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Content marketing 7 27-11 nyc final 7-26



Veronica Fielding presents "SEO and Content Marketing" at Custom Media Day, 7/27/11 in NYC.

Veronica Fielding presents "SEO and Content Marketing" at Custom Media Day, 7/27/11 in NYC.



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    Content marketing 7 27-11 nyc final 7-26 Content marketing 7 27-11 nyc final 7-26 Presentation Transcript

    • SEO and Content Marketing
      Veronica Fielding
      July 27, 2011
    • About DBE
      DBE’s forecast-focused, measurement-based content marketing programs deliver supreme competitive advantage
      • Solutions typically include integrating content marketing:
      • SEO
      • Paid Search
      • Mobile
      • Social Media
      • Analytics & Measurement
      • …into the rest of the mix
    • World Class Solutions For Leading Brands
    • SEO Is…
      A part of an integrated content marketing mix
      A means to leverage knowledge about search engine behaviors around the technical and content aspects of the Web
      Is not rocket science
      But neither is heart surgery
      Great content has always been at the core of white hat SEO
      Now, more than ever, post-Panda, unique, relevant, shareable content drives SEO success
    • What We’ll Cover Today
      How to approach optimizing your content sets for the websites and other digital properties where they reside
      What matters most:
      To the search engines
      To your stakeholders
      To your business objectives
      How to think beyond the keyword to make shareable the key word
    • What Panda Did
      It wasn’t a surprise to most “real” optimizers
      Google doesn’t make changes overnight—it tests them and it’s up to professional optimizers to pay attention to the signals
      The search engines have always been about connecting people with the “right” answers
      The right answer means a better user experience
      They look for signals that tell them how they’re doing in providing the “right” answers
      Old days: on website tags and content
      Then: in-bound links
      Panda: unique, quality content written for the reader
      And: what people are engaging with
    • Evolving Best Practices
      The evolution we’re seeing is part of a continuous effort on the part of search engines to connect people with the information they are really seeking
      As content publishers, you want to be the “right” answer for the questions that matter to your business
    • The Content Building Hierarchy…
    • …Is a 3-Way Balancing Act
      Action Takers
      Search Engines
    • Still
      White Hat SEO^Focuses on Content
      What’s changing is how that content moves from the originator (marketer) through the web of influence
      SEO still relies on link building and connecting with influencers who can redistribute your content
      Major media
      But it also is skipping the middleman and going right to the public
      AND the public = content generators too
      Great SEO uses content to get the search engines to pay attention to your story
      So that your action takers will too
    • 7 On-Website SEO Must Haves
      Keywords are still the SEO starting point
      What are the keywords that will draw the action takers that your business needs?
      Align the existing content sets with those keywords and assign the content sets a place on your website that becomes its home base
      For keywords with no existing content to support them, think beyond text and think shareable from the start
      Ensure the search engines have no barriers to reaching your content and showcasing it in the top rankings
    • On-Website SEO for Content Providers
      Surround the content with optimized on-page best practices:
      Title tag
      Description tag (still pulled into the natural search listings to describe the page)
      Keyword count
      Cross and outbound links
      Make Your Content Unique—add Author Tags
      Tells search engines that the content originated with you
      Enables search engines and other web services to identify works by the same author more easily.
    • On-Website SEO for Content Providers
      You can still use the ROD model for link building (research/outreach/distribute content)--just don’t rely on it exclusively.
      Article placements on authority sites with anchor-text link back to keyword optimized page—articles must be unique, not mass distributed
      Directory listings
      Web release distributions
      Now think SHAREABLE
      What do you need to do to the content to get your action takers to be engaged and to share around the content:
      Pass it along
      Comment on it
      Point to it
    • Shareable Content – Think Connections
      For example: if we start with your content as a web page
      Think of key points that could be tweets with links to the page
      Load related images to Flickr and tag them
      Upload short video interviews with the author or other subject experts, tag and link to your other content sets to YouTube, Ustream.TV, etc.
      Talk about related topics in online groups (a la LinkedIn Groups)
      Make related presentations that link to the article downloadable from various points on the Web
      Create a podcast, load it to popular channels, tag it and cross-promote it on BlogTalkRadio, PodOmatic, PodcastAlley, etc.
    • Here’s How That Can Play Out
    • Shareable Content – Think Connections
      Think beyond “lots of keyword-rich content” to engagement and shareability
      Think cross-pollination
      Think building momentum
    • 7 Off-Website SEO Must Haves
      Content has got to be:
      Connect with the person
      Easy to share
      Trackable for the marketer
    • Uniqueness Counts
      No one wants content they can easily find anywhere else
      Webmasters don’t want to post it
      Bloggers don’t want to write about it
      People don’t want to read the same thing repeatedly from one website to another
      Everyone wants something theycan’t find anywhere else
      Including the search engines
      Make your content one of a kind to ensure offsite SEO success
    • Marketing 101: Relevance for Receipt
      Know your stakeholders—Marketing 101 hasn’t changed
      Marketing always starts with the recipient’s need in mind
      Broadcasting is dead
      Customize the messaging and deliver channel as much as you can
      Content has to be relevant to be meaningful
      Instantly recognizable as having a value
      I was thinking about that!
      I need that!
      My friend would like this.
      My boss was just mentioning this.
    • They’ve Got to Trust It
      Make the content reliable/trustworthy
      In this age of untruth and distrust, make your content 100% right:
      Error free punctuation
      Trust is built from many perspectives
    • Create a Connection
      Creates an emotional or intellectual connection—a positive one to associate with your brand
      First they should think/feel:
      Next they should be in a hurry to share it!
    • Make It Shareable
      If you connect with the person, they will want to share it because they want to pass the value you sparked along:
      With their boss (This may help you.)
      With their colleagues (Would this be helpful?)
      With their friends (Is this funny or what?)
      With their family (Remember we were talking about this?)
    • So Make It Easy to Share
      Break content into smaller bites
      Spin it into different media
      Connect the pieces so people can self-select the ways they want to ingest the fuel you’re providing
      Consider rewards for sharing: badges, coupons, exclusive deals, etc.
    • Make It Trackable
      Set measurement systems for success
      Tag and track everything
      Monitor, measure, inquire, improve
    • Don’t Forget: Technical Considerations
      Don’t put the content behind a registration field
      If you offer subscription based access to your website content, implement Google's First Click Free (FCF) for your content so Google knows you are permitting 5 free accesses per user each day.
      Don’t provide identical or vastly similar content that's accessible through multiple URLs
      Still avoid Flash intro pages—and flash doesn’t work well on many mobile devices either
    • Don’t Forget the Mobile Factor
      Source: Morgan Stanley 11-3-10
    • Make Sure Your Content Is Mobilized
      Resides on mobile friendly pages
      Chunked into bites digestible by action takers on the go
      Easily saved for deeper review later, links easily to expanded info
    • Bonus Info: Tips and Tools
    • Free Keyword Research Tools
      Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to identify competitive phrases and search frequencies
      Compare search patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties
    • Free Keyword Research Tools
      • See what keywords people are searching for by region and timeframe
      • Media planning tool to identify websites your target customers are likely to visit
      • Good for competitive intelligence
    • Tags in Your Page Coding
      Title Tags
      Text in the top of the browser when visiting a website
      Meta Description Tags
      Text shown in search results underneath the site URL
      Both tags entered in the website source code
    • Optimized Content Best Practices
      One keyword per page
      250 words “visible” page content
      3-5 keyword mentions
      Placement in top 1/3 of page
      Use in headers (H1 tags) and sub-heads (H2 and H3 tags)
    • Free Links Research Tool
      External links
      Internal links
      Competitors’ links
    • Questions, Contact and Connect
      Veronica Fielding
      Twitter: @VFielding
      Or Call Toll Free: 866/651-6767