Verhaert Innovation Day 2012 – Zane Smilga (VERHAERT) - Innovate your innovation!

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  • 1. CONFIDENTIAL Innovate your Innovation Zane Smilga Innovation consultant zane.smilga@verhaert.comOctober 26th 2012 Slide 1
  • 2. CONFIDENTIAL http://www.fastcompany.comOctober 26th 2012 Slide 2
  • 3. CONFIDENTIAL Content Falling in love with one type of innovation watch out! What to include in innovation programs open the box! How to do it? shape it smart!October 26th 2012 Slide 3
  • 4. CONFIDENTIAL What is his innovation love story? big love: Segway first love: AutoSyringe, Inc. sold to Baxter International Corporation another secondary love: First; robotics competition secondary love: another secondary second love: Helicopter love: DEKA company, Teletrol. sold to Philips Research & Development Corporation sold in medical sectorOctober 26th 2012 Slide 4
  • 5. CONFIDENTIAL it almost failed… - lack of user-centric design - lack of positioning (wide target group, high price) - wrong marketing approach (market penetration, no distribution network)“its significance is close to - lack of product ecosystem (parking, charging, taking the World Wide Web” a plane, regulations…) /John Doerm 2001/ business model innovation & marketing innovation Every product has to be considered in the system no matter how big its potential may be on its ownOctober 26th 2012 Slide 5
  • 6. CONFIDENTIAL innovation focus brand products / services technology operationsOctober 26th 2012 Slide 6
  • 7. CONFIDENTIAL innovation focus brand products / services technology operationsOctober 26th 2012 Slide 7
  • 8. CONFIDENTIAL THERE Management innovation Organizational innovation Service innovation Business model innovation IS Marketing innovation Value chain innovation Technology innovation Material innovation Application innovation Partnership innovation MORE Resource management innovation Customer relationship management innovation Brand innovation Process innovation Packaging innovation Revenue stream innovation Product innovation Pricing innovation but how to choose? Platform innovation Experience innovation *** Radical innovation Incremental innovation Disruptive innovationOctober 26th 2012 Slide 8
  • 9. CONFIDENTIAL Goals of doing more than one type of innovation 1. Adding value to the main innovation line Innovation to reach company objectives and 2. Connecting to users and customers continue innovation to growing 3. Not missing out on important market trends stay ahead of competition 4. Not missing out on important technological developments DNA innovation 5. Staying ahead of competition innovation to connect better to 6. Solving company problems and reaching the goals your customers and users innovation to be in line with market complementary effect developments (trends and and support for technologies) company DNAOctober 26th 2012 Slide 9
  • 10. CONFIDENTIAL an innovation call from market & technologiesOctober 26th 2012 Slide 10
  • 11. CONFIDENTIAL Innovation - response to market trends how long can we still count on “many cheap hands”?October 26th 2012 Slide 11
  • 12. CONFIDENTIAL Example Adidas will close its factories in China Adidas DNA: - product innovation & manufacturing - strong brand Product innovation Complementary innovation: Organizational innovation: Manufacturing will possibly be outsourced and local R&D centers allocated in China organizational innovation Channel innovation: & Efforts (most likely) will be put in consumer channel innovation market potential of China (more retail channels, retail experiences)October 26th 2012 Slide 12
  • 13. CONFIDENTIAL Innovation – response to technological developments 3 D printing Ubiquitous sensor networks Robotics and automation Artificial intelligence Smart materials/homes/citiesOctober 26th 2012 Slide 13
  • 14. CONFIDENTIAL Example – shopping centers technology driven retail business Marketing innovation a digital greeter at the Bay’s flagship Toronto a touch-screen computer on the handle of store a shopping cart & in-store wireless network Service/ experience Innovation + business model innovation Smart mirrors & social retailing at Macy`s in Robots in retail warehouses - 12 min from NYC order to truck, Zappos & Kiva systemsOctober 26th 2012 Slide 14
  • 15. CONFIDENTIAL an innovation call from customers and usersOctober 26th 2012 Slide 15
  • 16. CONFIDENTIAL Innovation – response to customers and users User and customer centric approach Innovation opportunities in the whole ecosystem of products, services and businessOctober 26th 2012 Slide 16
  • 17. CONFIDENTIAL Example manufacturers of packaging machinery turn into service providers Product • Renting out machinery and equipment innovation • Supplying consumables • Providing logistics • Supporting with temporary crew • Providing condition monitoring and maintenance value proposition services + service innovationOctober 26th 2012 Slide 17
  • 18. CONFIDENTIAL an innovation call from competitionOctober 26th 2012 Slide 18
  • 19. CONFIDENTIAL Innovation - response to competitor threats 1. Direct competition 2. Price competition 3. Substitution competition 4. Commodity trap 5. Brand competitionOctober 26th 2012 Slide 19
  • 20. CONFIDENTIAL Example Innovation to build competitive advantage Foxonn plans to use 1 million of robots (in 3 years) Process optimization - organizational innovation Iconic design and brand innovation Market innovation core innovationOctober 26th 2012 Slide 20
  • 21. CONFIDENTIAL an innovation call from internal problems & goalsOctober 26th 2012 Slide 21
  • 22. CONFIDENTIAL Innovation – response to company goals and prioritiesOctober 26th 2012 Slide 22
  • 23. CONFIDENTIAL Innovation – response to company goals and priorities Innovation goal EFFICIENCY Optimization & cost cutting in Optimization & cost cutting products & processes servicesOctober 26th 2012 Slide 23
  • 24. CONFIDENTIAL What type of innovation is useful for your innovation programs?October 26th 2012 Slide 24
  • 25. CONFIDENTIAL Example Telecoms changed their DNA - outsourcing infrastructure & service development - customer relationship management inhouse Product innovation Business model & customer relationship management innovationOctober 26th 2012 Slide 25
  • 26. CONFIDENTIAL How to revitalize innovation programsOctober 26th 2012 Slide 26
  • 27. CONFIDENTIAL Revitalizing innovation programs Innovation programs Innovation programs that make your position in that make your company market and DNA stronger grow and DNA stronger Innovation to connect better to your customers Innovation to and users core stay ahead of innovation competition Innovation to be in line with market developments (trends and technologies)October 26th 2012 Slide 27
  • 28. CONFIDENTIAL Revitalizing innovation programs • watch out not to fall in love with only one type of innovation • open the box of diverse innovation opportunities in other areas • analyse, assess, screen and design innovation programs with more power for growthOctober 26th 2012 Slide 28
  • 29. CONFIDENTIAL VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® Headquarters Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21 9150 Kruibeke (B) tel +32 (0)3 250 19 00 fax +32 (0)3 254 10 08 More at VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® Netherlands European Space Innovation Centre Kapteynstraat 1 VERHAERT MASTERS IN INNOVATION® helps companies and governments to innovate. 2201 BB Noordwijk (NL) We design products and systems for organizations looking for new ways to provide value Tel: +31 (0)633 666 828 for their customers. We are a leading integrated product innovation center; creating technology platforms, More at developing new products and business in parallel, hence facilitating new-growth strategies for our clients.October 26th 2012 Slide 29