Adobe acrobat professional 9 [mac] [old version]


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Adobe acrobat professional 9 [mac] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 [Mac][OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.7 out of 5Product FeatureDeliver the richest, most engaging PDFqcommunications anytime, anywhereUnify the widest range of content--includingqdocuments, spreadsheets, e-mail, images, video,3D,And maps--in a single compressed and organizedqPDF PortfolioIncludes professional templates for PDF portfolios,qAdobe Reader review and commenting, LiveCycleDesigner ES for dynamic formsCollaborate through shared document reviews,qhelp protectRead moreqProduct DescriptionAdobe Acrobat Professional v 9.0 Mac Read moreProduct DescriptionAdobe Dynamic PDF technology enables you to connect, interact, and engage in powerful new ways.Streamline how your team works, collaborates, and creates high-impace communications--all with the reliability,visual fidelity, and control you expect from Adobe. Designed to meet the needs of todays businesses, AdobeDynamic PDF helps your team get more done--easier, faster, better.
  2. 2. Communicate and collaborate more easily and securely with Adobe PDF. For a more in-depth comparison,download a feature comparison (PDF format).Deliver professional documentsEasily organize content from a variety of sources--including documents, e-mail, images, spreadsheets, and webpages--in a single searchable PDF Portfolio, compressed for easy distribution. Use professionally designedtemplates that can be branded with your company logo and colors. Quickly integrate content, define navigation,and add polish to communicate clearly and effectively. Share information with anyone using free Adobe Readersoftware.Create and manage formsSimplify the creation and completion of forms to efficiently analyze and use data. Convert Word and Exceldocuments or scanned paper to PDF forms with automatic recognition of fillable fields. Or use Adobe LiveCycleDesigner ES software, a professional form design tool included with Acrobat 9 Pro software, to furthercustomize and automate dynamic XML forms. Extend Acrobat functionality to Reader users so virtually anyonecan participate in the workflows you initiate. Use the Form Tracker to see when forms have been completedand who has completed them. And easily export data to a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting.Manage document reviewsAccelerate the exchange of ideas with colleagues, extended teams, and customers. Through easy-to-manageelectronic document reviews, participants can see and build on other reviewers comments as they are beingmade, so you can quickly gain the input and consensus you need to efficiently develop and complete work.Enable virtually anyone using free Adobe Reader software to participate in reviews, and use the Form Trackerto monitor progress and participation.
  3. 3. Protect documents and accelerate information exchange with PDF.Acrobat lets you combine files from multiple applications into a single Adobe PDF document.With a scanner and Acrobats Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, you can turn stacks of paperdocuments into easily searchable electronic PDF archives.Help protect sensitive informationControl access to and use of PDF documents, assign digital rights, and maintain document integrity. Setdocument permissions to define whether a file can be printed or changed. Apply passwords to help restrictdocument access. Use redaction tools to permanently remove sensitive information. Digitally sign and certifydocuments to validate they came from a trusted source. Create and reuse document security policies toprecisely manage who can print, save, copy, or modify a document.Top reasons to buy Acrobat 9 ProDeliver a compelling branded experience using PDF PortfoliosBring multiple files together in a single organized and interactive PDF Portfolio. Add video, sound clips,
  4. 4. documents, and your own branding. Use professionally designed templates that can be branded with your logoand include descriptions to guide recipients through the contents.Help protect your documentsUse passwords to control access to PDF documents. Use permissions to restrict printing, copying, or altering.Save passwords and permissions as security policies that can be easily applied to new PDF files.Find lost files fastKeep your documents organized--easily. Simply convert and archive all your e-mails and attachments intosearchable PDF files--directly from Microsoft Outlook and Lotus notes. The next time you need to findsomething, its only a keyword away.Share dynamic work in a dynamic wayEngage colleagues by integrating video clips and Adobe Flash Player compatible animations directly into yourPDF documents. With native Flash technologies, no additional media player is necessary for playback--virtuallyanyone, anywhere can enjoy the show.Manage and track electronic document reviewsGain the input you need through interactive document reviews that enable participants to see and build onother reviewers comments, which can be sorted by author, date, or page. Use the Form Tracker to monitorprogress and participation.Include Adobe Reader usersEnable users of free Adobe Reader software to digitally sign documents, participate in shared documentreviews, and save forms locally. By extending Acrobat functionality to Reader users, virtually anyone canparticipate in the workflows you initiate.Synchronize document viewsProvide clarity and enhance discussion by e-mailing a PDF document and walking recipients through it in realtime by controlling the exact page view they see.Remove sensitive informationUse redaction tools to black out any text, illustrations, or confidential data--permanently deleting the contentfrom your PDF document. You can also inspect files for metadata, hidden layers, and other concealedinformation.Compare PDF documentsAutomatically highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document, including text and images, soyou can quickly and easily identify what has changed.Improve print processesHelp control costs and reduce errors with automated output controls to preview, preflight, correct, and preparePDF files for high-end print production and digital publishing.Create and validate accessible PDF documentsEnsure your PDF documents are optimized for people with disabilities. Quickly evaluate, correct, andautomatically tag PDF documents for optimized accessibility and reflow.Read moreYou May Also LikeAdobe Acrobat Professional 9 [OLD VERSION]Office Mac 2011 Home and Business 2011 - 1PC/1UserAdobe Acrobat Standard 9 [OLD VERSION]Office Mac Home and Business 2011 - (1 User/2 Installs)Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac [Old Version]