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Machine to machine is expanding rapidly and understanding how it can help your business is not only a strong strategy but a future proof process. See how Verizon can give you the right tools for your M2M plan.

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  • This presentation introduces you to machine-to-machine technology and cloud services. It describes the Verizon end-to-end solution for machine-to-machine with cloud capabilities. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
  • Businesses are using machine-to-machine technology to manage operational costs in five areas:Travel time required to collect dataEmployees needed to capture the dataVehicles required to reach locationsInsurance required for those vehiclesPerson hours needed to support dispatch and data gathering
  • Cloud services enable secure, online access to computing resources such as memory, processing, storage and bandwidth. This technology opens the door for efficiencies due to the use of pooled resources and resulting economies of scale. Examples of cloud services include Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. These service-based models help businesses like yours pay for computing needs as required, which can help reduce both upfront and overall investments in IT architecture—especially helpful to your bottom-line when your business needs change. You can scale your IT-enabled capabilities and better manage costs by paying only for the actual resources your company needs.  Cloud services also provide geographically dispersed, redundant architecture for disaster recovery and failover, plus 24-hour monitoring and remote backup. Your IT infrastructure is shared among many users, so your cost is low due to economies of scale. And the platform is provider agnostic—data centers that form the cloud can connect multiple national, local and international carriers.
  • Today’s agencies are using cloud services for:Offloading highly utilized applications and services to high-performance computersApplication development and distributionRemote access to informationApplication hostingData storage and remote back upBusiness intelligence and analytics
  • Cloud computing enables cost-effective, flexible architecture that can help improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and streamline operations when deploying machine-to-machine solutions. The virtual platform enables you to take advantage of your meaningful machine-to-machine data through:Cost-effective computing power, storage and analytics.Integration with agency applications and IT systems.Faster, more flexible application development.Efficient application delivery.
  • Verizon’s machine-to-machine cloud solutions provide:Layered security options with firewall and load balancingHigh levels of security (AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit)Expansive data-center footprint of nearly 50 state-of-the-art facilities located in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United StatesIntegrated solution with direct-peering access to 160 operatorsAbility to quickly scale your platform, access, and distributionIntegrated pool of compute resources (storage, memory, CPU) with capability to provision applicationsat the time of needDemand-based usage—only pay for actual resources needed
  • vCloud Express delivers flexible, efficientcomputing only when you need it. Plus:Power and control to configure resources exactly as neededDemand-based usage to pay for actual resources usedLow-cost cloud service, great for short-term development needs, tight budgets or as an interim solution as you grow your agencyPowered by Terremark and delivered from top-tier data centers connected to a global web of 160 network providersVMware’s robust and secure virtualization platform, giving you freedom and control, combined with high reliability and securityConvenient online portal to purchase and set up your solution quickly
  • Enterprise Cloud combines the power and flexibility of Infrastructureas a Service with the expertise, security and availability that large organizations demand. Plus:Easy-to-use Web-based management interface provides command and control over cloud-based resources such as computing power, storage and network Powered by Terremark and delivered from top-tier data centers connected to a global web of 160 network providersBuilt on a fully clustered enterprise-class computing architecture, featuring VMware virtualization software that isolates your data from other clients within the cloudAllows for precise and dynamic allocation of computing resources when and where they are neededEnables SSL or API access through a private network connection to build, manage and control access to virtual machinesOffers the scale, efficiency and security to meet all your government agencyneedsTerremark maintains a facility clearance level at “top secret” for both its NAP of the capital region (NCR) in Culpeper, VA, and NAP of the Americas in Miami, FL.Additionally, for federal customers, the enterprise cloud is deployed in a “federal-only” pod inside our secure datacenters—no multi-tenancy with commercial customers exists.- USA.GOV,Data.GovAre both hosted in Terremarks facilitiesBoth received Authorization to Operate (ATO)and were accredited at FIPS-Low, low impact but met the requirements for FIPS-Moderate Impact. Terremark has a government division which is a GSA 70 contractot. It provides security and network connectivity to several federal organizations
  • One of the most demanding challenges faced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is payment fraud. In 2009, the television news program 60 Minutes reported that CMS lost more than $60 billion to Medicare fraud that year alone. The CMS want to deploy an anti-fraud prevention system to reduce the number of incidents. Solutions from Verizon and Terremark can help. Devices embedded with wireless chips containing biometric functionality can be used to verify the identity of Medicare patients. Each patient’s fingerprints can be scanned and compared to recorded fingerprints stored in the Terremark cloud for identity verification. Once a patient’s identity has been confirmed, a verification code is generated and submitted to the Medicare payment system for approval. A code is required for each bill submitted by a provider. If the verification code matches the code stored in Terremark’s database, reimbursement will be paid. Otherwise, the system rejects the bill, helping CMS reduce fraud. The combined Verizon-Terremark solution also uses GPS functionality to minimize the effects of payment fraud. Each verification device includes built-in GPS features that allow users to monitor to their location at all times, which enable random, remote checks and location confirmation. Now, the location where patient services are delivered can be captured via GPS to help ensure that they’re at a valid business location.The scanning device can also be monitored to verify that it actually located where it is said to be enabling random, remote checks and verification. Medicare payment processors will have to tied verification code to bill in order to approve bill payment, otherwise the system will reject the bill. Also, the location of where the patient service is delivered will also be captured via GPS in the device to ensure that this is indeed a valid business location. 
  • Managed Hosting provides customers with 24x7 managed services in both dedicated and virtualized infrastructure resources. Plus:Monitoring, reporting, patching, backups or break/fix support of all supported infrastructure
  • Colocation Services provides customers with premium space, power, network and security in nearly 50 data centers across the world. Plus:You can use your own equipment or Terremark’s
  • Solution:A machine-to-machine (M2M) device is installed in each light fixture to monitor when lights go off and notifies the appropriate personnel of outages as they occur. These devices transmit data to a server hosted in the Terremark cloud, which keeps track of outages and the time it takes to restore service.Results:Agency personnel can analyze and track operational data on lights from any tower in the country in real time, which provides a more accurate picture and assessment of the contractor’s performance and help ensure air traffic remains safe.  
  • Verizon provides complete end-to-end machine-to-machine cloud solutions. As a business solution provider, we offer integrated solutions and a device certification program. We provide a reliable application developer ecosystem, with cloud services from Terremark, a leader in cloud and IT solutions. Verizon delivers solutions over high IQ networks, enabling better processes and secure and efficient data management. And we have the expertise to help efficiently transform your business with the most advanced technologies.
  • Vwr20013 m2 m_cloud_overview_gov 3.6.12

    1. 1. Machine-to-Machine and Cloud forGovernmentRealizing Cost Efficiencies with Machine-to-Machine CloudSpeaker NameDate
    2. 2. Important NoteThe provider of the devices and software solutions is solely responsible for therepresentations of its product function, functionality, pricing and serviceagreements. Devices that have been tested to the Verizon Wireless OpenDevelopment Certification specifications and have been approved for use on theVerizon Wireless network, are subject to the following: Certification of suchdevice for use on the network does not mean that Verizon Wireless has madeany determination as to the function, call quality or other functionality provided bythe device. Verizon Wireless does not in any way warrant that the certified device(A) will operate without error on the network (including the network of any othercarrier accessed while roaming or otherwise); (B) will operate without the needfor periodic upgrades or modifications to the certified device; (C) will operateindefinitely on the network; (D) will not be subject to service disruptions orinterruptions due to government regulation, system capacity, coveragelimitations, radio signal interference or other anomalies; or (E) will not beadversely affected by network-related modifications, upgrades or similar activity. 2
    3. 3. Agenda• Managing Operational Costs in Five Areas• Today’s Big Thing: Cloud Services• The Power of Virtualization• Verizon Machine-to-Machine Cloud Solutions• Four Comprehensive Offerings from Terremark – VMware vCloud Express – Enterprise Cloud – Colocation Services – Managed Hosting• Why Verizon?• Next Steps 3
    4. 4. Managing Operational Costs in Five Areas Travel time required to01 collect data Employees needed to02 capture the data Vehicles required to03 reach locations Insurance required for04 those vehicles Person hours needed to support05 dispatch and data gathering 4
    5. 5. Today’s Big Thing: Cloud Services Memory, processing, storage and bandwidth—all of the components of your IT infrastructure—are securely accessible online with cloud services.The benefit: Cloud services open the door for efficiencies. 5
    6. 6. Common Uses for Cloud Services• Offloading highly utilized applications and services to high-performance computers• Application development and distribution• Remote access to information• Application hosting• Data storage and remote back up• Intelligence and analytics 6
    7. 7. The Power of VirtualizationThe virtual platform enables you totake advantage of your meaningfulmachine-to-machine data through: • Cost-effective computing power, storage and analytics. • Integration with agency applications and IT systems. • Faster, more flexible application development. • Efficient application delivery. 7
    8. 8. Verizon Machine-to-Machine Cloud SolutionsOur machine-to-machine cloud solutions enable you to create massmarket enterprise solutions with the ability to quickly develop newapplications and transfer, store, aggregate, interpret and access databetween machines. Key Features: • Layered security • Direct peering • Scalable • Pay for resources needed 8
    9. 9. Four Comprehensive Offerings from TerremarkTerremark, a Verizon Company, is a leader in transforming andsecuring enterprise-class IT with Infrastructure as a Servicesolutions. We provide some of the world’s top companies withreliable, secure, enterprise-grade computing resources. 01 02 03 04 vCloud Enterprise Colocation Managed Express Cloud Services Hosting 9
    10. 10. vCloud Express01Delivers flexible, efficient computingonly when you need it. Plus: • Power and control to configure computing resources • Demand-based usage to pay for actual resources used • Low-cost pricing structure • VMware virtualization • Convenient online portal to get started quickly 10
    11. 11. Enterprise Cloud 02Combines the power and flexibility of Infrastructure as a Servicewith the expertise, security and availability that Governmentorganizations demand.• “Government Only” environment• World Class Security designed to meet the stringent requirements of Government, Healthcare, and other verticals• Unmatched Physical, Administrative, and Technical Safeguards to meeting multiple certification compliance 11
    12. 12. Use Case: Payment FraudA combined Verizon/Terremark solution helps the Centers for Medicare &Medicaid Services (CMS) reduce payment fraud. Gains: • Patients’ identities can now easily be confirmed. • Payments are tied to verification codes. • Submissions without proper verification get rejected. • Legitimate business locations can be verified using GPS functionality. 12
    13. 13. Managed Hosting04 Provides customers with 24x7 managed services in both dedicated and virtualized infrastructure resources. 13
    14. 14. Colocation Services03Provides customers withpremium space, power, networkand security. • Access limited to designated personnel only. • Nearly 50 data centers across the world. 14
    15. 15. Use Case: Real-Time Data for Improved SafetyGovernment agency uses machine-to-machine (M2M) technology tohelp ensure air traffic safety. Gains: • As outages occur, M2M-enabled devices notify personnel for a response. • When service is restored, agency is notified to track performance. • System tracks maintenance data in real time, providing a more accurate picture into response times. • Historical data can be kept for more in-depth trend analysis. 15
    16. 16. Why Verizon?Verizon provides a convenient, one-stop shop for innovativemachine-to-machine cloud solutions. 16
    17. 17. Next StepFor more information about our machine-to-machinecloud solutions, talk to: NameContact infoVisit verizonwireless.com/m2mNetwork details & coverage maps at vzw.com. © 2012 Verizon Wireless.