viral affections equine
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viral affections equine






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viral affections equine viral affections equine Presentation Transcript

  • .Vesicular stomatitis -1.Rota virus -2.Equine influenza -3.African horse sickness -4.Equine viral rhinopnumonitis -5.Equine viral arteritis -6.Equine infectious anemia -7.Viral papilloma -8.Rabies -9Venezuelan equine -10.encephalomyelitis
  • Non ruptured vesicles Numerous small blister like vesicles at the coronet over lips and gums
  • Salivation due to mouth Lesion on the lips lesion
  • Profuse diarrhea
  • Bilateral catarrhal Bilateral serous nasal nasal discharge discharge
  • Profuse blood stained Profuse frothy nasal frothy nasal dischargedischarge,pulmonary form pulmonary form Profuse frothy nasal discharge,pulmonary formSwelling of eye lids and supraorbital fossae , Swelling of head and neck andlacrimation,cardiac form chemosis,cardiac form
  • Hemorrhagicpericardialeffusion Pulmonary edema )mottling of lung( with prominent lymphatic vessels along margin of lung )arrow(, petechial and ecchymotic hemorrhages over pleural surface Severe pulmonary edema with froth in airway resulting in death
  • Congestion of Congested m.m conjunctivae Infiltrations of the intramuscular tissueHydropericardium Cyanotic m.m
  • Limited area of pulmonary Near term aborted fetus, enlargedconsolidation of right apical areas spleen, perirenal edema, pleural of the lung. Pleural inflammation effusion and congested solid lung with fibrin adhesion and pleural exudates
  • Posterior paralysis,Xanthochromic neurological syndromecerebrospinal fluid,neurologicalsyndrome Equine coital exanthema, lesion developed 10 days after infected service. Note the position of the lesions at the preputial reflection )the point of most prolonged contact with the vulva of the infected mare
  • Chemosis, eye lid swelling, Edema of eye lids, no blood stained lacrimation lacrimation Petechial hemorrhages in vaginal m.m
  • Pale and enlarged kidney and Mild anemia with icterus grossly enlarged spleen Mild anemia
  • Congenital lesion on aborted Aural plaques fetus Lesion on the mouth
  • Self mutilation ) persistent Dumb form, posteriorlicking and chewing at site paralysis andof injury which occurred 7 flaccidity weeks previously, without )any known etiology Dumb form, dysphagia and salivation
  • Seizure appearance. Profuse, whole body sweating, Extensor rigidity. Scuff obvious right side turn of the neckmarks from paddling and ) tendency to circle to the right if head thrashing not tethered(. Frothing from the mouth and nares attributed to dysphagia
  • Drooping of ears and Salivation secondary to somnolence dysphagia ) pharyngeal and )esophageal paralysis