Innovation day 2013 2.3 rudy van raemdonck (verhaert) - rapid prototyping of embedded systems

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  • 1. Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Systems for IPD 1
  • 2. CONFIDENTIAL Rudy Van Raemdonck Coordinator Embedded Systems 2
  • 3. CONFIDENTIAL Risk based development principles Cut Risk focus Tangible • Looks like real • Works like real • Experience like real Early • Rapid prototyping • Agile 3 Options
  • 4. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL What is Rapid Prototyping? 4
  • 5. CONFIDENTIAL Definition and scope Classic definition “Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data” (Source: Wikipedia) Possible techniques • 3D printer • SLA (Stereo lithography) • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) • Milling • Extrusion Output • Mechanical part/assembly 5
  • 6. CONFIDENTIAL Definition and scope (cont’d) A more generic definition “Rapid prototyping is a process to provide a relevant user experience of the final product in an early stage” (Source: Verhaert) Possible techniques • 3D CAD • Simulation (thermal, structural, electrical, ...) • Mechanical manufacturing techniques • Combining electronic building blocks • Software prototyping Output • Rendered picture • Executable model • Mock-up • Functional demonstrator • User interface graphics (on paper, on screen) 6
  • 7. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL The challenge of Embedded Systems development 7
  • 8. CONFIDENTIAL Market evolution 8
  • 9. CONFIDENTIAL A challenging job Time To Market  How to cope with this? Complexity  Price  9
  • 10. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL How can Rapid Prototyping help you? 10
  • 11. CONFIDENTIAL Increase functionality Conventional approach • Comprehensive Analysis • Detailed design • Proto manufacturing • Preliminary testing • Show first results Functionality Rapid Prototype approach • Quick design • Assemble Rapid Prototype • Show first results 11
  • 12. CONFIDENTIAL Get earlier feedback Conventional approach • Initial feedback based on paper ware • Not easy to envisage for all stakeholders Feedback Rapid Prototype approach • Feedback based on tangible results • Interactive • Inspiring Stakeholder feedback tends to be proportional to the rate of change of perceived functionality. 12
  • 13. CONFIDENTIAL Increase cost control & risk control Conventional approach • Large budget spent before first results • Iterating a design in a late stage is costly Changes (conventional) Changes (rapid proto) Cost per change Rapid Prototype approach • First results after relative small budget is spent • Reduced learning curve • Detailed design phase can be shorter/more efficient • Better specification • More built-up knowledge • Potential re-use of parts of Rapid Prototype 13
  • 14. CONFIDENTIAL Enhance user experience (conventional approach) Mockup Looks like real RP Enclosure Enclosure Mechanical subsystem(s) Embedded Electronic subsystem(s) Demonstrator Works like real Mechanical subsystem(s) Embedded Electronic subsystem(s) Demo User Interface Embedded Software subsystem(s) IPD Process 14 User Interface Embedded Software subsystem(s) Final product
  • 15. CONFIDENTIAL Enhance user experience (Rapid Prototype approach) Mockup Looks like real RP Enclosure Enclosure Rapid Prototype Experience like real! Mechanical subsystem(s) RP User Interface Embedded Electronic subsystem(s) Demonstrator Works like real RP Mechanical subsystem(s) Mechanical subsystem(s) RP Embedded Electronic subsystem(s) Embedded Electronic subsystem(s) RP Embedded Software subsystem(s) Embedded Software subsystem(s) Demo User Interface IPD Process 15 User Interface Embedded Software subsystem(s) Final product
  • 16. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Building Rapid Prototypes of Embedded Systems 16
  • 17. CONFIDENTIAL Rapid proto(type)²s Short time to demo Low budget Relevant Adaptability functionality Reuse for other purposes Probability of solution Similar product ++ ++ ++ -- -- -- Modified product + + + - -- -- Platform based + 0/+ + + ++ + Custom design -- -- ++ ++ -- ++ 17
  • 18. CONFIDENTIAL Platform based Embedded Systems for Rapid Prototyping Source/Provider Pro Con Commercial available NI, Advantech Proven High Quality Can be used as final solution in some cases Professional support Cost Vendor lock-in (not or difficult to port) Open source modular Hw/Sw community initiatives Independent manufacturer (often in close collaboration with MCU chip manufacturer) Low cost Large community Extensible (large number of I/O modules available) Highly portable (schematics and software can be used in final design) Build quality wrt purpose Support relies on goodwill of community MCU starter/dev kits MCU manufacturers Low cost Proprietary Focused on MCU, less on peripheral functions and expansion FPGA FPGA manufacturers Very high performance Very high flexibility Complex toolchain Expensive Needs further integration (PCB) 18
  • 19. CONFIDENTIAL Examples of Rapid prototype platforms (cont’d) 19
  • 20. CONFIDENTIAL Examples of Rapid prototype platforms (cont’d) 20
  • 21. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Verhaert Rapid Prototype showcase 21
  • 22. CONFIDENTIAL Rapid Prototyping as part of an agile IPD process Idea Integrated development cycle LEAFLET DUMMY/RENDERING Applied technology FUNCTIONAL DEMONSTRATOR Mech & embedded product design & engineering PROTOTYPE Industrialisation INDUSTRIAL MODEL Validation (feasible/usable/useful/ desirable/allowable) Intake Propose Design strategy Iteration Create Product management Explore Rapid Prototyping main operational field Customer/End users ALPHA PRODUCTS Marketable product 22
  • 23. CONFIDENTIAL Delivering tangible outputs Mockup (3D print) Product management LEAFLET Design strategy DUMMY/ RENDERING Applied technology FUNCTIONAL DEMONSTRATOR Mech & embedded product design & engineering Functional demonstrator (based on similar product) PROTOTYPE Industrialisation Dummy INDUSTRIAL MODEL Working demonstrator (custom made) ALPHA PRODUCTS Final product 23
  • 24. CONFIDENTIAL Real life examples  Examples of breadboards used for Product Development @VERHAERT 24
  • 25. CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL Managing Rapid Prototyping of Embedded Systems 25
  • 26. CONFIDENTIAL Managing the Development Process • • Early results lead to early feedback, and sharper defined requirements Time spent on rapid prototyping should be gained back during detailed design Time ? Time Rapid prototype Budget • • • Only a fraction of the total project • budget can be made available • Detailed design phase still to come! Minimize design effort/use readily • available building blocks Final Product Performance Budget Not fully functional product Focus on functionality that contributes most to user perception Maximize valuable feedback 26 Performance
  • 27. CONFIDENTIAL Managing the Customer BENEFITS • Fast result • WOW effect • Early and direct interaction with ‘product’ • Involvement in IPD process • Customer intimacy SIDE EFFECTS RAPID PROTOTYPE ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE Manage Customer Expectations 27 • Simplified impression of project • Questions about project budget • Feature creep • Seemingly less progress during detailed design phase
  • 29. CONFIDENTIAL Benefits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Cope with high market demands (complexity, time to market, price) Produce tangible results fast Surprise your customer (wow-effect) Deliver enhanced user experience Get more/better feedback from stakeholders early in project Make your IPD process more agile (multiple and fast iterations) Better control over cost and risks Improve efficiency/cut design time of detailed design phase Considerations 1. 2. 3. Choose Rapid Prototype platform in function of the purpose and the final product Manage Rapid Prototyping phase in a similar way as the whole project (find appropriate balance between performance, budget and planning) Manage customer expectations 29
  • 30. VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® Headquarters Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21 9150 Kruibeke (B) tel +32 (0)3 250 19 00 fax +32 (0)3 254 10 08 More at VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® MASTERS IN INNOVATION® is a platform set up by VERHAERT to train, stimulate and incubate you as an innovator. We provide an extensive training program with different tracks and covering critical areas of new products and business innovation. Furthermore we manage the VERHAERT venturing program and organize our Innovation Day, an annual conference on best practices and insights on new products & business innovation. 30 Netherlands ESIC European Space Innovation Centre Kapteynstraat 1 2201 BB Noordwijk (NL) Tel: +31 (0)618 12 19 19 More at