Vertex | Customer Managerment Outsourcing | Overview


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Enhancing business value, improving the customer experience
Your success relies on your customers, which is why we use our expertise, experience, and proven methods to improve your organization’s effectiveness. Whatever the economic climate, we manage the ongoing evolution of your customers’ experience, making your relationships successful and long-term.
Vertex helps you turn your customer interactions into insight, addressing three key areas in customer experience management: resolving customer contacts to create real value, analyzing transactions that don’t add value, and continually improving service effectiveness and efficiency.

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Vertex | Customer Managerment Outsourcing | Overview

  1. 1. Customer management:Helping you achieveyour strategic objectiveswith your customers
  2. 2. Helping clients unlock valueVertex specialises in helping clients achieve their business We measure and analyse customer satisfaction, resolutionobjectives with their customers. We will help you provide and value at each contact point to uncover valuableexcellent service to them, while delivering enhanced revenue opportunities, from customer acquisition throughbusiness outcomes for you. to retention. Using our industry know-how and experience, we’ll provide you with rock-solid operational performanceWe do this by identifying solutions to your business and deep sector functional expertise.challenges and solving them, ultimately enhancingyour performance and our shared success. We will help The result is that your customers will feel confident in theimprove customer experience, reduce cost-to-serve and knowledge that you understand them, that you’re listeningincrease revenues. to their needs, don’t take them for granted and you go beyond the transaction.If you have a specific need, we have a tailoredsolution – and deliverable business results. Our focusis always on your customers and business operations.We’ll work in the background to ensure you’re alwaysmeeting and exceeding customer needs. How we work with clients Same side of the table partnerships • Shared risk and reward commercial contracting that provides mutual benefit and aligned incentives • Quantifiable business benefit from implemented solutions • Value-based approach focused on Electricity of new ideas teaming to develop effective solutions • Culture and capability to drive a continuous flow of new improvement opportunities • Drawing on the best customer management thinking – best tools, Deep practitioners emerging technologies and tested • Rock solid performance innovative approaches • Operational focus on our clients’ brand • Systematically tapping into the projection and customer experience front-line perspective of customer > More than typical SLAs – metrics service employees focused on the customer experience > Targeting agents’ capabilities and developing effective programs to optimise performance and customer experience
  3. 3. What we doAt Vertex, our passion is to deliver customer management processes that positively impact our clients’ business performance. We improve and operate these front ...with these skills ...targeting opportunities and back o ce processes... and capabilities... to deliver better... • Customer interaction • Consulting & • Brand experiences > Phone, email, white mail, SMS, web content management, web chat transformation • Sales performance • Customer transaction processing • Business process • Customer loyalty > Bill and correspondence print, payment processing, CRM/CIS & customer and retention platforms, ticketing, sector specific processes, straight through management processing outsourcing • Business efficiencies • Customer workflow management • IT applications and services • Channel > Integrated, multi-channel problem resolution, product admin, claims, refunds and returns, debt collection, business process management optimization • Decision science • Customer analytics and interaction analytics > Database marketing, propensity (e.g. to buy) analysis • Revenue generation > Campaign management, sales thru service, retention and win back • Corporate services > Finance and administration > Income management > HRO and payroll > Shared services • Citizen services > Licensing > Revenues and benefits > Parking > Benefit case management How we do it LEVEL 1 CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT FEEDBACK LOOP Identify business challenges and opportunities LEVEL 2 Identify desired outcomes LEVEL 3 Develop and implement solution LEVEL 4 Measure solution results Achievement of desired business outcomes
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Customer acquisition Customers won’t always find you • Need new customers? We identify them, their profitability and expectations • We share the knowledge and solutions to move you forward • We ensure acquisition channels are prioritised to match customer needs to your business capability Customer experience Hearing your customers’ voices • We listen. We act. We innovate.Cost-to-serve • 360º method for customer lifecycle solutions Doing more for less • Customer satisfaction analysed • We give you what you need – to give • Get it right first time, every time your customers what they want • We’ll provide best practice operational • Bringing your brand to life solutions that deliver enhanced customer service and experience • You’ll minimise your costs in doing so through solutions such as channel optimisation, smartshoring and homeworking • We develop high-performing people, who deliver great service and continuously improve your service to customers Cross-sell upsell Optimising your customer base • Gain customer confidence and trustCustomer retention • Remind the customer that you are there for them, understanding their requirements Keeping customers for life • Offer insight-driven related products • Identify likely migration before and services it happens • Understand attitudes • Tailor investments and loyalty approaches • We’re on your side of the table, sharing the risks and rewards
  6. 6. To nd out more about how wecan help your organisation,call us on 0845 051 8400or visit vertexgroup.comprop/0083/ds/01/oct09/je