Seo checklist - easy steps on how to improve your website


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A lsit of easy examples of improvements you or your
Website Manager are able to perform on your own!

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Seo checklist - easy steps on how to improve your website

  1. 1. How to improve your website for search engines- A lsit of easy examples of improvements you or yourWebsite Manager are ableto perform on your own! by Veronica Stenberg
  2. 2. Introduction - Seo is easy . The checklist:not wizardry! Let me give 1. Get your keywords rightyou some simple examples ofwebsite improvements which 2. Finding out if your website is indexedyou are able to do yourself: 3. Your pagesThere are plenty of basic improvements you can do your- 4. Codeself when it comes to search engine optimizing your web-site. A lot of the work is (or should be if not!)simple “best 5. Contentpractice” when it comes to website management. 6. CopyGood organization and planning is half the job done. Sotherefore I’ve created a checklist for you to use as a guide 7. URLsto your SEO empowerment and improvements! 8. VariousBefore you start, you may want to use WebsiteGrader togive you a heads start on what needs to be improved on 9. Linksyour website. 2
  3. 3. 1. Get your keywords right: 2. Finding out if your web- site is indexed:I advice that you put on your thinking cap and start eval- 1. Go to (or whatever suffix is relevant foruating the keywords and/or phrases you want your web- you)site to rank higher for. To achieve this, this is your onlinetools: 2. Type in “” - In my case: site:veronicastenberg.seGoogle Analytics: gave me on the 14/08/2011Google Webmaster Tools: 663 resultsGoogle Insight for Search: or use your Google Webmaster Tools, if you have this forYour competitors source code your domain to get an indication if and what pages of your website is indexed.• Create a document of your keywords/phrases, and make sure this is included in your online marketing strategy.• Geo-targeting – if your company only supply a service within a specific geographical region, make sure to consider to include geographical location/s 3
  4. 4. 3. Your pages 4. CodeFor each page make sure vital keywords are present in: • CSS files should should be placed externally and linked in• Page titles • JavaScript files should be placed externally and linked• Meta description in• Meta keywords • Image mapping code, should preferably be placed in the bottom of the HTML if possible• URLs generated – should reflect your key words in them (where relevant and logical) • Cookies – try to use an alternative solution or don’t use cookies on content pages 4
  5. 5. 5. Content 6. CopyMake sure to use your keywords in and for the following: • Should contain your keywords where relevant• HTML files • Use important keywords in the beginning of your copy is possible• Images • Re-use your keywords, within reason• Alt text on images and links • Product headings – i.e if you sell pregnancy clothes,• Internal link text your tops should for example all be named “maternity jersey top” and not just “jersey top”• Use keywords in Heading tags, especially H1 • Product descriptions – look at the copy, apply the• Bold keywords if possible and within reason same logic as above, where relevant! • Don’t over stuff your descriptions with keywords, only where relevant is key. Remember that the end of the day we create website for humans. 5
  6. 6. 7. Url’s 8. Various• For dynamic URLs with parameters in them, use a • Have you created a sitemap? URL re-write tool for this, if possible • Have you submitted your website to google through• Make sure the URLs that are generated follow a neat webmaster tools? structure like for example: product_name.htm • Have you duplicated your navigation with simple text links in the footer? • Do you look at the data in Google Analytics on a regu- lar basis to track any progress? 6
  7. 7. 9. Links It’s simple:• Do you have a link building strategy for external web- sites?• Make sure your keywords are included in the link text• Make sure you have considered if other pages are more relevant to build links to, then just your root domain• Internal links, within your website, linking to other pages, the same rules for keywords in the link text ap- ply for these• Tool: MajesticSEO – for checking out your competi- tions link building activities, next to yours 7
  8. 8. Learn more about digital marketing:I hope this simple checklist will be useful for you andcontribute towards your websites success.At the moment I’m writing my first eBook: Easy DIgitalMarketing - packed with digital marketing knowledge - sosign-up to get notified or just to receive sample chaptersfrom me at: www.easy-digital-marketing.comExplore: Contact me: Email: veronica@veronicastenberg.se Twitter: @VeronicaVain My newsletter: 8