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Vertex Online Backup Installation Guide

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Vertex final

  1. 1. Vertex Online Backup Installation Guide
  2. 2. Pre-requisite 256Kbps or above Internet connection .Net Framework 2.0
  3. 3. Step 1: Double click to execute the installer file and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. If dot net framework 2.0 not install into PC than It automatically download from internet.
  4. 4. Step 2: Go through the license agreement, select "I accept the agreement" and proceed to the Next step.
  5. 5. Step 3: Select Install this application for “All Users” or Only for me.
  6. 6. Step 4: Click Next to continue installation in the default directory. Or Click on Change to different desired location.
  7. 7. Step 5 : Click Back to review your settings. Thereafter, click Install, and proceed to install Vertex Online Backup.
  8. 8. Step 6 : Vertex Online Backup is being install into your computer.
  9. 9. Vertex Online Backup Installed SuccessfullyTick the Launch the Program and Click Finish to Launch Programor you can Launch Letter by double Clicking on the desktop icon.
  10. 10. Enter Login ID and Password and click Ok to Login into Account. Do not tick on Auto Login and Save Password.
  11. 11. Upon Successful login Vertex Online Backup Wizard will open. We Can Set Backup Online, Restore Online, Backup Locally and Restore Locally through Wizard.
  12. 12. Expand the Drives and Select Files/Folders which you want to take backup and click Next
  13. 13. Decide When to backup Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly and click Next
  14. 14. Set Email ID for email reports and set Connection Speed and Click Next.
  15. 15. Setup Completed, Click Finish to Run Backup now.
  16. 16. Upon Successful login Vertex Online Backup Wizard will open.Click upper-right corner on Advanced drop down list and select Classic View
  17. 17. Screen Displayed Storage View, Backup Mode, Options, OnlineTasks, System Information and Account Details respectively.
  18. 18. Click on Backup Mode and Explore Computer. Expand Drive andSelect Files/Folder for Backup and Decide When to Backup Hourly, Daily etcand Click on Apply to save settings.
  19. 19. Now, It’s Time For BackupWhen Schedule run for backup Vertex blinking icon displayed insystem tray. And notification massage will be pop-up.
  20. 20. Detail Backup Progress will displayed by right clicking on vertex system tray icon.
  21. 21. This is Default restore path for data restore. You can set your own path for Default Recovery path.
  22. 22. Set Filter for everything backup from folder or only include/exclude following extensions.
  23. 23. Backup History Report for Schedulers.
  24. 24. Set Email ID for Email Backup Reports
  25. 25. Caching Options Use Default selected options. (User Vertex Infoserve Intellicache)
  26. 26. Set Proxy Settings if any Proxy Server installed in Network.
  27. 27. Note : Immediately change password provided by Vertex.
  28. 28. Restore Data When Needed
  29. 29. Select Device, Drives, Folders, Files and appropriate Version for Restore from drop down Menu.
  30. 30. Click on Recover Selected from ‘Online Tasks’ or Click on Recovericon from menu bar and specify default or New Location and click on OK to Restore Data.
  31. 31. Recovery Progress : Data is being Recover from Data Center.
  32. 32. Recovery of Files completed at specified location, click „Open Folder‟ to open location where data restored.
  33. 33. Restore or Share Data when and where needed
  34. 34. Open url into any web browser and click on Member Login upper-right corner of the page.
  35. 35. You’ll be redirected to login page of the Portal. Give User Name and Password then click on login.
  36. 36. Account Information
  37. 37. Click on My Account >> Change Password. Enter current password, Enter New Password and Confirm Password. Click on Change Button to Change Password.
  38. 38. To recover or share data online. Click on Online Recovery >>Recover.Devices (Computers) will be Displayed which you have backed up earlier.
  39. 39. Click on devices to share and recover files or folder.
  40. 40. Click On “Share” to email (Share) Data and click on Folder Name to download entire folder.
  41. 41. Provide email id and recipient name to share (email) data. Recipient will receive email link from your mail id.
  42. 42. Previously Shared Files and folder list by invoking to menu Manage Shares >> View Shares. Click on Unshare to cancel sharing of particular files and folders.
  43. 43. For more details visit