Verhaert Innovation Day 2011 – Filiep Dewitte (VERHAERT) - Shape a successful innovation strategy using tech scouting
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Verhaert Innovation Day 2011 – Filiep Dewitte (VERHAERT) - Shape a successful innovation strategy using tech scouting

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Speaker of Verhaert at the 8th edition of our Innovation Day on October 21st 2011.

Speaker of Verhaert at the 8th edition of our Innovation Day on October 21st 2011.

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  • 1. CONFIDENTIAL Shape a successful innovation strategy using technology scouting Filiep Dewitte Verhaert – Innovation consultant filiep.dewitte@verhaert.comINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 2. Content Introduction Why technology scouting Definition of technology scouting Process of technology scouting Technology scouting & innovation management Conclusion Inspiring casesINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 3. Motivation Increased competition Increased technological complexity Shorter innovation cycles Fast changing customer needs Management needs to make decisions fast in order to stay ahead of competitorsINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 4. Why is technology scouting important ? Enabling technologies Disruptive core technology Incremental developmentINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 5. Core technology vs Enabling technology Core technology Enabling technology • Well known within your company • Less or not known in company •Specialists available inside company • Wide range of technologies • Slow evolution • Allows you to make a leap • Little competitive advantage • Opportunities to add value to your product offering • Requires effort and skillINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 7. Definition of technology scouting Technology scouting is a method which can lower the time lag between their advances in technology and their detection by methods such as patent or publication analysis Furthermore, in an environment of increasing technological complexity and globalization of R&D, the successful identification and usage of external sources of knowledge is becoming increasingly importantINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 8. Definition and elements of technology intelligence Using data from Using gathered the past to Process and Organization information for actors anticipate the decision making future Company level Technology Intelligence Forecasting Foresight Regional / National and international Future level AnalysisINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 9. Goal and process of technology scouting The goal of technology scouting is to gain a competitive advantage by identifying opportunities and threats arising form technological developments at an early stage and to provide the technological capabilities needed to face these challenges. Early identification Raising awareness Stimulation of innovation Facilitation of the sourcing of external technologiesINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 10. INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 11. INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 12. INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 13. The technology scouting process Building on the process of technology intelligence we can divide the process of technology scouting into six stages, as mentioned in the following slidesINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 14. Generic process of technology scouting 1 2 3 4 5 6 Definition Selection Collection Filtering, Evaluating Usage of of aims of of data selecting, and information in and search information analyzing, decision the next phase areas sources Interpreting making of the and of data innovation methods to process employINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 15. Our used technology scouting directions Technology Scouting DirectionsINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 16. Technologies from different industry sectors • Technology search is done in different industrial sectors for optimal results • Transfer of knowledge from one sector to the other sector guarantees succesINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 17. Goal !INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 18. INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 19. Company level Product level Market level gate Stage gate Stage gate Stage Business case Added Value Strategy & policyINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 20. Our approach to technology scoutingProcess ? Immersive phase Scoping phase Planning What ? • Deep diving, oriëntation • Narrowing and filtering the scouting results • Phased and understanding the • Sharpening, bundling ideas and approach to new business technologies products / Why ? • Quick designing and productizing filtered features • Defining innovation goals • Finding technology and scouting results into virtual features / • Determine long ideas based upon the products term strategy defined goals • understanding and identifying the value of • Defining the business cases that are connected to the priorities and results milestonesINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 21. Creating value with technology scouting... = problem solving Optimising the functioning or specification of an existing productINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 22. Creating value with technology scouting... = technology valorisation Scouting for applications for internal technologyINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 23. Creating value with technology scouting... Scouting for technologies that will cover the user needs in a specific market or idea = technology solutionINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 24. Creating value with technology scouting... Scouting of technologies that might fit strategic needs and opportunities= opportunity creationINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 26. Conclusion : 1. Don’t let technology scouting shape your strategy, your strategy should shape your scouting 2. Get marketing and technical functions to work together form the start 3. Follow a structured approach using clear criteria that reflect your strategy, scope and connect to your customers’ need 4. Once suitable technologies are identified, act quickly 5. Ensure that you have the commitment from upper management and resources to conduct the detailed evaluation to complete the deal.INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 27. INNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 28. Samsonite case : Technology scouting for identifying new technology the luggage businessINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 29. Mc Cain case : Technology scouting in the potato business towards new products, packaging, processes and appliancesINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 30. Eastpak & Kipling case : Technology scouting as a driver for innovation breakthrough product developmentINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 31. Bekaert case : Identification of applications for new Bekaert technologyINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 32. AGC case : Technology scouting to identify new technology in the glass businessINNOVATIONDAY 2011
  • 33. helps companies and governments to innovate. We design products and systems for organizations looking for new ways to provide value for their customers. Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21 We are a leading integrated 9150 Kruibeke (B) product innovation center; creating tel +32 (0)3 250 19 00 technology platforms, developing fax +32 (0)3 254 10 08 new products and business in parallel, hence facilitating new- growth strategies for our clients. More at www.verhaert.comINNOVATIONDAY 2011