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Click & collect purchases in the UK will grow by more than two-thirds to be worth over £4bn in 2018, as consumers continue to place emphasis on convenience and the ability to get products quicker.

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Click & Collect Market 2013 sample pages

  1. 1. Click & Collect Market 2013 Click & collect market to grow to £4bn by 2018… • We forecast the value of the click & collect market to increase by almost two thirds from 2013 to 2018. Shoppers are increasingly valuing the convenience offered by the service, which is proving to be a competitive advantage for physical retailers with a large store estate. …but it will still be only 1.2% of the overall retail market in 2018 • While the benefits of click & collect are clear to consumers and multichannel retailers, as delivery providers and pureplay online retailers continue to improve fulfilment services, with collection at convenience stores and lockers, and narrower delivery slots being offered, it may not be the panacea that many store chains hope it to be in the longer term. Affluent females most likely to use click & collect • Click & collect penetration shows a high proportion of users in the 25–44 age range and in the higher socio- economic ranges, and slightly higher usage among females. Penetration is high for 25–44 year olds, as they are most likely to adapt to new services on offer that are more convenient to fit around their working hours, and, as there is heavy weighting towards clothing & footwear users, they are also the most likely to be regular fashion purchasers. • The lowest penetration is in the 15–24 age range and in the DE economic range, which suggests that low income young shoppers are less inclined to use the service. This is likely to be driven by the relatively low value of items being purchased, which shoppers are happy to have delivered and possibly risk not being home.
  2. 2. Click & Collect Market 2013 Tesco and Marks and Spencer lead the way in click & collect • The top five retailers in terms of click & collect shoppers are Tesco, Asda, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Currys/PC World. Marks and Spencer had the highest click & collect penetration of their online shoppers, reflecting the demographic of their customers being aligned with the typical demographic profile of the click & collect shopper – older, more affluent females. The results validate the retailer’s decision to invest in the service providing dedicated collection points within stores and offering short lead times between ordering and availability for collection. Retailers need to shorten lead times to collection • When comparing the cost, time and prominence of the click & collect offer of the top 10 retailers, there is a similar trend among the leading retailers versus the bottom 10 for conversion. All of the top retailers offer the service for free, with the majority offering collection within one day of ordering and giving the service prominence on their website's front page. This is in contrast to the bottom 10 retailers, some of which charge for the service, all but three take over one day for collection and the majority do not advertise the service on their front page.
  3. 3. Low added convenience Slightly faster fulfilment Store purchases Click & collect Store purchases that would otherwise migrate to online home delivery Online purchases for home delivery High added convenience Much faster fulfilment Where click & collect cannibalises sales from Click & collect purchases cannibalise home delivery purchases more than store sales due to the extra levels of convenience and speed which are the key consumer drivers for collection
  4. 4. Click & Collect Market 2013 This research is based on our Click & Collect UK 2013, Market Sizes and Forecasts by Sector | Verdict Channel Report To buy this report, please visit our Research Store For more information on the Click & Collect Market 2013 report Please contact Verdict on +44 (0)20 7551 9664, or by email: