Infographic: Key Enterprise Tech Trends for 2014


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Verizon identifies key enterprise technology trends for 2014. Cloud, Security and M2M Connected Solutions give Individuals greater control over innovation and business success.

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Infographic: Key Enterprise Tech Trends for 2014

  1. 1. VERIZON IDENTIFIES KEY ENTERPRISE TECH TRENDS FOR 2014 Cloud, Security and M2M Connected Solutions Give Individuals Greater Control Over Innovation and Business Success 1 The Customer of One Comes of Age In 2014, enterprises will refocus on customer touch points, recognizing that integrated omnichannel connections – across online, mobile, broadcast and in-store – can make customers feel valued at every step of the purchase and experience lifecycle. 2 M2M “As a Service” Simplifies Path to the Connected World Ubiquitous 4G LTE wireless service and the availability of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions “as a service” – on demand, over the Internet and ready to use – coupled with strong security will overcome the issues that have previously prevented many organizations from fully embracing M2M. 3 The Shortage of Security Expertise Forces Changes to Cybersecurity Management Continued targeted attacks and high-profile security breaches impel corporate boards of directors to demand substantial increases in security investments in 2014 – and rethinking of traditional approaches to cyber security management. 4 IT Decentralizes IT will be core to every business function. The C-suite (e.g. CFO, CMO, COO), lines of business and staff functions will increasingly take the lead role in engaging and deploying in the cloud, because of the immediate deployment speed, flexibility, control and cost value they see in cloud, as well as advantages in big data analysis. 5 Providers Add Gravity to the Cloud In a world where mobile is the norm, and rich media content is a given, the cloud will come into its own as the only location where growing data volumes can be stored, accessed and analyzed on demand. In 2014, adding software and services to the cloud will be a key focus for cloud providers.