Innovation Day 2016

Innovation Day 2016 focused on agility in innovation, a condition to be successful in today's business. 18 inspiring sessions address the challenge to become more agile from a different perspective. Innovation Day 2016 focused on agility in innovation, a condition to be successful in today's business. 18 inspiring sessions address the challenge to become more agile from a different perspective. ...Show More

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Innovation Day 2016

  • Corporates need to be faster and more agile in innovation, just like we see in a large community of startups. To organize this type of innovation in your company, there is a broad toolset available. Get insights in instruments and considerations to manage innovation faster and more agile in your company.

  • Agility is inherent to startups, hence they often miss the scale. Well-established companies know how to leverage size with a high degree of efficiency, but are worried about their speed of innovation. To be successful, you need both. Scale and agility are essential for every competitive company.

  • Todays technology race is at high speed. Private companies plan trips to Mars and consumers print in 3D on their kitchen table. Joris tells his story about open hardware and what it can bring to you.

  • Innovation becomes more complex and multidisciplinary, and consequently more challenging and expensive. One way to remedy this, is by using simulation technology, facilitating design iterations and reducing the number of failed experiments.

  • Artificial Intelligence is being called the new electricity, data the new currency. Data processing platforms in the cloud are lowering the barriers to entry. What are the opportunities and challenges for companies to use data as an enabler for disruptive innovation?

  • Sensors are usually perceived as simple building blocks. However, when all constraints are taken into account it becomes more complex. How do you master this complexity and the involved risks? The case of sensor development for smart metering will show how to apply these methods in practice.

  • This is an interactive workshop where you will approach the design of a business concept in two different ways: as a designers community – coming up with new concepts – or as a developers community – building concepts. We will explore the effect of agile innovation on those different approaches.

  • New product development is challenging and involves many disciplines, several iterative steps, lots of fails, redefinitions … you name it! Tradition says you should have your concept right before development starts. We promote a disruptive approach of letting intensive multidisciplinary batches of development happen in very early phases, while concept is being defined.

  • Achieving goals as a team is not easy, especially in an ever-changing business context during project execution. Engaged employees drive performance to a higher level, but what should leadership do to drive this engagement in a structured way? In this session you learn how to emphasize the right topics, skills and leadership capabilities.

  • Getting non-obvious understandings of your customers are key for finding opportunities that have a transformational and long lasting impact. While a fast pacing business environment requires us to validate our assumptions in a agile matter. In this interactive session breakthrough approaches (models, frameworks and techniques) are discussed to gather customer insights and validation.

  • Design for behavioral change is a significant driver to make your innovation more persuasive and sustainable. Which approaches can you use to influence behavior on micro level and gain benefits on large scale? Learn to make your next service or product more impactful.

  • Many companies in the process industry are organized to produce and sell volume based. What are the opportunities and possible approach to create added value by moving up in the value chain and start listening to end-users?

  • Companies are facing many challenges like reducing development costs, shortening time-to-market and searching for new ways to differentiate within their market. When your company is looking for new disruptive products, it can be very interesting to take a look around and use a technology transfer to cope with your challenges.

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