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15회 오픈업 - 5. 빙글 김상훈 마케팅 팀장
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15회 오픈업 - 5. 빙글 김상훈 마케팅 팀장

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More in: Technology
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  • 1. We Love Diamonds in the Rough Vingle, social magazine for exceptional us
  • 2. I was a blogger
  • 3. ...and a Reporter Quality and Effort
  • 4. ...and a Reporter But spotlight was not mine
  • 5. ...and a Reporter My platform was so weak
  • 6. ...and a Reporter Impossible competition
  • 7. What we call Internet
  • 8. ...was not the Messiah 모든 시민은 기자였나?
  • 9. ...was not the Messiah 작은 개발사에게 기회가?
  • 10. ...was not the Messiah 능력만 있으면 뜬다고? It would take songwriting royalties for roughly 312,000 plays on Pandora to earn us the profit of one LP sale. (On Spotify, one LP is equivalent to 47,680 plays.) - Galaxie 500, Pitchfork
  • 11. ...was not the Messiah Old individual villains became systematic ones
  • 12. Alternatives Social medias give opportunities to... PSY, Justin Bieber, You?
  • 13. ...alternatives T-Pain, the center of the universe new editors are coming
  • 14. ...unless, T-Pain discovers Gangnam Style new editors are emerging well categorized contents are discovered easily new editors are shifting constantly
  • 15. ...alternatives something new
  • 16. Vingle They do not follow YOU, but your TASTE.
  • 17. ...savvy network 옷 얘기만 하는 남자 음악 얘기만 하는 친구
  • 18. ...savvy network “또 메이저리그 얘기야?” “넌 테디베어 박물관에 취직하면 딱 맞겠다.” “난 스쿠버다이빙 관심 없다고” “남자들은 왜 맨날 축구 얘기만 해?” “애들 같이 넌 왜 아직도 만화 보러 다니니?” “여자가 무슨 힙합이야” “아우, 코스프레 오타쿠” “클래식? 베토벤 같은 거?” 내가 이상한 걸까?
  • 19. ...savvy network You are not weird, just so savvy.
  • 20. ...savvy network They were, too.
  • 21. ...savvy network For readers, the best magazine
  • 22. ...savvy network For you, the best clipper
  • 23. ...savvy network For creators, the best distribution channel
  • 24. ...looks like CAFE
  • 25. ...but it is not 운영진이 없고 매매되지 않는 멋진 사용자들의 커뮤니티
  • 26. What Vingle wants 가치있는 콘텐츠는 인정받아야 하고,
  • 27. What Vingle wants 콘텐츠의 창작자는 존중받아야 하며,
  • 28. What Vingle wants 좋은 취향의 독자는 대접받아야 한다
  • 29. What Vingle wants 그것도 글로벌하게
  • 30. What Vingle wants 그래서 , 무한매거진
  • 31. We Love Diamonds in the Rough Vingle, social magazine for exceptional us sanghoon.kim@vingle.net Thank you