Verhaert Innovation Day 2011 – Tom Boermans (LMS) - System simulation enables faster development and better products

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External speaker from LMS at the 8th edition of our Innovation Day on October 21st 2011.

External speaker from LMS at the 8th edition of our Innovation Day on October 21st 2011.

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  • 1. System Simulation enables faster development and better products Tom Boermans LMS – Account manager 1INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 2. 1D System SimulationLMS Imagine.Lab AMESimAMESim references case s Tom Boermans Account Manager
  • 3. OverviewIntroductionSystem Simulation basicsSystem simulation using LMS Imagine.Lab AMESimAMESim reference cases 3
  • 4. Introduction
  • 5. Introduction to LMS30 years of engineering innovation A unique ‘Solution Provider’ of Test Systems, CAE Simulation tools and related services Servicing more than 100.000 R&D engineers … in 5.000 manufacturing companies Top talent in 30+ offices Worldwide … almost 1.200 professionals Visionary, industry-leading innovator … 25% of budget in R&D Strong financial track record of profitable growth
  • 6. Introduction to LMS Global Talent for Global CustomersSales Offices Representatives R&D Centers Engineering Services Bangkok Brasov BejingBaltimore Bangalore Breda BrasovBangalore Beckum Chennai ChennaiBejing Bucharest Coralville CoralvilleCoventry Cairo Gottingen DetroitDetroit Kfar Saba Kaiserslautern KaiserslauternLeonberg Krakow Leuven LeuvenLeuven Kuala Lumpur Lyon LyonLos Angeles Ljublijana Plymouth TorinoLyon Madrid Roanne YokohamaMoscow Moscow TorinoMunichNovara Nilufer BURSAParis PsárySao Paulo São PauloSeoul SarovShanghai St. PetersburgToulouse SydneyYokohama Veliky Novgorod 33 15 Europe Americas Japan/Korea RIC 40% 20% 20% 20%
  • 7. UV Introduction to LMS LMS, delivering Transformational Solutions Leading partner in Test and Mechatronic Simulation LMS 2011 Transforming is … Addressing the future problems of our customers Horizon 20XX Horizon 2020 Hybrid TEST/CAE Partner LMS 2010 1.000 people 1995 2010 TEST-NVH PartnerLMS the Roots 200 people Engineering the passion 1980 1995
  • 8. Introduction to LMSA unique portfolio of engineering innovation platforms and best practices Design - CAD Virtual.Lab Platform Controls 3D Performance Simulation Imagine.Lab Platform – Mechatronic System Simulation System Synthesis System Data Management Multi-physics Modeling Test.Lab Platform – Test Based Engineering SCADAS Platform Test.Xpress Laboratory Modal – NVH – Acoustics – Durability Mobile
  • 9. Feedback JML – change to lay-out MI – no referencesIntroduction to LMS - DONELMS Engineering Services, development partner of choice… Know-How Engineering Expertise - Process re-engineering & deployment Concept Concept Engineering Engineering Proto & Refinement Proto & Refinement - Technology transfer, Trouble shooting phase phase phase phase phase phase Concept Concept Engineering Engineering Proto & Ref Proto & Ref Project Management % Problems solved Phase Phase phase phase phase phase 100% Faster Shorter time optimization to market People Improved initial design Highly skilled engineers Strong global teaming Flexibility Process & Technology Frontloading Multi-attribute Engineering Tools Technology Transfer Test facilities & tracks Use of “multi-physics” models for control development Software tools (own and 3rd party)
  • 10. AddressingLMS engineering challenges of AOEMIntroduction to key“From troubleshooting to design first time right”Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) SPECIFICATION DESIGN / ENGINEERING VALIDATION CERTIFICATION TROUBLESHOOTING 3 4Concept & design Phase Controls Engineering System Modeling (Mechanical/Electronic (Multi-Physics) Integration) 2 1 Design Phase Validation Phase Hybrid Test/3D CAE Prototype Testing (Correlation)
  • 11. System Simulation basics
  • 12. The new Paradigm Shift : Towards a Model Based Development ProcessTraditional Design Mechanical functions Control Manufacturing & Software Functions “Systems”-level Future Thermal Functions Engineering Framework Mechanical Functions Model Based System Engineering 3D Design Manufacturing Control & Software Functions Detailed Vehicle Vehicle Design Integration Architecture Subsystems & Calibration
  • 13. Introduction to Systems What is a System? A group of multi-domain / multi-physics components interacting together Systems have structure, defined by parts and their compositionSystems have behavior, which involves inputs, processing and outputs of material, energy or information Systems have interconnectivity: the various parts have functional and structural relationships
  • 14. What is a system? ExampleWashing Machine Control Electric Hydraulic Mechanic Thermal
  • 15. What is System Simulation?Usual design issues : Is the electric motor powerful enough? What is the time response of the system? Is there any risk of vibration? How to optimize the control design?Key words : Multi-physics with power exchange Dynamic system (function of time) Physical system model = Plant model AMESim plant model Control Electric Hydraulic Mechanic
  • 16. Abstraction Level – Equations – RepresentationEquations are usually written as time dependentComputing state derivative of variables to assess transient evolutionEquations are represented by readable objects (icons) Physical Icon Equations Representation M *dx/ dt² = F − Rdx/ dt − Kx Mechanics s2 + 2⋅ z ⋅ωn ⋅ s +ωn = 0 2 U = R*I Electric dU / dt = I / C Q = displ * Ω Hydraulics T = displ * ∆P And many other physical domains…
  • 17. Power Flow within dynamic systemSystem simulation is linked to the power flow and power conservation within a dynamic systemEach power network can be modeled using different physics with gates for sub-system connections You are manipulating equations not drawing a circuit ! Electric Hydraulic Mechanic power power power network network network Power flow
  • 18. Multi-domain simulation system benefits DRIVE INNOVATION STREAMLINE PROCESS Explore a wider range of ideas and solutions Reduce design cycle by virtual system integration Early validation of technical feasibility Increase reusability through knowledge Test and compare new ideas via simulation capitalization IMPROVE QUALITY REDUCE COSTS Improved product behavior predictability Reduce development costs with fewer physical prototypes Better collaboration between disciplines Minimize risk on test beds Tighter integration of functions (components or systems) to build a final product Reduce products breaks and failures
  • 19. System simulation to answer your challenges Green Comfort Safety Performance Technology agendas How to reduce energy Are systems correctly sized? consumption? How to integrate more and more How to ensure the dynamic behavior electronics? of the full system? From sequential to integrated product development Increased virtual development: CAE tools and processes at the heart of the technology agenda
  • 20. System simulation usingImagine.Lab AMESim
  • 21. Why AMESim for system simulation? INTELLIGENT MULTI-LEVEL BEHAVIOR MULTI-DOMAIN SYSTEMS Model and Optimize the Use from detailed Run both transient simulate complex, complex component and static analysis regulated and interactions analysis to global to assess controlled systems between several system synthesis performance and physical domains energy efficiency Plant model Thermal From high frequency to Time and frequency Link to controls Hydraulic and Pneumatic mean value models domains analysis Real-time capabilities Mechanic From early pre-design to Functional performance Electric specification and and energy Electromechanical integration consumption
  • 22. LMS Imagine.Lab Libraries > 30 libraries, > 4000 validated models 22
  • 23. LMS Imagine.Lab suite Data SysDMManagement Hydraulics Pneumatics Thermal- Two-Phase Gas MobileApplication Hydraulics Flow Mixtures Hydraulic Solutions Actuation Physical Libraries Fluids Thermal Mechanical Electrical AMESim Authoring Analysis Tools Modelica Platform Platform Solver and Numerics Real-time Software Interfaces Scripting facilities
  • 25. LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim, an Open Platform with… CFXCFD LMS Virtual.LabMBS MotionEMControlReal TimePIDO OPTIMUS
  • 26. LMS Imagine.Lab platform Create Simulate Capitalize Deploy AMESet AMESim AMECustom AMERun •Development of new •Modeling •Libraries management •Run only components •Simulation •Model Packaging •Parametric studies •Analysis User expertise Starting Point User number Expertise Deployment
  • 27. AMESim Pre/Post-processing toolsAMESim Tools enable to pre/post-process and analyze simulation data Pre and post-processing tools: table editor, plot manager, HTML report generator, 3D animation,.. Analysis tools: FFT, linear analysis, model reduction, optimization,… Frequency Domain Design Exploration DOE Optimization Monte-Carlo
  • 28. Physical & Control modeling Simulink AMESim The de-facto standard for Complete systems engineering control system design simulation platform AMESim - Simulink Interface Coupling the plant model within a control model in Simulink Obtain the best features of both platforms Analyze coupling between physical and the control systems 3 types of interface: Eliminate the need to re-write complex Co-simulation models on various platforms Export from AMESim to Simulink Export from Simulink to AMESim No limitation in model size or complexity
  • 29. Example 1: public water regulation valve 29
  • 30. Example 1: displacements of the two valves, downstreampressure and pressure in the upper chamber 30
  • 31. Example 1: displacements of the two valves, downstreampressure and pressure in the upper chamber 31
  • 32. Example 1: Pressure variationsvariations of the pressure in the pilot valve Downstream pressure for three different nozzle diameters 32
  • 33. Example 2: Excavator with planar mechanics
  • 34. AMESim reference cases
  • 35. KYB reduced the design cycle of hydraulic system KYB is a leading Japanese hydraulics company specialized in hydraulic technology which is widely used in the automotive, aeronautical, construction machinery, rail and maritime industries. Challenges Reduce design cycle delays of hydraulic system Demonstrate to customers products’ efficiency through simulation. Solution A flexible simulation tool that engineers could easily understand, adapt to various customers’ requests and interface with other simulation software (multibody software, Simulink) LMS Imagine.Lab Fluid Systems “LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim helps us to reduce our design cycle by two months.” Mr.Kazuhide Maehata – KYB – Hydraulic Components Operations General Manager
  • 36. Home appliances manufacturerReinforcing the “Eco” home appliances brand values Challenges Reduce costs and delays and develop eco-friendly, innovating refrigerators Keep and grow competitive advantage Solution LMS Imagine.Lab Two-Phase Flow solution Stop and Start capabilities Benefits Seamlessly model fridges with complex test cycles standards to fit industry requirements Test several refrigerating configurations rapidly and analyze the impact Replace hours of test sessions by minutes of simulation Have a more deep insight on control loops AMESim helped to test virtually early in the design cycle the energetic performance of their refrigerators according to various configurations and to simulate complex standard working cycles.
  • 37. Cold rolling mill productivity optimization Company: Manufacturer of cold rolling mill for steel plate production line Issue: Optimization of the hydraulic control of the roll gap to keep constant thickness of the steel plate Solution: Evaluation of new “intelligent” system to control chatter effect of hydraulic roll mill The simulation model covers the plant control and regulation functions Prediction of vibration problems LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim with hydraulic libraries (HYD and HCD)
  • 38. Study on Tetra Pak S.p.A machinery workflow to increase production rate with LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Challenges Development of more efficient hydraulic actuation systems, that enable a higher productivity and an overall power saving Solution Analysis of the dynamic behavior of an automatic packaging machine hydraulic circuit of Jaw and Filling System, with LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Modified layout has been proposed, adopting a simpler circuit configuration. Benefits The circuit has been optimized, considering the proper interaction between the different parts Productivity increased from 6000 to 10000 packages/h System efficiency increased“With the new layout configuration, requested production rate can be assured supplying the circuit with alower power which enables an increasing of the system efficiency”C. Angeloni, S. Castagnetti, M. Ernetti, F. Franzoni, M. Milani from DISMI University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - “The Twelfth Scandinavian InternationalConference on Fluid Power, May 18-20, 2011, Tampere, Finland
  • 39. Multi-physics modelling and system analysis of electrical distribution network devices at SCHNEIDER Electric Challenges Integration Power and Control Increase of product functionalities (both hardware & software) Decrease energy consumption > New Product architectures: global optimization of the products Solutions Electromechanical Components solution Trainings and technical expertise Benefits Technical capabilities of the tool to perform multi-physic (electrical, mechanical and thermal) and electronic simulation Capabilities to capitalize and transfer the models along our design process Accuracy of the simulation results versus the simulation delay Many different uses of models for our investigations“LMS Imagine.Lab offer a wide environment that allows designers to share their viewpoints, modeland simulate devices on the whole, and find solutions quicker”François CAZALS – Schneider Electric – System and Mechatronic expert designer
  • 40. Thank you !