionate about,” Sarah says. “We loved what it all stood for.” “It’s life-changing,” Barry adds. “We imagined it but now it’s here and it’s reality.”­—Sarah Giving Back The couple and their three young children spent much of the summer and Fall 2011 driving across the country to support their team members, living out of the RV they bought with their Challenge Promoter bonus checks. “We decided to help our team launch in different states and get them going,” Barry says. And as they reached out to their team, their own business grew, taking them up the ranks until they hit 5-Star Ambassador status in March. We reinvestAT A GLANCE quite a bit into our team,” Sarah says. “We pay a lot forward. TheStatus: Five-Star Ambassadors more you give, the more you get back.” Their days and weeks focusState: Minnesota around promoting The Challenge, but their income has brought themKey to Success: Post positive on Facebook. Post comforts which make their busy lives easier, including a nanny whoyour negative on your refrigerator. travels with them. “Even though we are stay-at-home parents, we’re not,” Sarah says. “There are sacrifices we have to make.”ViSalus™ Independent Promoters achieve incomes and lifestyles across a wide spectrum. Examples featured in marketing materials are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Some examples are those of personswithin the top 1% of all Promoters. As with any lifestyle opportunity, financial success with ViSalus depends largely on individual skills, motivation and effort.Success  October  2012
  11. 11. Heather & Alan Guzzino 5-star corner Beyond Rewarding Heather & Alan Guzzino enjoy family time all the time. by K.C. BARLOW AT A GLANCE Status: Five-Star Ambassador Home: Florida Keys to Success: Remain teachable. There will always be more to learn and room to improve. Develop a sincere love for people and work hard to help others succeed. Since becoming a Body by Vi™ Challenge Promoter in May 2011, Heather and Alan say a major key to their team’s success has beenthe Monday doldrums are a thing of the past for Alan and Heather their personal success with a 90-Day Challenge. “By week eight, weGuzzino. “Each day of our week is whatever we make it,” Heather says. had lost 32 pounds together, and many people who had said ‘no’“We still work hard, but we get to decide when we work, where we in the beginning were all of a sudden wanting to know more aboutwork, and who we work with. We feel so very blessed!” the Body by Vi The Challenge and how it could work for them,” Heather adds. “TheChallenge, with its high-end products and culture of healthy living, has bottom line? If you want your business to increase, get more serioustransformed their lives, giving them an opportunity to chart their own about your own personal challenge.” Heather and Alan look better,course. One year after embarking on their first 90-Day Challenge, the feel better and have far more energy to keep up with their children—Florida couple has reached the 5-Star Ambassador rank and “Vi-tired” 12-year-old Jake, 10-year-old Katie and 4-year-old Lily. They alsoAlan from his job in the health insurance industry. “The last two like promoting healthy weight-management and good nutrition.months have been amazing,” Heather says. “Our three young children “The Challenge appeals to the masses because everyone can see themselves improving something about their body, health or “ The Challenge appeals to nutrition,” Heather says. As they grow their team, Alan and Heather have several goals in the masses because everyone place including helping all of their Ambassadors reach 3-Star status. can see themselves improving “The way to do this is by reaching to the bottom of each organization something about their body, and creating as many new Directors and BMW Qualifiers as possible,” Heather says. “Helping change someone else’s life is beyond health or nutrition.” rewarding.” But the greatest reward is having so much free time toare out of school for the summer, so the five of us have been traveling, devote to their children. “It is very rare to have this level of income andmaking memories and enjoying our time together that we have never the time to enjoy your family,” Heather says. “We are taking some veryhad before. Can you put a price tag on that? I don’t think you can.” memorable vacations and are having the time of our lives showing our children the world!”ViSalus™ Independent Promoters achieve incomes and lifestyles across a wide spectrum. Examples featured in marketing materials are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Some examples are those of personswithin the top 1% of all Promoters. As with any lifestyle opportunity, financial success with ViSalus depends largely on individual skills, motivation and effort. Success  October  2012
  12. 12. congratulations top production Q3 JULY 2012 Global Ambassador Four-Star Ambassador Customer Acquisition Customer Acquisition 1. Nick & Ashley Sarnicola 1. Tito & Irene Aleman 2. Jason O’Toole & Jennifer Creamer 2. Dale & Linda Croy 3. Harvey & Natalie Gaudun-Stables Business Builder Business Builder 1. Tito & Irene Aleman 2. Dale & Linda Croy 1. Jason O’Toole & Jennifer Creamer 3. Harvey & Natalie Gaudun-Stables 2. Nick & Ashley Sarnicola Three-Star Ambassador Customer Acquisition 1. Danny & Miranda Linares Crown Ambassador 2. Jon & Jennifer Faulkner Customer Acquisition 3. Joy & Mike Gehart 1. Kyle Pacetti 2. Mike & Lavon Craig Business Builder 1. Danny & Miranda Linares Business Builder 2. Jon & Jennifer Faulkner 3. Joy & Mike Gehart 1. Kyle Pacetti 2. Mike & Lavon Craig Two-Star Ambassador Royal Ambassador Customer Acquisition Customer Acquisition 1. Lisa & Greg Carter 2. Matt Lehr 1. Toni & Rhonda Lucero 3. Steven & Carmen Gilchrist 2. Rachel & Josh Jackson 4. Jennifer & Jeff Webster 5. Vince & Whitney Filippone Business Builder 1. Toni & Rhonda Lucero Business Builder 2. Rachel & Josh Jackson 1. Claude Raiche 2. Malia Henderson 3. Matt Lehr Five-Star Ambassador 4. Lisa & Greg Carter 5. Steven & Carmen Gilchrist Customer Acquisition 1. Tara Wilson 2. Sylvain Laplante & Lori Parent 3. Chad & Joni Robbins One-Star Ambassador 4. Bryan & Brandi Bellville Customer Acquisition 5. Scott & Jenny Lynn-Travis 1. Steve & Jennifer Morgan 2. Danny Linares Business Builder 3. Stefanie & Steve Poulin 1. Sylvain Laplante & Lori Parent 4. Monica & Dennis Paquette 2. Chad & Joni Robbins 5. Cheri Hays 3. Bryan & Brandi Bellville 4. Kevin & Stephanie Merriweather Business Builder 5. Tara Wilson 1. Jacques Dufresne 2. Tami Bixby 3. Tammy & Paul Pritchard 4. Cheri Hays 5. Danny Linares 5. Stefanie & Steve Poulin 5. Roger LangilleSuccess  October  2012
  13. 13. Q3 JULY 2012 TOP PRODUC TION congratulations Ambassador Regional Director Customer Acquisition Customer Acquisition 1. Ben & Priscilla Joly 1. Groupe Sante Optimed Inc. 2. Gale Fulton 2. Lucas Worldwide 3. Steven Lachenmayr 3. Kara Coffey 4. Brad & Brooke Piper 4. Mollie Hibbard 5. Dr. Mark & Alinda Hale 5. Brooke Pancratz Business Builder Business Builder 1. Kory & Natalie Kilbourne 2. Melissa Conlon 1. Marie Groves 3. Gaylynn Cartner 1. Feliciano Sioson 3. Nicolas Roy 3. Tanya Deller 5. Gale Fulton 3. Vic Hutchinson 5. Antonio Trevino III 5. Deborah Benefield 5. Guy Samuelson Presidential Director 5. Kimberlie Largent 5. Guillaume Patry Customer Acquisition 5. Whitney Finch 1. Caryn Broomby 5. Jacqui Damore 2. Amy Coggins 3. Sherrie Fry 4. Allison Allran 5. Rita Andrews Top Customer Acquisition 1. Groupe Sante Optimed Inc. Business Builder 2. RP Internet Distribution Inc. 1. Angie Reed 3. Mollie Hibbard 2. Allison Allran 4. Allen Milletics 2. Reid & Christy Asato 5. Ellen Louie 4. Raynald Desgagne 4. Brenda Casamento 4. Katrina Hill Top Enroller New ESS 1. Jeff Gardner National Director 2. Vic Hutchinson 3. Jeff Fotti Customer Acquisition 4. Pam Williams 1. Jennifer McKinley 5. Derrick & Charzetta Small 2. Lisa Tubergan 5. Les Walters 3. Brian Peeler 5. Dora Penton 4. Jennifer Soto 5. Randi Kroll Business Builder 1. Jeff Gardner 2. Ernest Ross 3. Jerrod & Julie Brown 4. Keith & Susan Hyde 4. Rebecca Anderson 4. Teddy Roque 7. Shelley Bommer Success  October  2012
  14. 14. congratulations new promotions JULY 2012Two-Star Ambassador Presidential DirectorSha Brock Ruben Aguilar Dennis KimTucson, AZ Riverside, CA Costa Mesa, CADesert Homes & Healthy Lifestyles Poncho & Amanda Balboa Salvatore LetoLa Quinta, CA Kalamazoo, MI Wildomar, CAMatt Lehr Scotty Banks Eric Lynn Lantana, TX Indianapolis, IN Santa Rosa, CA Danielle Bedard Iman Nasr Val Belair, QC Lincoln, CAOne-Star Ambassador Beverly Borel Antony Oblin Belmont, NC Trois-Rivieres, QCJacques DufresneBeauport, QC Manon Cloutier Dennis Ortiz St-Michel, QC Doral, FLJefferson GreenEllenwood, GA Frank Corradino Labreeska Ponder Clifton, NJ Piedmont, ALMichael & Gail O’BrienClayton, CA Alonia Cottrell Moonwave Productions Lantana, TX San Diego, CALesli & Jeff OldhamBroadway, NC Teamthrive James R. Tripp Atlanta, GA Bourbonnais, ILDerrick & Charzetta SmallJacksonville, FL Carl Fleury Angie Reed St-Joseph De Beauce, QC St Michael, MNChristy & Phil StrohmProctor, MN Sherrie Fry Jeff Streif Exeter, CA Jacksonville, FLChris ZavalaBaton Rouge, LA M Cathy Hall Donny & Denise Tapia Underwood, IN Albuquerque, NM David & Adela Hart Len Tatum Temecula, CA Carl Junction, MOAmbassador Crystal Honeycutt Stacy TuellMelissa Bufford Elizabethton, TN Marysville, INRedford, MI John Howell Salina VaisAlex Burgin Windsor, CO Scarborough, ONLouisville, KY Michael Jackson Christine WertzMissy Conlon Grants Pass, OR Altoona, PAFloodwood, MN Pete & Kelly Keiner Emiley Hendrix Zimmerman, MNSugar Land, TXMassive Lifestyle IncPlantation FLLauretta KlohaBay City, MIGentry PayneBaton Rouge, LAMiny PhetxayakhothMontreal, QCNicolas RoySaint-Nicolas, QCPam WilliamsColumbus, GAMichelle WittHampstead, NCSuccess  October  2012
  15. 15. JULY 2012 new promotions congratulationsNational DirectorRobyn Balliet Jeff Gardner Team Lime Green Michelle TurnerRancho Palos Verdes, CA Dallas, TX Stone Mountain, GA Louisville, KYDenise Bergeron Marcel Gauvin Sonnet McClure Gille Vachon & Diane LeblondSt-Agapit, QC Trois Rivieres, QC Hemet, CA St Jean Chrysostome, QCLawrence Black Colleen Gillespie Kelley McCoy Woodley VLargo, FL Maumelle, AR Winter Park, FL Terrebonne, QCRyan Blackport Darlene Greene Provo Evan Molovinsky Walkira VasquezChula Vista, CA Naples, FL Winnabow, NC Scarborough, ONJohn Bowen Daryn Hall Angela Mooij Gayle WarrenCumming, GA Underwood, IN Calgary, AB New Port Richey, FLRyan Boyd Priscilla Hidalgo Brittnie Morris Stephanie WatsonJacksonville, FL Maricopa, AZ Springfield, MO Sopchoppie, FLKathi Bufalini Laura Howell Stephanie Lapointe Chris WattGreensburg, PA Windsor, CO St-Paul, QC Zebulon, NCDonna Buie Jennifer Hudgins Steve Nile Steph WhyteSugar Land, TX Tulsa, OK Ocala, FL Elmore, ALPat Butler Cecil Huges Super Dave Matt WilkinsonColumbus, GA Jacksonville, FL Mississauga, ON Ponte Vedra, FLMadison Carlista Brenda James TN Health Partnership I David WilliamsAtlanta, GA Louisville, KY Knoxville, TN Columbus, GAMichael Carver Kristy Kaminski Shaun Phaneuf, Inc Steve WilliamsSpringfield, IL Darien, WI Lakewood Ranch, FL Columbus, OHJohn & Ro Castaldo Penny King Fit No Fiction Michele WilliamsOak Brook, IL Saint Clair, MO Columbus, GA Redford, MILauren Coffey Vanessa Klinger Savannah Price Wesley WinarskiLouisville, KY Akron, PA Foster, WV St Petersburg, FLChristopher Cole Ann Knab Ana Robbins Miranda WrobelColumbus, OH Tyrone, PA Rapid City, SD Louisville, KYJihan Cover Bryn Kosack Ryan & Shyla RobsonArden, NC Austin, MN Chilliwack, BCJoseph Craft Randi Lynn & Jim Kroll Teddy RoqueLawrenceburg, KY New Lenox, IL Orlando, FLDavid Cummings Debbie Lamberson Francois RousseauPacheco, CA Lebanon, TN Saint-Hippolyte, QCAileen de Mucha Flores Robert Lee Brina RuoffBerkeley, CA Duncan, BC Petaluma, CAJosh Delaney Andre Lockett Dacia RutskeWaukesha, WI Waipahu, HI Albuquerque, NMMelissa Dirksen Kim Lovedahl Mike SalessFremont, NE Albuquerque, NM Murrells Inlet, SCGina Easton Trisha Lukas AA TeamDuncan, BC Vancouver, WA Easton, PAAshli Ezzell Esmenia M. Madariaga-Trevino Miranda SpencerShawnee, KS Kahului, HI Tacoma, WAMaryLou Farris Tiffany Maltba Annette StaedtJacksonville, FL Lenoir, NC Iron Mountain, MIJed Figg Ryan Manuel Billy & Rustee StickerArtesia, NM Honolulu, HI Lumberton, TXJason French Dai Manuel Travis & JillAtlanta, GA Vancouver, BC Sugar Grove, VATiffany Gall Heather Marquez The Wellness TreeVirden, IL Carlsbad, CA Port St. Lucie, FL Success  October  2012
  16. 16. MEET IN C HST. LOUISNational success trainingst. louis | November 2-4, 2012Details at ©2012 ViSalus, Inc. All rights reserved.