Vesta Vapore Eco Green Steam Machine


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Vesta Vapore Eco Green Steam Cleaning Machine

Removes mold, mildew, and allergens
Cleans commercial and industrial kitchens
100% safe and green
No chemicals used

For more info, visit

Vesta Vapore 2003
345 Upper Samsonville Road
Olivebridge, NY 12461
(845) 657-7283

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Vesta Vapore Eco Green Steam Machine

  1. 3. Plug machine into 15 or 20 amp circuit only.
  2. 5. Machine should be the only appliance drawing power from circuit.
  3. 7. Unscrew reservoir cap.
  4. 10. Fill machine with 6 liters of water into unpressurized reservoir. Only use potable water (tap water).
  5. 12. Press the lower black button next to the hose attachment to power on unit.
  6. 14. The initial heating time is 7-10 minutes.
  7. 16. The yellow light indicates start of heating.
  8. 18. Green light indicates machine is almost ready to use.
  9. 20. Green “OK” signals that machine is steam ready.
  10. 22. Insert pressure hose. Press down on blue button and insert straight into the machine. Never use force to connect any attachments or hoses. Hint: a dab of Vaseline or a bit a vegetable oil will lubricate the o-ring of the machine and keep it in good working condition.
  11. 24. Insert hose until you hear a click.
  12. 26. When both switches are in the right hand position, no steam will go into the hose.
  13. 28. When the switch furthest from the operator is pressed to the left, the machine will be on the low setting. Note the left yellow light indicating “low.”
  14. 30. When the switch closest to the operator is pressed to the left, the machine will be on the medium setting. Note the middle yellow light indicating “medium.”
  15. 32. When all three yellow lights are lit, the machine is on the high setting.
  16. 34. When both switches are pressed to the left, the machine will be on the high setting. Note all three yellow lights indicating “high.”
  17. 36. Insert attachment into hose in open position, then push down to lock. Give a slight pull to ensure attachment is safely locked. Never point pressure nozzle at people or pets.
  18. 38. Be sure to drain the boiler regularly for long machine life. The pressure plug is located on the bottom side of the unit. Hold over sink to drain only when boiler is absolutely cool. Cooling may take up to 4-5 hours. Never remove plug when boiler or water is still hot or directly after use.
  19. 41. Insert pressure nozzle.
  20. 43. Unlocked position.
  21. 45. Locked postion.
  22. 47. 2” nylon brush for pressure nozzle.
  23. 49. Align key (groove) to pressure nozzle.
  24. 51. Place brush on pressure nozzle. Hose should be in off position when changing attachments and brushes. Pressure nozzle is hot only at the tip.
  25. 53. Oven cleaning with pressure nozzle and nylon brush.
  26. 55. 1” brush for pressure nozzle.
  27. 57. Connecting attachments.
  28. 59. Unlocked position.
  29. 61. Locked position.
  30. 63. Connecting extentions.
  31. 65. Unlocked position.
  32. 67. Locked position.
  33. 69. Floor attachment.
  34. 72. Align the groove of floor attachment with extension to connect. Never force attachments or extensions.
  35. 74. Floor attachment easily cleans tile floors.
  36. 77. A scrub pad can be used with floor attachments.
  37. 81. A towel can be placed on bottom of floor attachment.
  38. 84. Note the dirt on the towel bottom.
  39. 86. Plumber’s helper attachment for pressure nozzle.
  40. 88. Place into clogged drain and depress steam to easily remove hair and matter from drain.
  41. 90. Trigger for releasing steam.
  42. 92. Squeegee attachment cleans glass, windows, and mirrors with ease.
  43. 94. The triangle attachment is great for cleaning walls, corners, windows, counter tops, and larger surfaces.
  44. 97. The triangle attachment with towel.
  45. 100. The triangle attachment with towel cleaning high, hard to reach places.
  46. 102. Dirty commercial oven door.
  47. 104. Use a brass or stainless steel brush on any carbon or baked on grease. Only use stainless steel brushes on stratch proof surfaces.
  48. 106. See commercial cleaning videos in the video section for more commercial cleaning action and heavy carbon removal.
  49. 108. Commercial oven “before.”
  50. 110. Commercial oven cleaning “after.” See video section for more.
  51. 112. More commercial oven cleaning. Note the removal of baked on grease and carbon. See video section for more.
  52. 114. Tile grout being cleaned by pressure nozzle with 1” brush. “Before” picture.
  53. 117. “ After” picture of grout cleaned by pressure nozzle and 1” brush.
  54. 119. Steaming cleaning easily removes mold, mildew, and allergens. Mold “before” picture.
  55. 121. Mold “after” picture.
  56. 123. Mold testing and mold remediation.
  57. 124. Safety Precautions <ul><li>Only use 12 gauge extension cord no more than 50 feet in length. </li></ul><ul><li>Always hand tighten reservoir plug. </li></ul><ul><li>Never run machine without water. </li></ul><ul><li>Never add chemicals. This will negate machine’s warranty. </li></ul><ul><li>Although machine’s hose has stainless steel cable, never pull unit by the hose. Use caution not to trip on, step on, or twist pressure hose. </li></ul>
  58. 125. Visit Vesta Vapore Today! <ul><li>Just go to </li></ul><ul><li>Or click anywhere on this screen </li></ul>