Stadiums Updated Draft Agenda


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Stadium and Venue Design and Development Russia & CIS Draft Agenda

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Stadiums Updated Draft Agenda

  1. 1. Stadium and Venue Design and Development Russia & CIS 2011 Building Sustainable Stadiums for the Region Berlin, Germany Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th October 2011This is a draft document subject tochanges and so does not necessarilyrepresent the final programme In light of the success of our Stadium events globally, particularly the latest one in Qatar WHY YOU CANNOT attended by over 300 people, Construction and MISS THIS EVENT? Infrastructure IQ, bring you the very latest in the series of events, Stadium and Venue Design and • Learn about cutting- Development Russia and CIS. edge technologies in stadium development WHO WILL ATTEND • Explore international The summit will bring together global sports experience in stadium committee and club representatives, development for world associations, developers, architects and class events engineers involved, or looking to be involved in the 2018 World Cup. • Discover cost-efficient design and THE AGENDA construction strategies • Build business The agenda will focus on designing and relationships with developing sustainable, energy efficient major players in the stadiums with compact master plans that ensure a lasting legacy of stadiums as well as addressing industry key issues for companies outside of Russia working with local partners on this project. Confirmed Speakers Include: • Hubert Nienhoff, CEO, gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner • Markus Pfisterer, Director, gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner • John Barrow, Senior Principal, Populous • Ivar Krasinski, Design Director, Burt Hill • Mark Fenwick, Director, RFA Fenwick Iribarren Architects • J Parrish, Director Global Sports, Europe & Stadium Architect, Aecom • Ilja Kaenzig, CEO, Stade de Suisse • Joachim Thomas, Managing Director, Berlin Olympic Stadium • Senior Representative, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organising Committee • Eugene Van Vuuren, Former Technical Advisor, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Local Organising Committee
  2. 2. DAY ONE08:00 Registration and Refreshments09:00 Chairman’s Welcome TACKLING REGIONAL CHALLENGES IN STADIUM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT09:10 Keynote Session: The Journey So Far – From Winning the 2018 Bid to the Latest ConstructionChallenges • Integrating FIFA requirements and international standards in stadium development • Examining latest developments in World Cup 2018 construction projects • Building stadiums to ensure lasting legacySenior Representative, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organising Committee09:50 Case-Study: Sochi 2014 – Looking at Venue and Infrastructure Developments • Analysing urban infrastructure – looking at changing face of the city • Evaluating long-term economic impact of sport venue development in Sochi • Building world class venues compliant with international regulations10:30 Networking Coffee Break11:00 Case-Study: UEFA EURO 2012 – Understanding Current State of the Construction Projects • Construction challenges – finding the way • Evaluating the impact of hosting world class events on local communities • Analysing plans for post-event functions of the venues11:40 Panel Discussion: Considering the Impact of Climate on Stadium Design • Mitigating the impact of harsh climate on construction times • Utilising latest developments in stadium design for climate control • Understanding maintenance issues for climate control technologiesPanellists:J Parrish, Director Global Sports, Europe & Stadium Architect, Aecom12:20 Networking Lunch Break13:40 Panel Discussion: Looking at Post-Tournament Experiences of Stadiums • Achieving economic sustainability of the stadiums after world class events • Linking stadiums to existing urban and social infrastructure • Utilising latest technologies increasing flexibility of venuesPanellists:Ilja Kaenzig, CEO, Stade de SuisseJoachim Thomas, Managing Director, Berlin Olympic Stadium CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGIES FOR STADIUM DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT14:20 Ensuring Sustainability of Your Stadium Projects – Sochi Olympic Stadium • Utilising the best available technologies in delivering flexible venues • Understanding the best strategies to achieve maximum energy efficiency • Maintaining balance between sustainability and efficiencyJohn Barrow, Senior Principal, Populous15:00 Networking Coffee Break15:30 Case Study: How Can Sustainability Be Achieved? • Looking at technologies improving KPIs of stadium sustainability • Analysing actual examples of sustainable stadiums • Evaluating long-term cost of sustainable stadiumsMark Fenwick, Director, RFA Fenwick Iribarren Architects
  3. 3. FINANCING OF STADIUM AND VENUE DEVELOPMENT16:10 Financing of Stadium Development in Russia for 2018 World Cup • Analysing involvement of the business sector in Russia in stadium development • Looking at sources of finance available for your stadium projects • Understanding the role of export credit agencies16:50 Chairman’s Closing Comments17:00 Close of Day One DAY TWO08:30 Registration and Refreshments09:00 Chairman’s Welcome ENSURING SECURITY AND SAFETY IN STADIUM DEVELOPMENT09:10 Keynote Session: Meeting FIFA Requirements for Security Standards • Looking at the bigger picture – security of surrounding infrastructure • Using tactical intelligence for team and spectators security • Evaluating latest technologies for security control09:50 Case-Study: Ensuring Security and Safety of World Class Stadiums • Implementing effective crowd management in stadium design • Factoring in teams and spectators safety in stadium design • Deployment of the latest fire safety technologies10:30 Networking Coffee Break UNDERSTANDING URBAN PLANNING11:00 Looking at the Cultural, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Stadium Site Selection • Linking existing urban infrastructure to stadium design • Evaluating the cultural impact of stadium projects on the local communities • Analysing environmental and economic impacts of sports venue developmentIvar Krasinski, Design Director, Burt Hill11:40 Overcoming Logistical and Operational Challenges of a Compact Master Plan • Addressing space requirements for stadium development • Combining high-density urban living with sustainable technology in stadium construction • Incorporating operational requirements into stadium designJ Parrish, Director Global Sports, Europe & Stadium Architect, AecomJonathan Rose, Principal, Masterplanning Practice Leader, Aecom12:20 Networking Lunch EXAMINING STADIUM RETROFITTING13:40 Understanding Stadium and Venue Retrofit Challenges to Meet FIFA Requirements • Evaluating design and construction requirements for retrofits o Upgrading level of spectators comfort o Improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability o Addressing evacuation issues • Analysing costs of retrofits compared to new builds • Assessing reusability of existing structures and materialsEugene Van Vuuren, Former Technical Advisor, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Local OrganisingCommittee
  4. 4. 14:20 Case-Study: Evaluating the Results of Successful Retrofit Projects • Analysing developer’s objectives of retrofitting and ways to preserve cultural heritage • Looking at actual examples of the projects – Berlin Olympic Stadium, New Delhi Stadium, National Stadium in Warsaw • Evaluating the results achievedHubert Nienhoff, CEO, gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und PartnerMarkus Pfisterer, Director, gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner15:00 Networking Coffee Break15:30 Panel Discussion: Avoiding Re-Design and Construction Faults in Stadium Development • Looking at key stages of the design process from concept to venue • Bringing together cross-functional expertise of architects, consultants and engineers to avoid construction faults • When things go wrong – crisis management strategies for construction companiesPanellists:Paul Hyett, Principal, HKSinc ENSURING EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT16:10 Building Effective Business Relationships in Russia & CIS • Understanding legislative context and translation requirements • Effective relationship management with your local partners • Finding the right people – staff recruitment and training16:50 Chair’s Closing Comments17:00 Close of Main Summit