Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Overview


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  • The first quadrant of the new licensing model is the introduction of the starter pack. For many smaller midmarket companies, this might be the only component they will need to buy. The Starter Pack includes the first 3 full users at a price point designed to help companies quickly get started The Starter Pack is similar to the current functionality set of Business Essentials with a few added features that vary by product. It contains elements a company needs
  • Select a printer at the time of printing GP 2013 gives users the ability to select the printer they want to print to at the time of printing. Now a printer can print reports in one location while another prints invoices in a different department. Consolidated InvoicingThis feature allows the compilation of several shipments or fulfillment orders made over a period of time into one invoice, reducing the number of invoices generated for a single customer.  Un-apply Credit Documents when Voiding a CheckGP 2013 automatically un-applies a credit document from an invoice after a customer voids a payment that was associated with that invoice. The customer will have the option to void the invoice without having to void credit documents or apply the credit documents to other documents (or the same document if they desire.)64-bit Microsoft Office CompatibilityPreviously, customers would need to install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office in order to have email access. Now they can send emails from GP 2013 using the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office, using a new option that allows them to choose Microsoft Exchange as their email server. Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)This customization tool is used to modify the appearance and functionality of any Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dexterity-based third-party window, add new fields, change global resources that affect the entire application and attach VBA code for less complex business logic.Payroll Integration to Payables New enhancements allow users to write custom voucher descriptions and add or delete leading zeros on voucher documents. There is also an option to summarize vouchers per-employee for federal tax purposes. Historical Journal Entry InquiryPrior to GP 2013, users could only run Journal Entry Inquiries on open years. This feature modifies the Journal Entry Inquiry window to show information for both open and historical year journal entries. Credit Card Vendors’ Invoices Automatically Void when Credit Card Payment is VoidedWhen a customer voids a credit payment, the application will automatically void the outstanding credit card vendor’s invoice that is associated with the credit card payment. If the credit card vendor’s invoice has already been paid, the user will see a warning message saying the invoice will not be voided.Attach Documents to Purchasing or Sales TransactionsIn GP 2013, it’s easy to attach documents to inventory master records or purchasing and sales transactions. This feature supports the scan process, “Scan to be attached later,” where documents are scanned using either a desktop or bulk multi-functional scanner to a storage location.  
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Overview

    1. 1. Bruce Lane | Tina Featheringham
    2. 2. Agenda
    3. 3. Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Office 365 RapidStart Simplicity Productivity Azure Enablement 4/10/2018 2012 Microsoft Dynamics GP “14” Continued innovation targeted at: Process Apps Compelling Business Functionality Days to Deployment 2014/5 Microsoft Dynamics GP “15” Continuedinnovation targeted at mid-market with particular focus on: Simplicity Productivity Rapid Time-to-Value 2016/7 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Role-Tailored BI Office integration Contextual BI Risk Management Workflow 10/13/2015 2010
    4. 4. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013“Perpetual” Licensing Model Microsoft Confidential STARTER PACK Financials & Distribution 3 Full User licenses included EXTENDED PACK (OPTIONAL) Advanced functionality Customization and Integration Suites
    5. 5. Starter Pack FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT General Ledger With AFA Account Level Security Cash Flow Management Fixed Asset Management Intercompany National Accounts Multicurrency Management Analytical Accounting Revenue/Expense Deferrals Bank Reconciliation Electronic Banking Suit Safe Pay Electronic Bank Management Electronic Reconciliation Management Payables Management Receivables Management Customer/Vendor Consolidations Lockbox Processing Refund Checks Grant Management Encumbrance Management Field Level Security Process Server BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & REPORTING Unlimited Mgmt Reporter Designer User Unlimited Mgmt Reporter Viewer User HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Human Resources Unlimited Employees Payroll (US) Unlimited Employees Payroll Direct Deposit Federal Magnetic Media Payroll Connect Position Control HRM Self Service Suite SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Invoicing Sales Order Processing w/ Adv Invoicing Extended Pricing Order Management Inventory Control Bill of Materials Purchase Order Processing/Receivings Landed Cost PO Generator Requisition Management Time and Expense CONFIGURATION AND DEVELOPMENT Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications Customization Site License
    6. 6. Extended Pack Microsoft Confidential Business Intelligence & Reporting Microsoft Forecaster Unlimited Supply Chain Management Distribution Suite Available to Promise Returns Management Manufacturing Solutions Manufacturing Bill of Materials Manufacturing Order Processing Manufacturing Suite Master Production Scheduling Materials Requirements Planning Project Management Project Accounting Customer Relationship Mgmt Contract Administration Service Call Management Depot Management Preventive Maintenance
    7. 7. Additional Functionality Customization Pack Integration Suite Customization Suite SmartList Builder Pack SmartList Builder Excel Report Builder Navigation List Builder Drill Down Builder Extended Human Resource and Payroll HR Advance Payroll Advance PTO Manager Benefits Self Service Collections Mgt Collections Management
    8. 8. GP 2010 Mapping to GP 2013
    9. 9. What’s New
    10. 10. Deployment Flexibility • Traditional On Premise • vCloud • Web Client vCloud 14 Dynamics GP Clients 60 Users • Unlimited Support • Included Upgrades • Office Standard
    11. 11. Top 10 Features in 2013 10. Consolidated Invoicing 9. Un-apply Credit Documents when Voiding a Check 8. 64-bit Microsoft Office Compatibility 7. Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 6. Payroll Integration to Payables 5. Historical Journal Entry Inquiry 4. Credit Card Vendors’ Invoices Automatically Void 3. Attach Documents to Purchasing or Sales Transactions 2. Select a printer at the time of printing 1. Select a printer at the time of printing
    12. 12. Dynamics GP 2013 System • Home page changes • Select printer at time of print • Ability to Print SSRS Reports form forms Email • 64-Bit Microsoft Office® Outlook® supported • Email indicators on navigation lists • Password protection on Microsoft Office Word® documents
    13. 13. Dynamics GP 2013 General Ledger • Journal entry inquiry for history • Reconcile bank reconciliation • Reconcile inventory • Year end close options Fixed Assets • Historical depreciation reports • Independent fixed assets calendars • Intercompany asset transfer • Fixed assets transactions batches
    14. 14. Reconcile Bank to Ledger
    15. 15. Dynamics GP 2013 Payables Management • Void check returns applied credit documents • Settlement date added to EFT payment • EFT length and delimitation options • Edit 1099 transactions Purchase Order Processing • Document attach • Tolerance handling • Track serial numbers for drop ship items • Allow prepayments on a PO
    16. 16. Dynamics GP 2013 Inventory • Item standard cost adjustment post to GL • Multi-Serial number select • Inactivate a site or item-site • Reason codes for stock movements/adjustments Sales Order Processing • Ship to address has different company name • Link items for suggestions on sales • Consolidated invoicing
    17. 17. Fullfillment Order Consolidations
    18. 18. Purchase Order Tolerance Handling Automatically Close PO Receive More than PO Quantity PO Generator Calculated More Efficiently
    19. 19. Dynamics GP 2013 Receivables Management • Rename user-defined fields for customer address • Email RM statements using Word templates • Save default sort order for customer lookups
    20. 20. Payroll and PTO Manager • Check build exception report • Stop duplicate checks • Pay code history edits • Pay code, deduction and benefit modifier • FICA specified TSA deductions • Human resource calendar • Negative carryover • PTO detail and history • PTO manual checks • Year end PTO Dynamics GP 2013
    21. 21. Human Resources • Life insurance enhancements • Requisition navigation lists • Mandatory arrears templates • Mandatory arrears tasks • Deduction in arrears reporting • Payroll integration to payables (PIP) voucher description • PIP document numbers • PIP voucher consolidation • Advanced HR warning notice • Advanced HR delete history records • Custom fields for advanced HR Dynamics GP 2013
    22. 22. Demo
    23. 23. QUESTIONS?