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Indian Architect & Builder - Dec 09

  1. 1. FREE WITH INDIAN ARCHITECT & BUILDER SEPTEMBER 2009 ISSUE ACE GROUP ARCHITECTS Celebrating 25 years of design innovation
  2. 2. Introduction Dinesh Verma An integrated consultancy firm, having successfully Principal Architect & designed and executed projects ranging from residential, Managing Director commercial, industrial, institutional to interiors — the Bangalore-based Ace Group Architects Pvt Ltd advocates versatility in design and thought process where creativity is not hampered by what the style demands. Dinesh Verma, the Principal Architect and Managing Director, Ace Group adds a feather to the cap of the credentials of the company. Verma, the pioneer of the firm insists on fusion and fluidity of design where the entire projects blends uniformly with respect to form and space. The designs are versatile, depicting varied themes, where each theme is not conventionally portrayed but packs in an element of individuality that imbibes the character of the development, its specific requirements and lifestyle, conforming to its surrounding environment. He is the M K Satyaprasad recipient of the prestigious national award, “Architect of Executive Director the year 2005”, in Mumbai while his designed building fetched him “Meritious entry award - Rajasthan Structure 2008” at Jaipur. Along with Verma, Ace Group has two other directors M.K. Satyaprasad Executive Director and R Sridhar Technical Director have been doing projects together all over India since 1984. Ace Group is an award winning company offering a one stop solution for everything in building design. Ace Group experience in Educational designs is unmatched with more than 55 educational institutions. These include International School campus, Engineering colleges, Bio-Tech & Science R Sridhar Institutes to University design & planning. Technical Director 2 3
  3. 3. commercial The front view of the trade centre. The structure showcasing Indian crafts design. AdityA trAde Centre Mysore UrbAn HAAt The interior view of the lobby. This contemporary style This design showcases Indian The urban village. building houses a shopping crafts originating from various mall, business hotel as parts of the country. The well as software and other development reflects a village offices. Its multilevel car theme, complete with courtyards park is so structured as to and graphics on the walls of provide exclusive entrances the structures. The pathways for each of these divisions. are also structured in a typical Being a green building, the village manner. The distance hotel supplies the water between each house is also requirements of the toilets similar to a real courtyard in a in both the IT offices as village. The design incorporates well as the shopping mall. hand crafted stone pillars which The building is also totally support the rough wooden vaastu compliant. rafters. The terracotta roofing tiles lends an authentic village theme. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Aditya Trade Centre STYLE : Contemperory PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murty , Atreya Consulatnts PROJECT : Mysore Urban Haat STYLE : Indian – Village Influence POWER PLANNING : Tanuja, Entask CLIENT : Manjeera Estates [P] Ltd. ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Govind INTERIOR : Ranjit Naik, SNA Associates CLIENT : JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysore ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Ashwini Bagal PH SERVICES : Sampath Kumar , SK Associates LOCATION : Ameerpeth, Hyderabad STRUCTURE : Krishnamurthy – Veejay Consultants COMPLETION : 00 LOCATION : Ring Road, Mysore STRUCTURE : R. Sridhar, Prashant, Shivnanjegowda COMPLETION : 004 PLOT AREA : Acres POWER PLANNING : Gupta - S SU Associates PLOT AREA : 7 Acres COORDINTATION : MK Satyaprasad, Vinay Chandra 4
  4. 4. commercial The front view of the ecofriendly software park. The metal and glass facade of the IT park. siri softwAre PArk sUryA it PArk View of the courtyard. View of the atrium. The glass pyramid that filters sun light. This eco friendly project was Time being a constraint in this specifically designed to enable project, with 2.5 lakh sqft of the entire 450 odd workforce built up area to be completed to work throughout the day in eight months, the design in natural daylight without was tweaked to meet this artificial lighting. The air requirement. Thus, a large conditioning system designed part of the structure was done works on water cooled in metal and glass though the chillers with the entire water metal was so used as to not requirement met with recycled show any joints. The building water. The recycled water incorporates a huge dining also flushes the toilets and area in the basement, which maintains the landscape. The receives natural light from the unique façade with graphics on sunlight filtering through the the exteriors depict the skyline glass pyramid positioned on of Manhattan, New York. top of it. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Siri Software Park STYLE : Contemperory PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murthy, Atreya Consultants PROJECT : Surya IT Park STYLE : Contemperory – Western Influence PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murthy, Atreya Consultants CLIENT : Siri Technologies [p] Ltd. DESIGN TEAM : Dinesh Verma, Sujatha LANDSCAPE : Shivkumar CLIENT : RGA Software [P] Ltd. ARCHITCTURE : Dinesh Verma, Ashwini Bagal LANDSCAPE : Shivkumar - Reflections LOCATION : Electronic City, Bangalore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar INTERIOR : Dinesh Verma LOCATION : Electronic City, Bangalore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar COMPLETION : 004 PLOT AREA : Acres POWER PLANNING : S SU Associates COMPLETION : 1998 PLOT AREA : Acres POWER PLANNING : Dwarkanath – Servalac Consultants 7
  5. 5. commercial bunglows The exterior view of the park. The exterior view of the bunglow. yAsHAswi Convention Centre sAMdAriA’s residenCe The interior view of the park. This convention centre, with A Victorian Influenced style The detailed interior view. its futuristic theme has been bungalow, designed for a literally lifted off the ground joint family, this residence with an elevated road leading skillfully integrates the up to it. Underneath, it features rooms with common living a banquet hall with a large areas. Elements of Victorian open area in the front. The era like wood, roof tiles, banquet hall at ground level and cornices have been and the convention centre on used both in exteriors and top give the illusion of being interiors. These elements part of two separate buildings including the exterior wood while being essentially one cladding have been detailed single structure making it to enable easy maintenance an ideal place to host 2000 and polishing. people. The shell is designed in metal, towering about 90 ft above the ground. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Yashaswi Convention Centre STYLE : Futuristic LANDSCAPE : Ace Group PROJECT : Samdaria’s Residence STYLE : Contemporary, Victorian Influence PH SERVICES : N.V. Rao CLIENT : Rashinkar Family DESIGN TEAM : Dinesh Verma INTERIOR : Dinesh Verma, Ace Group CLIENT : Dr Ashok Anil Samdaria ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Rajesh Narang LANDSCAPE : Shivkumar LOCATION : Mysore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar COMPLETION : 00 LOCATION : Shantinagar, Bangalore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar INTERIOR : Kunal Virasp PLOT AREA : Acres POWER PLANNING : S SU Associates PLOT AREA : 7000sqft POWER PLANNING : Gupta - S SU Associates COMPLETION : 00 8 9
  6. 6. bunglows The project showcases ample use of wood. The project was influenced by Californian style. View of the bunglow with terrace garden. KUTNIKAR’S BUNGALOW JP’S BUNGALOW Wood-logged interior of the bungalow. Contemporary style with With its circular roofs, this Luxury interior with Roman hydro bath. Californian influence of residence features plenty of beach wood roof top lounge, greenery. Starting from the the building blends open terrace, a trail of green can spaces, high ceiling and be noticed which leads into informal spaces seamlessly the living area. The building into a perfect lifestyle for the features drip irrigation system NRI family. A combination to incorporate the extensive of stone cladding and greenery in the balconies. railings, designed with The residence designed with leftover wooden logs from central air-conditioning, luxury the nearby plywood factory, interiors, also has an indoor marks the exteriors. pool which is fashioned as a Roman Hydro Bath. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Kutnikar’s Bungalow STYLE : Contemperory PH SERVICES : N V Rao PROJECT : JP’s Bungalow STYLE : Contemperory PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murthy, Atreya Consultants CLIENT : Dr Kutnikar DESIGN TEAM : Dinesh Verma, Ashwini Bagal INTERIOR : Dinesh Verma CLIENT : J P Narayanswamy DESIGN TEAM : Dinesh Verma, Ace Group LANDSCAPE : Shekhar James LOCATION : Mysore. STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar, Raghunath COMPLETION : 2003 LOCATION : RMVE, Bangalore STRUCTURE : G S Baswaraj, Chetana Consultants INTERIOR : Zarine Khan - Tradition Arts PLOT AREA : 10,000sqft POWER PLANNING : Gupta - S SU Associates PLOT AREA : 12,000sqft POWER PLANNING : Dwarkanath, Servalac COMPLETION : 2002 10 11
  7. 7. bunglows Exterior view : Tiled roof were used to lend the particular style of bunglow. Geometric shape of the bunglow gives it a contemporary style VAGH’S RESIDENCE RASHINKARS BUNGALOW The interior view showcasing the curved staircases. The British style bungalow, Contemporary style bunglow Interior view. with the steel bracketed uses geometric shapes, canopy has its entrance with the roof originating opening on to a sunlit from the ground on one courtyard. The real stone side, rising up to 40ft high arches and balcony and going down to ground overlooking the courtyard level on the other side. further add to the period While the interiors match style besides lending a the contemporary exteriors, charm to the interiors. The unique features like glass master bedroom on the doors for bedrooms, skylit ground floor opens to the bathrooms, and flooring with garden on all three sides, a mirror and carpet serving while the curved staircase as a dance floor, make this leads to the upper floor residence exclusive. bedrooms, each with sloped tiled roofs. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Vagh’s Residence STYLE : PERIOD – British In uence PH SERVICES : Ace Group PROJECT : Rashinkars Bungalow STYLE : Contemprory, Geometrical POWER PLANNING: S SU Associates CLIENT : Mr Mohamadi Vagh ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Mahesh LANDSCAPE : Shivkumar CLIENT : Prakash Rashinkar ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, SN Ramesh PH SERVICES : Ace Group LOCATION : Mysore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar INTERIOR : Dinesh Verma LOCATION : Siddhartha Layout, Mysore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar LANDSCAPE : Ace Group PLOT AREA : 16000sqft POWER PLANNING : Ace Group COMPLETION : 1993 PLOT AREA : 5000sqft COORDINTATION : MK Satyaprasad INTERIOR : Dinesh Verma 12 13
  8. 8. educational The school was designed in a symmetrical fashion. The exterior view. The dome structure acts as the centre of the building. bgs internAtionAl sCHool CMr institUte of teCHnology The landscape. This building design was based This contemporary styled The view of the canteen. on local Karnataka architecture, building was structured to with elements derived on the showcase technical superiority lines of the Vidhana Soudha, blending with architectural the secretariat building of the elements of natural stone government of Karnataka. and recessed windows. The structure is designed The multilevel structure is with sprawling gardens in supported by two rows of three front which accentuate its columns, each with a 33m majestic appearance. Either span. The campus has the side of the buildings are totally buildings on the periphery with symmetrical with the centre the centre open space being dome acting as the focal point. reserved for student activity. All buildings in the campus are The auditorium floor has only with similar elements to make four columns, at a distance of the environment a blend of 100ft from each other. local architecture. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : BGS International School STYLE : Indian – Mysore Influence PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murthy, Atreya Consultants PROJECT : CMR Institute of Technology STYLE : Contemprorary – Influence Technology POWER PLANNING : Gutpa - S SU Associates CLIENT : Malpani Group ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, GS Dinesh LANDSCAPE : Ace Group CLIENT : CMR Jyanadhara Trust DESIGN TEAM : Dinesh Verma, Ashwini Bagal PH SERVICES : NV Rao – Rao Co. LOCATION : Kumbalgaudu, Bangalore Rural STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar COMPLETION : 001 LOCATION : Brookfields, Bangalore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar, Ace Group INTERIOR : Mr Murli PLOT AREA : 0 Acres POWER PLANNING : S SU Associates PLOT AREA : 11 Acres COORDINTATION : MK Satyaprasad, Kiran COMPLETION : 00 14 1
  9. 9. educational The project provides world-class educational facilities. The spatial structure of the school. dHrUv ACAdeMy dPs eAst The sprawling campus of the academy. A sprawling campus designed The building was specifically The Exibition Lobby. Kindergarten. for semi-urban children for structured to accommodate providing them world-class the massive pupil strength schooling facilities. The of over 2500 where students design concept influenced do not feel constrained for by period styling gives the space. Corridors are designed campus a monumental touch. with ventilation ducts. The The design features natural kindergarten features various cross ventilation in all the shapes on the walls, where classrooms, semi–indoor each geometric shape figures teaching environments and as large openings on the walls. uncluttered single loaded Separate wings have been corridors. The dining hall designed for different age designed with roof ventilations groups to have ergonomically to exhaust the hot air can designed facilities of toilets. accommodate 500 people. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Dhruv Academy STYLE : Period Influence PH SERVICES : Sampath Kumar – SK Associates PROJECT : DPS EAST STYLE : Contemperory PH SERVICES : Entask CLIENT : Malpani Group ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Rajesh Narang, Jose Colins LANDSCAPE : Vikas Bhosekar CLIENT : K.K. Educational Charitable Trust ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Masood Ahmed LANDSCAPE : Shivkumar, Riyaz LOCATION : Sanganmer, Pune-Nasik Road STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar, Swamy, Johnson INTERIOR : Hari Aghase LOCATION : Bangalore rural STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar, Fahim Bepari INTERIOR : Ace Group PLOT AREA : 0 Acres POWER PLANNING : Gupta - S SU Associates COMPLETION : 007 PLOT AREA : 1 Acres POWER PLANNING : Entask COMPLETION : 007 1 17
  10. 10. educational The structure gives a lasting impression. The school design imbibes its style from period architecture. globAl ACAdeMy of teCHnology indiA internAtionAl sCHool With extra floor heights the building looks overpowering. Located atop of a hill, this period This building was structured Modern materials are used in construction. style building, complete with follwing the history of the clock tower, was designed City of palace, Jaipur. The to leave a lasting impression structure imbibes period amongst the students in architecture complete with terms of its majestic structure. circles, verticals and bands, The tall structure supported but the materials used are by period style columns has modern. The verticals and an overpowering image. The bands here are made of design features were pre-cast metal, resulting in a fusion in concrete and some were of modern materials and moulded in FRP.The building period style architecture. The with its extra floor heights, building received the ICI-RSC large windows keep the inside Ultratech Endowment Award cool and well illuminated. for Outstanding Concrete Ornamental landscape has Structure of Rajasthan. added an extra charm. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Global Academy of Technology STYLE : PERIOD INFLUENCE PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murthy , Atrya Consultants PROJECT : India International School STYLE : Period Influence PH SERVICES : Sampath Kumar , SK Associates CLIENT : The National Education Foundation ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Rajesh Narang, Masood Ahmed COMPLETION : 00 CLIENT : IIS Institutional Network ARCHITCTURE : Dinesh Verma, Rajesh Narang INTERIOR : Ace Group LOCATION : Bangalore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar, Fahim Bepari LOCATION : Mansarovar, Jaipur STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar, Swamy BSN COMPLETION : 007 PLOT AREA : 1 Acres POWER PLANNING : Gupta - S SU Associates PLOT AREA : Acres POWER PLANNING : Dwarkanath , Servalac 18 19
  11. 11. educational The school was built on barren land. Topography of the site was not disturbed by the school design. INDUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL JSS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL The administrative block forms the focal point. This award winning majestic This ideal hill architecture Modular design of the school using local stone. white building reflecting the was designed to ensure the Greco Roman style campus topography of the site was not was built on what was once a disturbed. The buildings here barren land sans vegetation. rise from the hill naturally The circular administrative with their levels adjusted to block was built at the centre conform to the incline of the to act as a focal point around hill. A modular design of the which the two massive block was perceived such structures feature. that the floor level of its four The entire campus is segments can be altered eco-friendly and generates as per the natural contour. water for landscaping from Use of local stone with roofs the sewage, its rainwater is coloured in natural green collected in a natural tank. merged the entire campus with the natural hills. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Indus International School STYLE : Period - Influence Greco Roman PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murthy, Atreya PROJECT : JSS International School STYLE : Period - Hill Architecture PH SERVICES : N.V. .Rao, Rao Co CLIENT : The Indus Trust ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Rajesh Narang LANDSCAPE : Mohan, Inde CLIENT : JSS MahaVidyapeetha, Mysore ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, G.S. Dinesh, Jose Colins COMPLETION : 1991 LOCATION : Sarjapur, Bangalore STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar INTERIOR : Dinesh Verma LOCATION : Theetakal, Ooty STRUCTURE : R.Sridhar, Swamy BSN PHOTOGRAPHY : Dinesh Verma PLOT AREA : 30 Acres POWER PLANNING : Dwarakanath, Servalac COMPLETION : 2003 PLOT AREA : 30 Acres POWER PLANNING : Gupta - S SU Associates 20 21
  12. 12. educational With its majestic plain white surface the institute creates a statement. Simple design of the school. REVA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Sky-lit amphitheatre. The Contemporary style Buttresses were used as an The sprawling campus. project was originally planned element of design to signify to be done in phases. Hence the support a school offers the design elements were to the society. The simplistic planned such that at any architectural forms integrated given stage, the project would with the central court provided always appear complete. The the open space for student’s structure predominantly uses interaction, where as the grey stone with plain white indoor and outdoor sports surfaces, blended into squares facility provided professional and semicircles. The academic environment. The state-of-the- building incorporates a sky art cultural centre is designed lit amphitheatre courtyard for a holistic education in the centre with stairway environment. The campus bridges connecting the wings recycles sewage and uses the at different levels. treated water for landscaping. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Reva Institute of Technology Management STYLE : Contemprorary PH SERVICES : Nugi Consultants PROJECT : The International School Bangalore STYLE : Period In uence PH SERVICES : Vasudev Murthy, Atreya Consultants CLIENT : Rukhmini Educational Charitable Trust ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Ashwini Bagal, Hansa LANDSCAPE : Mr Sigamani CLIENT : National Education Trust ARCHITECTURE : Dinesh Verma, Hyma Alex, Ashwath LANDSCAPE : Mohan , Inde LOCATION : Yelhanka, Bangalore STRUCTURE : G S Baswaraj , Chetana Consultant COMPLETION : 2005 LOCATION : Bangalore Rural STRUCTURE : GS Baswaraj, R.Sridhar INTERIOR : Dinesh Verma PLOT AREA : 11 Acres POWER PLANNING : Nugi Consultants PLOT AREA : 50 Acres POWER PLANNING : Dwarkanath, Servalac Consultants COMPLETION : 2002 22 23
  13. 13. interiors The reception area. The curvy glass interiors. AloPA networks glAssiCs – A treAsUre in glAss The conference room. The idea was to make the Being a showroom for The curvy staircase. The meeting area. otherwise modular software exquisite glass structures office, into a brighter work and walls, there was a need atmosphere, by integrating to create large spaces and designer glass panels with display the glass where it can wood inlayed with natural be seen from both sides and granite stone. Using daylight has light passing through it. To luminaries for the lobby and serve this, the interiors were the conference room brought given plenty of curves where in a unique décor, highlighting the glass structure could be the wall panels, cornices, and hung with the light passing the glasswork. The conference from the back. Right from the room incorporates a theme of staircase to the walls, ceiling evolution of mankind and goes and floor, every facet of the up to the string theory which interior has been used to is futuristic in both technology display the glass structures. and design. FACT FILE: FACT FILE: PROJECT : Alopa Networks STYLE : Modern - Period Influence HVAC : Aircon PROJECT : Glassics – A treasure in glass FLOOR AREA : 4000sqft POWER PLANNING : Guptaw, S SU Associates CLIENT : Vijaya Verma DESIGN TEAM : Dinesh Verma, Rajesh Narang COMPLETION : 00 CLIENT : Anita Srisrimal STYLE : Modern COMPLETION : 008 LOCATION : Bangalore POWER PLANNING : Dwarkanath – Servalac LOCATION : Bangalore DESIGN TEAM : Dinesh Verma, Ashwini Bagal AREA : 700sqft 4
  14. 14. upcoming projects 1 Upcoming Projects 1. Residence for Aajyeenkya Patil - Pune . Chetana Trust Spritual Centre - Bangalore . NCL Corporate Office - Hyderabad 4. Cochin Mall - Cochin . Vyasa School - Bangalore . DY Patil Biotech Blk - Pune 4 7 7. Hotel at Electronic City Bangalore 7