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  • 1. REVIEWS - BibleWorks 9ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.8 out of 5Product FeatureFull searching and analysis tools for Greek, Hebrew,qand LXX Bible versions45 original language texts and morphologyqdatabasesMore than 200 Bible versions in nearly 40qlanguagesNew transcriptions for seven important Greek MSSqComprehensive set of instructional videosqRead moreqProduct DescriptionBibleWorks 9 is a large collection of software tools and database resources designed specifically to assistpastors, seminary students, professors and missionaries in their exegesis of the Biblical text. It contains morethan 200 Bible translations in nearly 40 languages, 45 original language texts and morphology databases, 29lexical-grammatical references, and a wealth of practical reference works. These include Greek and Hebrewsound files, Bible maps, Greek New Testament diagrams, Greek and Hebrew grammars, new transcriptions andimage sets for seven of the most important Greek New Testament manuscripts, and the full CNTTS NewTestament apparatus. These resources are presented to the user through a sophisticated but easy to use userinterface that includes two powerful search engines and dozens of ways to organize, present and analyze theresults of your research. To help the user master the program a comprehensive set of videos is included. Asmall number of critical databases are available as add on resources, but the base package contains everythingthat a busy pastor needs to help him use his study time wisely and efficiently. Like no other set of softwaretools, BibleWorks focuses on the central task of understanding the text of Scripture. It contains everything thatyou need and nothing that you dont need. BibleWorks is distributed on DVD and will run on any PC version ofWindows (XP or later). A Mac plug-in is available. BibleWorks comes with the option for a 30 day return and fullrefund (less shipping). Read moreYou May Also LikeBiblical Greek Laminated Sheet (Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides)Biblical Hebrew Laminated Sheet (Zondervan Get an A! Study Guides)Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook, 2nd EditionA Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 3rd EditionOld Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards (Zondervan Vocabulary Builder Series, The)