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Infographic: The Changing Face of Today's Cloud Customer


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Read about how aligning IT and lines-of-business leaders results in a tightly integrated cloud strategy where differing roles come together to create a real business advantage.

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Infographic: The Changing Face of Today's Cloud Customer

  1. 1. BRIDGING THE DIVIDE BETWEEN IT AND LINES OF BUSINESS The changing face of TODAY’S CLOUD CUSTOMER EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT CLOUD—and not just everyone in the IT department. From CMOs to VPs to department heads, non-IT buyers make up more than half of today’s cloud purchases. Aligning IT and lines-of-business leaders results in a tightly integrated cloud strategy where differing roles come together to create a real business advantage. M A R K E TING WHO ARE THEY? EVERY MINUTE, THEY’RE ONLINE 1 Always on. And always on the move. CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER 2 + million Google searches 79% CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER MARKETING TECHNOLOGIST have their phones with them 22 hours a day.2 They know your customers and how to deliver. That’s a HUGE AND IT SHOWS. WEBSITES SOCIAL MONITORING PROGRAMS opportunity for marketers. RIGHT? 55% of short-term campaigns CRM SYSTEMS MOBILE APPS WIDGETS Top beverage companies have Tens of Millions of Facebook∏ fans. That’s a lot of engagement. INTERACTIVE TOOLS 72% of CRM QR CODES And manage all the data that comes with it. 66% of custom apps 2.5 QUINTILLION bytes to be exact.4 ENTER THE CLOUD. Only if they have the RESOURCES they need to reach more and more customers on more and more devices. and 320+ new Twitter∏ accounts ...are created in the cloud. 3 On demand. Fully flexible. Pay-as-you-go. And Verizon Terremark Enterprise Cloud can give marketers the control and flexibility they need to launch campaigns, websites, apps, and social platforms on demand. Technology that bridges marketers and their IT departments. P RODUC T DE V ELOP MENT WHO ARE THEY? CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER VP of PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR of PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT They make the products that make the company. In our connected world... Today, connected shoes share your JOG around the park, around the world. New products must be: TECH-FOCUSED. INTERACTIVE. CONNECTED. IMMERSIVE. Smart, learning thermostats have replaced an ordinary household necessity with an extraordinary opportunity for manufacturers and customers to connect. SMART REFRIGERATORS yield smarter decisions at the store. And PLANES burn 01010101010101010101010110101010010101011010101001010 through more data than 10110101010010101011010101001010101101010100101010110 fuel to provide trip and 10101001010101101010100101010110101010101010100101010 10101010010101010101010010101011010101001010101101010 safety information. More connections create more data to help drive future developments. And they don’t have time to wait on IT resources. Instead, they’re turning to the cloud for: Today’s automobiles create data logs to track car performance. And in some cases, turn a bad review into a good story about driver error. 70% of testing and development 64% of collaboration 3 With Verizon Terremark Enterprise Cloud, product development teams can go from proof of concept to product launch without delay or concern for IT resources. Product development teams have adopted a startup mentality. R ESE A RCH & DE V ELOP MENT (R&D) WHO ARE THEY? CHIE F IN N OVATIO N O FFICE R R&D H E A D R&D DIR EC TO R They take the big risks— and shoot for big returns. BIG PHARMA? That’s enough to buy: That requires big investment. 371 ADS DURING THE BIG GAME. $1.3 16 MILLION OFFICIAL PRO FOOTBALLS. $1.496 BILLION That’s how much companies are investing in R&D globally. 5 2 PRO FOOTBALL STADIUMS. ANNUAL SALARY FOR ALMOST THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. EVERY SEAT IN EVERY PRO STADIUM FOR SIX WEEKS. is the average cost to bring a new DRUG to market.6 TRILLION R&D = T R I A L & ER RO R On a massive scale But cloud computing is flipping the risk-to-reward ratio on its head. It’s a daunting proposition with nearly infinite possibilities for failure. 10M RISK Like scientists searching MOLECULAR COMPOUNDS for medical breakthroughs. REWARD Testing every solution possible. In as little time as possible. With the instant deployment of thousands of virtual machines, those same scientists can perform more than: molecular simulations per hour 200x as many projects Verizon Terremark Enterprise Cloud lets R&D teams ramp up their efforts at will—without adding time or man-hours. Learn how Verizon Dynamic Cloud solutions help lines-of-business and IT leaders work together. Sources: 1. Leadership Close Up, “Try Absorbing an Internet Minute. I dare you...” July 19, 2013 2. IDC-Facebook, “Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep us Engaged,” March 27, 2013 3. Frost & Sullivan, 2012 U.S. Cloud User Survey: Evolving Usage of Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds 4., “2.5 Quintillion Bytes Created Each Day, Calculated ViaWest, ” July 26, 2012 5., “2013 Global R&D Funding Forecast,” December 2012 6., “The Truly Staggering Cost of Inventing New Drugs,” February 10, 2012 © 2013 Verizon. All Rights Reserved. The Verizon name and logo and all other names, logos, and slogans identifying Verizon’s products and services are trademarks and service marks or registered trademarks and service marks of Verizon Trademark Services LLC or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. FS15650a 08/13